Minden Township

Minden Township, surveyed in 1858-59, was named after a Prussian town on the Weser River, Westphalia. By 1859 settlers were travelling up the Bobcaygeon Road to the region. Early settlers included Francis Kent, Miles Henderson, and Frederick Shove. Settlers in 1859 included Malachi Campbell, William and James Murray, Henry Dawkins, James and Henry Burns. Sawmills were built by William Gainor and Richard Smith in the early 1860's.

Minden Village was established circa 1860. Daniel Buck was the first hotel keeper, while Andrew Young opened the first general store in 1860. Other early Minden businesses were opened by George and H. Andrews, William Dumble, Andrew Bell, Francis Mason, and James Langton.

By 1871 the population was given as about 850 persons in Minden Township. The 1871 Peterborough County Directory records the surnames of Addison, Andrews, Anderson, Archer, Austin, Balfour, Barnum, Barton, Bateson, Bell, Blair, Boker, Bond, Boney, Bowern, Brown, Buck, Burke, Burns, Campbell, Casey, Chambers, Clark, Clifton, Cook, Corbett, Coulter, Cox, Cragg, Dancey, Davidson, Dennison, Ellis, Elliot, epton, Fairfield, Fee, Freed, Gainer, Gilbert, Goldie, Graham, Hall, harrison, Hartell, Hawkins, Hobden, Hogg, Hope, Howell, Humphrey, Ireton, Jackson, Jarvis, Johnston, Jones, Jopling, Kent, Knowles, Leavy, Loucks, Lunan, McCracken, McDougall, McIntosh, McKelvey, McLarty, McLeod, McNeil, McNight, Manaker, Mason, Mitchell, Moore, Morrison, Morey, Murray, Newstead, Noice, Pettigrew, Pockett, Pogue, Potter, Puffer, Robinson, Scott, Shaw, Sharp, Shove, Smith, Stevens, Thomas, Thompson, Upperton, Voisey, Walker, Watts, Weir, Whittaker, Wilson, Wright, Yerex, Young.

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