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New York, Ontario, Canada, and Michigan

We know that our ancestor, William Allen was born in the state of New York. All the documentation in our possession states this fact. We find him first in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada, where he met Emeline Webster. He married her either in that county, or in Newcastle, Durham County, close by. The children ( as far as we have so far discovered) were all born in Clarke Township, which includes Newcastle, Durham County.

Emeline Webster was a daughter of Norman and Mary Anna (Hyde) Webster. She was born December 3, 1804 in Deerfield, Oneida County, NY. The family went from Oneida County to Ballston Spa, in Saratoga County, NY. From there we lose track of them. The next time we "see" them, they are in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. The Webster Genealogy tells us just about when they went up there, for we see in the book that they were in Picton, Ontario by 1819. Since Mercy Ann Allen marrried in July of 1820, perhaps she knew William Allen in NY before the family moved to Picton. Apparently William Allen was in Picton, too, when they met.

This line weaves its' way back to the Mayflower, to the Pilgrims first Governor, William Brewster, through the Hyde, Cleveland, Freeman Prence and Brewster lines.

William Allen was born in 1792, probably in May. This date was calculated from his age at death, which gave his age in years and months.

We have the history of the Webster Family available in print, but no such advantage do we have for our William Allen. He married Emeline on 21 July 1820 1n 1832 there are two other marriages listed in the London District of Ontario, which would be west of Newcastle, between Newcastle and Port Huron, Michigan:

Dec. 2, 1832, James C. Allen married Angeline Allen. Witnesses were

Smith Varney & Mary Varney,

Dec. 23, 1832, George S. Allen married Elizabeth Clements. Witnesses were: William Clements and Emeline M. Allen !

Could these two Allen men be in some way related to our William Allen?

One might think so when you notice that George married a CLEMENTS, and Emeline M. Allen witnessed that marriage. Was this Emeline, our Emeline Webster Allen? What was her middle name? Did our Emeline Webster have a middle initial "M" ? Could this "M" stand for "Minerva" or "Mahala"?

And notice that two other Clements-Allen marriages occurred in our Allen family. Not in Canada, but in Michigan, where the Clement family lived near to our Allen family. It looks to me as though we may have overlooked a possible connection here between the Allens we seek and this Clement family. It could be a co-incidence, but it's worth checking out. I might add here that Clement and Clements are often intertwined and used in the same family.

William Allen and family came to Michigan in about 1861,when William purchased land at the Land Office in Isabella County. We learn that

Some of the family returned to Canada . In Roger Scott's obituary, it states that he was born in Mecosta County, but that the family returned to the old home place in Canada and remained there for several years. Roger Scott was a son of Peter and Emeline (Allen) Scott. The Garrett family lived in Canada for some time after 1861 as well. More in this family later.

William and Emeline (Webster) Allen raised a large family. From what we can learn through sharing family information, all or most of the children were born in Newcastle, Durham County, Ontario, Canada. The Webster genealogy gave the names of the children, but they left out Minerva and Louisa Allen.!

Searching death records Connie Sheehy found Minerva's death and on the certificate it says that her parents were William J. and Emeline Allen!!

I looked , June , Pam, and Linda looked , but we trusted that the Webster genealogy had it right, so we really weren't looking for a Minerva. Linda had records mentioning a Nervie, Minerva, Nerva, which indicated the name Minerva. And my grandmother was Sarah Minerva Eastman, grand-daughter of William and Emeline. So we all need to re-do our charts to include Minerva. I had out the pages from the Webster genealogy, and lo and behold, they'd left out Louisa, too, and we know she was a child of William and Emeline.!! The Webster genealogy, like most genealogies written back in the 1880's depended on family information. Still, it was a difficult project to put a book together with out some omissions and error. By and large, the Webster genealogy is very well done and accurate .

The children and their information follows:

Mercy Ann Allen

b. July 21, 1823 Newcastle, Durham, Ontario, Canada

m. Nov. 8, 1842 Clarke Twp, Durham, Ontario, Canada

d. Aug 4, 1905 St Chrles, Kane Co., IL

Spouse: Samuel Eastman (Aug 4, 1819 - 16 Dec 1893)

Mary Jane Allen

b. Apr 15, 1825 Newcastle, Durham, Ontario, Canada


d.. Spouse - Clark?

Minerva Allen

b. Jan 9, 1827 Newcastle, Durham, Ontario, Canada


d. Oct 14, 1915 Mt Pleasant, Isabella Co., MI

buried: Riverside Cemetery, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Spouse : Thomas Clark


Norman Allen

b. Feb. 14, 1829 Durham County, Ontario, Canada

m. by 1850

d. Snohomish, WA bur. GAR Cemetery, Snohomish,

Snohomish Co., WA.

Spouse: Dianna McKeough

Daniel H, Allen

b. Dec 8, 1830 Durham Co., Ontario, Canada



Spouse: Diana H. Mitter

William Allen

b. June 19, 1833 Durham Co. Ontario, Canada

d. June 19, 1833 Durham Co. Ontario, Canada

Mahala Allen

b. May 31, 1836 Durham Co. Ontario, Canada



Spouse: James B. Garrett

Emeline Allen

b. June 18, 1838 Durham Co., Ontario, Canada

m. 1856 Canada

d. Aug 10, 1915 Millbrook, Mecosta Co., MI

Spouse: Peter Scott

William John Allen

b. Aug 4, 1840 Durham Co., Ontario, Canada

m. Feb 9, 1868 Wheatland Twp. Mecosta Co. MI


Spouse: Versilda Marian Clement (1849-1888

Lydia Celinda Allen

b. May 5, 1842 Durham Co, Ontario, Canada

m. Oct 8, 1870 Montcalm Co., MI

d. Apr 4, 1918 Mecosta Co., MI

Spouse: Benson E, Brown (Sep 20 1845- Mar 14, 1929)

Charles C. Allen

b. 1844

m. 20 Dec 1867 Wheatland Twp., Mecosta Co., MI


Spouse: Sarah E. Clement (1852- Maay 17, 1910)

Louisa A. Alllen

b. 1845 Durham Co., Ontario, Canada

m. 9 May 1869 Mecosta Co., MI


Spouse: Clarence Hulett (1844-Nov 27, 1870)

Alonzo F. Allen

b. Jan 17, 1846 Durham Co., Ontario, Canada

d.. 17 Feb. 1869 Mecosta Co., MI


We have family group sheets for some of the above children of Wm. And Emeline Webster Allen. We have them for :

Mercy Ann & Samuel Eastman

Lydia Celinda and Benson E. Brown

Daniel H. and Diana H. Mitter

Norman and Diana ____

Emeline & Peter Scott

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