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The Buckleys came from Kilkhampton, in Cornwall, and set sail from Plymouth on April 5, 1854. The family consisted of the father, mother, and three boys - one of whom, Mr. John Buckley, is now resident of lot 26, 4th con. The father, also named John, was the son of James Buckley and Dorothy Martin his wife. The mother, whose Christian name was Grace, was the daughter of Thomas Curtis and his wife Grace Boundy. Years ago some of the Boundy family left England for Prince Edward Island, where their descendants are still to be found.

The vessel in which the Buckleys crossed the Atlantic was known as the "Rose" and it took her eight weeks and two days to make the passage. The captain, who was an old mariner, testified to the fact that on the voyage they encountered the worst storm it had ever been his fate to face. About four hundred passengers, nearly all of whom were English, were on board, and an anxious time they experienced as they were tossed into the trough of the sea, or lifted on the rough shoulders of the foaming waves.

On arriving at Quebec, the captain of the "Rose" made a compact with the captain of the steamship "Magnet" to carry the passengers to Montreal for fifty cents a-piece. With a number of people from other vessels they therefore went aboard. During the night they steamed up the river, but the next forenoon - it was Sunday too - the unscrupulous captain of the "Magnet" brought his vessel to a standstill and put all the passengers ashore. No one, it was then ordered, must come aboard the vessel again except upon the payment of six York shillings. Some, Mr. Buckley among them, paid the fee, but others determined to fight for their rights, and a dreadful scene ensued. Handspikes, boathooks, and other weapons were brought into use by the crew, and blood was soon freely flowing in all directions. The sight of that wretched Sunday morning will never fade from the memory of those who had the misfortune to witness it. The nameless captain of the "Magnet" is deservedly execrated by those of whom he took such mean advantage.

The "Maple Leaf" ran in those days between Montreal and Darlington, and upon this vessel the Buckleys came in to these parts. The family has been distributed in various directions as time had passed, but Mr. John Buckley has been living in our Township for the last twenty-eight years and may be supposed to have acclimatized.

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