The Export of Blood, Brains and Bones

A Partial List of Our Young Men Who Have Gone to Better their Condition in Uncle Sam's Domain.

The Restrictionists tell us that is not the proper thing for us to export our surplus produce to the United States; that as loyal citizens we ought to deal exclusively with the Mother-land. Be that as it may, we are exporting to the States the very life's blood of this "Canada of ours", viz., our young men.

We are indebted to Mr. Jos. Hooper, for the following list of natives of this town and its immediate vicinity, who have left Port Hope and taken up their residence in the United States.

Why is this thus? We wait an answer.

* Note that 'do' refers to the same destination as the previous person in the list. Some names do not appear to have any definite location, ie .......Perhaps some of our Internet visitors may be able to 'fill in' these blank spaces. I would also welcome any further information or comments from descendents of any names on this list....e-mail Michael Stephenson:

New information sent in to me

I can give you information regarding Wilbert and Fred Nelson who are on your list. They both went to Iowa (Cherokee County). Fred moved on to North Dakota (Divide County) with his father-in-law and then moved to Roseburg, Oregon where he died in 1943. Much more information if anyone is interested. I'm searching for their parents families which is very difficult due to the very common names. Their father was John Nelson, their mother Phoebe Jane Wood. Janene Crawford, San Jose, CA US

Wilfred T. Ballagh may have gone to Dallas initially but he wound up in the little town of Nevada, Missouri, where he opened a very successfull drug store in the main town square. He prospered, married and built a large mansion. He also got into cattle and did well there too. His father Isaac Dorman Ballagh and wife moved to Appleton, Missouri, not far from Nevada, Missouri. The family is all buried in Nevada, Missouri. If you need more info, let me know. I have tons of info on their lives in Missouri. B.Hopper, Ottawa, Ontario (a Ballagh descendant)



Anderson, Harry ---- Columbus, O.

Austin, James ---- Rochester, N.Y.

Austin, William ---- Pennsylvania

Anderson, George ---- Chicago, Ill.

Anderson, Ed ---- Rochester, N.Y.

Ashford, Wm. ---- California

Ashford, Wilson ---- do

Ashford, Joseph ---- do

Ashford, Nelson ---- Iowa

Ashford, John ---- do

Armstrong, John ---- Dakota

Addy, Robert ---- New York

Ahlen, A. A. ---- Minneapolis


Ballagh, Wilfred ---- Dallas, Texas

Bates, Ed ---- Rochester, N.Y.

Bates, Joseph ---- do

Bates, Lewis ---- do

Bates, Richard ---- do

Black, Charles ---- do

Black, David ---- do

Bevan, George ---- do

Billingsley, J. R. ---- Port Huron, Mich.

Billingsley, A. R. ---- Minneapolis, Minn.

Brockenshire, Ed ---- Buffalo, N.Y.

Budge, Walter L. ---- Kentucky

Budge, Charlton ---- Columbus. O.

Barrowclough, N. ---- Rochester, N.Y.

Barnett, F. A. ---- Louisville, Ky.

Bautch, Will ---- Rochester, N.Y.

Black, Alex ---- Merrill, Wisconsin

Black, Norman ---- do

Black, William ---- do

Black, Fred ---- do

Burns, Fred ---- Wisconsin

Brownscombe, Albert ---- Chicago, Ill.

Ballagh, W. T. ---- Appleton City, Mo.

Bevan, Geo. T. ---- Toledo, O.

Billingsley, Andrew ---- Springfield, Ill.

Brodie, Frank ---- Syracuse, N.Y.

Brown, -- ---- Philadelphia

Bouton, D'arcy ---- Chicago

Booth, Charles ---- Montana

Booth, Fred ---- ...........

Booth, Tom ---- ...........

Bletchford, -- ---- ...........

Byington, Ed I. ---- Colorado Springs

Bisset, Wm. ---- Bad Axe, Mich.

Brophy, Wm. ---- ...........

Bigelow, Charles ---- Brooklyn

Boyce, Lewis ---- Kansas

Boyce, Harvey ---- do

Boyce, Worcester ---- do

Boyce, Mark ---- do

Bedford, Franklin ---- Iowa

Beatty, John W. ---- Michigan

Baker, Jas. ---- Ohio

Bartlett, F. ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Bram, Allen ---- New York

Bletcher, Joseph ---- Michigan

Bletcher, Barnabas ---- do

Bowen, Warren ---- Illinois

Bowen, Orveal ---- do

Bowen, Isaac ---- do


Cherry, Fred D. ---- Albany, N.Y.

Carey, T. J. ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Clemes, Charles ---- New York

Church, James ---- Detroit, Mich.

Crocker, W. ---- Boston

Carson, Dr. J. W. ---- Lake Park, Minnesota

Carson, David ---- Detroit, Minnesota

Cochrane, John ---- Montana

Cook, James ---- Grand Rapids

Collings, W. ---- Butte City, Montana

Cornish, John ---- Toledo

Craig, T. D. ---- San Francisco, Cal.

Clarke, John ---- do

Cameron, A. ---- Aberdeen, Dakota

Clancey, Barney ---- Michigan

Cleghorn, --- ---- Kankakee, Ill.

Carveth, William ---- Chicago

Craig, Robert ---- Mississippi

Coughlin, John ---- Council Bluffs

Coughlin, M. ---- do

Carter, George ---- New York

Corker, Thomas ---- Brooklyn, N. Y.

Corker, William ---- do

Corker, Henry ---- do

Cleghorn, John ----

Cleghorn, Edward ---

Cleghorn, William ----

Croft, Frank ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Clarke, Robert ---- California

Coots, John ---- New York

Curran, David ---- Detroit, Mich.

Cribben, Patrick ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Choate, Nathan ---- Iowa

Choate, David ---- do

Choate, William ---- Illinois

Choate, Richard ---- Cleveland

Chrysler, Geo. ---- Cincinnati

Corbett, Jas. ---- New York

Craig, Jos. W. ---- Minneapolis

Crott, Geo. I. ---- Buffalo, N. Y.


Dayman, Ed ---- Detroit, Mich.

Dayman, F. L. ---- do

Dayman, Samuel ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Deyell, John ---- do

Douglass, Ed ---- Indiana

Donald, James ---- Los Angeles

Dean, Henry ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Devany, Wm. ---- Michigan

Dickson, Dr. James ---- Ogdensburg

Dundas, Albert ----

Day, John D. ---- Denver, Col.

Day, George ---- " "

Doney, John ---- Honeygrove, Texas

Dyer, John Jr. ---- Rochester


Ellis, Dr. M. H. ---- St. Paul, Minn.

Earl, Dr. F. ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Elliott, James ---- do

Edmunds, John ---- Williamsport, Pa.

Eyres, Bert ---- Denver, Col.


Ford, Henry W. ---- Bradford, Pa.

Fogarty, Charles ---- Port Huron, Mich.

Fogarty, Harry ---- Chicago, Ill.

Fogarty, Will ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Fogarty, Richard ---- Cleveland, O.

Fike, Howard ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Fanning, James M. ---- New York

Ferguson, Robert ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Frazer, William ---- Montana

Forbes, Dr. ---- New York

Fursdon, Thomas ---- Minneapolis

Fenton, Alf ---- Rochester


Gothwaite, Joseph ---- New York

Gurney, E. ---- Cincinnati

Gilchrist, Samuel ---- Rochester

Gott, John ---- Warsaw, N. Y.

George, Albert ---- Melbourne, Australia

Gillett, H. ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Gillett, Alf ---- do

Gillett, Ed ---- do

Green, Will ---- Kankakee, Ill.

Green, Charles ---- Bradford, Pa.

Gibson, John ---- Alaska

Gibson, James ---- Kansas City

Gifford, Ezra ---- Chicago, Ill.

Gifford, Samuel ---- Pittsford, N. Y.

Gifford, Alfred ---- do

Gifford, Wm. ---- Chattanooga, Tenn.

Gibson, George ---- Minneapolis

Gracey, Alf ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Gladman, Erland ---- Duluth

Gurton, David ---- Oswego, N. Y.

Grant, E. R. ---- Hartley, Delaware

Grimison, James ---- Nebraska

Gist, James ---- Bangor, Pa.

Galvin, James ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Galvin, Richard ---- do

Galvin, Wm ---- do

Galvin, Edward ---- do

Gifford, Ora ---- Tycoma, Wyoming

Gullen, Edward ---- New York

Grant, Lummis ---- Illinois

Grant, John ---- do

Grant, Whitney ---- Michigan

Gordonier, Wilson ---- Michigan


Hamly, Robert ---- Detroit, Mich.

Harcourt, Matthew ---- do

Harper, C. Ed ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Henderson, W. G. ---- Detroit, Mich.

Helm, George ---- New York

Helm, Alf ---- Boston

Hacker, Fred ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Healey, Geo. R. ---- San Francisco, Cal.

Halliday, Fred ---- Kansas City, Col.

Hales, George ---- Michigan

Hales, Herman ---- Portland, Oregon

Harrison, T. ---- Minnesota

Hamly, Wm. H. ---- Chicago, Ill.

Hamly, Frank ---- do

Hamly, H. T. ---- Denver, Colorado

Hamly, Fred ---- do

Hewson, Samuel ---- Boston, Mass.

Hawkins, Ed. L. ---- Walla Walla, W. T.

Hooper, Harry ---- Port Huron, Mich.

Hooper, Will ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Howell, Wm. ---- Omaha, Nebraska

Howell, Richard ---- do

Howell, Herb ---- do

Howell, Harry ---- San Fransisco, Cal.

Hawkins, Arthur ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Helm, David ---- Chicago, Ill.

Hunter, Thomas ---- St. Louis

Hales, Jerome ---- Chicago, Ill.

Hamilton, ---- ---- ----

Harry, Richard ---- Buffalo

Hartley, Robert ---- Texas

Hills, William ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Hills, John ---- do

Hills, Fred ---- Chicago, Ill.

Hills, Thos. ---- Cleveland, Ohio

Haskill, --- ---- Illinois

Hanna, George ---- do

Hanna, Wm. ---- Iowa

Hunt, M. H. ---- Michigan

Hunt, W. L. (Sig. Farini----) London, England

Harvey, William ---- Buffalo

Hayden, Wm. ---- Do

Hudson, Wm. ---- ---

Hutchinson, Wm. ---- Wisconsin

Henry, Robert ---- Michigan

Henderson, Abraham ---- New York

Hawkins, Wm ---- Kentucky

Hunter, Wm. ---- Warsaw, N. Y.

Hagerman, Nelson ---- New York


Irwin, Charles Ed ---- Buffalo

Innes, Robt. S. ---- Kenton, Ohio


Jones, Ben ---- Chicago

Janes, John ---- Houston, Texas

Johns, William ---- Chicago, Ill.

Jones, Richard ---- Pullman, Ill.

Jacobs, J. V. ---- Troy, N. Y.

Johnston, Robt ---- Ogdensburg


Kerr, J. C. ---- Dakota

Knapp, B. ---- Chicago, Ill.

Kellaway, Winfield ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Kellaway, William ---- do

Knight, Charles ---- Chicago, Ill.

Kirkpatrick, John ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Kerr, J. H. ---- Alpena, Mich.

Kennedy, Wm ---- ----

Knapp, Ed ---- Buffalo

Knapp, Ed ----


Luxon, W. ---- Rochester

Lordon, D. ---- St. Paul, Minn.

Libbey, Walter ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Lockwood, Fred ---- Denver, Colorado

Little, Jos ---- New York

Little, R ---- Buffalo

Little, John ---- do

Lawson, George C. ---- Los Angeles, Cal.

Lawson, William ---- Denver Col.

Lawson, Thos ---- do

Lawson, Artimus ---- do

Long, Henry F ---- Grand Rapids

Long, Alfred J. ---- Detroit

Lynn, John ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Leslie, Wm ---- Morris, Minn.

Londsdale, John ---- Newark, N. Y.

Lake, Fred and sons ---- do

Lordon, Thos ---- St. Paul, Minn.

Little, James ---- Buffalo

Lockwood, William ---- New York

Liddel ----

Lees, Ed ---- Minneapolis

Leslie, John ---- San Ledro, Cal.


Martin, Clinton ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Marshall, John ---- do

Maples, John ---- do

Martin, Frank ---- Rochester

Marshall, William ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Misson, George ----

Misson, John ----

Maitland, Andrew ---- Kansas City

Marshall, John ---- Erie, Pa.

Mackie, James ---- Battle City, Montana

Moffatt, William ---- Detroit, Mich.

Moffatt, John ---- Denver, Col.

Moffatt, Charles ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Mason, James ---- St. Louis

Mounteer, Albert ---- Philadelphia

Montgomery, J. A. ---- Los Angeles, Cal.

Montgomery, George ---- do

Moffatt, James ---- New York

Martin, William ---- Melbourne, Australia

Marshall, Thomas ---- Denver, Col.

Montgomery, Hugh ---- Chicago, Ill.

Montgomery, Edward ---- do

Montgomery, Robert ---- Denver, Col.

Machesney, Wm. ---- Minnesota

Masters, William ---- New York

Masters, Ed ---- Gardiner, Mass.

Maloney, Martin ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Maloney, John ---- do

Maitland, Ralph ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Mitchell, John R. ---- New York

Morrow, Charles ---- Chicago, Ill.

Munson, James ---- Buffalo

Mathews, Joseph ---- Watertown, N. Y.

Mathews, William ---- " "

Murphy, Griffith ---- New York

Maguire, J. C. ---- New Jersey

Marshall, Robt. ---- Berien, N. Y.

Margett, W. R. ---- New York


McGimsie, E. H. ---- Chicago, Ill.

McGimsie, Thomas ---- do

McGimsie, George ---- do

McCheeney, --- ---- do

McKee, Wm. J. ---- Detroit, Mich.

McKee, James ---- do do

McCabe, John ---- Chicago, Ill.

McLean, James ---- do

McGinnis, Wm. ---- Pennsylvania

McGinnis, Charles ---- do

McGinnis, Richard ---- do

McMaster, Wm. ---- Boston, Mass.

McMaster, Henry ---- Elmira, N. Y.

McCormick, Michael ---- Saratoga, N. Y.

McManus, Chas. ---- Chicago, Ill.

McKay, Wm. ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

McVity, Arthur ---- Chicago

McFarlane, H. ---- do

McFarlane, James ---- Port Huron

McFarlane, John ---- Hutchison, Kas.

McDonald, Donald ---- Louisville, Ky.

McNall, James ---- Minneapolis

McCurdy, D. ---- Battle Creek, Mich.

McGibbons, Ed ---- Newburg, N. Y.

McBurney, D. E. ---- Syracuse

McBurney, E. W. ---- Rochester

McGee, Jas. ---- Albion, N. Y.

McCormack, Barney ---- New York

McCreery, Thos. ---- Detroit


Newburn, Richard ---- Jersey City

Nelson, Wilbert ----

Nelson, Fred ----


O'Halloran, Thomasd ---- Chicago

O'Brien, Thos. ---- Detroit, Mich.

Over, A. E. ---- Michigan


Philp, Walt ---- Los Angeles, Cal.

Powe, T. H. ---- Muskegon, Mich.

Powers, F. A. ---- New York

Powers, Dr. Willis ---- Connecticut

Philp, H. ---- Los Angeles, Cal.

Peverett, Al ---- Nebraska

Peverett, Wm. ---- do

Parsons, John ---- Pennsylvania

Passmore, Wm. ---- Denver

Pethick, John ---- Chicago

Philp, Harry ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Philp, R. ---- do

Pitt, T. N. ---- Chicago

Perkin, W. R. ---- Ontario, Cal.

Pearce, John ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Pearce, George ---- " "

Powers, Cornelius ---- Pennsylvania

Potter, David ---- Illinois

Potter, Philip ---- do

Potter, Philander ---- do

Potter, Dr. E. S. ---- do

Potter, Sylvester ---- do


Quay, Frank ---- Chicago


Raine, Donald ---- New York

Rutherford, James ---- Dakota

Russell, William ---- Pine Station, Penn.

Russell, Al ---- do

Russell, Joseph ---- Williamsport, Penn.

Russell, R. G. ---- Millway, Penn.

Ritche, Albert ---- Wisconsin

Roberts, John ---- Rochester

Rubidge, David ---- Denver, Col.

Rubidge, Alfred ---- California

Rubidge, Robert ---- do

Rowson, John ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Rowson, James ---- do

Rowson, --- ---- do

Randall, Fred ---- Kansas City

Russell, H. C. ---- New York

Richardson, Alf ---- Melbourne, Australia

Rihards, Chas. ---- Rochester, N. Y.

Rose, Joseph ---- Michigan

Rose, Fred ---- Merced, al.

Reynolds, F. ---- Buffalo

Richardson, Wm ---- do

Russell, Wm. ---- Pennsylvania

Rowe, Wm. ---- New York

Ra??, George ---- Charlotte, N. Y.

Rubidge, Robt. ---- Denver, Col.

Randall, J. C. ---- Michigan

Randall, J. F. ---- do

Randall, Ralph ---- do

Ritchie, John ---- San Francisco

Ritche, Wm. ---- Iowa


Sanders, William ---- Detroit

Smart, Alexander ---- Illinois

Spry, Samuel ---- Dakota

Slack, Thomas ---- Rochester

Slack, Joseph ---- do

Smith, --- ---- Buffalo

Smith, --- ---- do

Stephens, Fred L. ---- Montana

Salter, G. H. ---- Dennebrog, Neb.

Salter, Fred ---- do

Salter, Frank Dr. ---- do

Sevey, M. ---- Pennsylvania

Stansbury, Richard ---- Boston

Smart, Crawford ---- Montana

Spotten, David ---- Michigan

Spotten, Arthur ---- do

Sanders, Caleb ---- do

Smith, John ---- California

Sheehan, John ---- Buffalo

Stevens, John ---- Rochester

Stevenson, Jacob ---- Boston

Stephens, Wm. ---- Chicago

Stephens, Ben Jr. ---- Moreland, Ill.

Smith, Arthur ---- Chicago

Stratton, Walter ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Smith, W. B. ---- New York

Smith, David ---- do

Slack, William ---- Rochester

Stevenson, Alf A. ---- Grand Rapids, Mich.

Steen, William ---- Minneapolis

Stevens, Fred ---- Rochester

Salter, Dr. P. H. ---- Norlfolk (sic), Nebraska

Sloan, Andrew ---- Port Huron

Sloan, Archibald ---- Kentucky

Sloan, James ---- New York

Smith, Wm. ---- Colorado

Stevenson, John ---- Patterson, N. J.

Stevenson, Francis ---- " "

Stevenson, William ---- " "

Straw, Joseph ---- Illinois

Smith, Frank ---- California

Stephenson, John ---- Charlotte

Shortt, L. H. ---- San Francisco, Cal.

Stevens, John ---- Canandagua


Thompson, William ---- Buffalo, N. Y.

Tempest, Charles ---- Louisville, Ky.

Throop, Dr. D. C. ---- Rochester

Topley, John ---- Philadelphia

Tozer, Joseph ---- Rochester

Tuttle, Frank ---- do

Tuttle, Charles ---- do

Trenbeth, John ---- Helena, Montana

Trenbeth, William ---- Illinois

Tempest, Charles ---- Kentucky

Thompson, Joseph ---- Iowa

Thompson, Alfred ---- Illinois

Thompson, John ---- do

Thompson, Henry ---- do

Thompson, Eli ---- do


Walker, David ---- Chicago

Ware, Joseph ---- Montana

Ware, Geo. ---- Saginaw, Mich.

Ware, Thos. ---- do

Ware, John ---- Kansas City

Wittman, Leonard ---- Rochester

Wittman, Albert ---- do

Welch, John ---- do

Watson, Charles ---- do

Wood, Fred ---- do

Warner, Robert ---- Rochester

Wade, Thomas ---- Detroit

Walker, Robert ---- Denver

Wilcock, Wm. ---- South Carolina

Wilcock, Thomas ---- Brooklyn, N. Y.

Wright, Albert ---- Philadelphia

Walton, John ---- do

Walton, Ralph ---- do

Wood, Fred D. ---- New Hampshire

Warner, William ---- Albany, Mississippi

Wilcock, Mark ---- New York

White, Thomas ---- do

White, Ed ---- do

Welsh, Henry ---- Louisiana

Williams, Silas ---- San Bernardino, Cal.

Wrightson, Terrance ---- Chicago

Woods, W. I. L. ---- Wilmington, Del.

Welch, Frank M. ---- Mayor of Generrett, Louisiana

Welch, Albert ---- Generrett, Louisiana

Welch, William ---- Kansas City

Webster, C. L. ---- Eau Claire, Mich.

Webster, George ---- " " "

Webster, William ---- " "

Wade, Henry ---- Chicago

Wakely, Frank ---- Detroit, Mich.

Waddell ----

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