Fisher and McKague Families of Hamilton and Cramahe Townships

The FISHER Family

James FISHER (1753-1841) and his wife Leah DODS (1753-1813) were born in Edinburg, Scotland. The family anecdotes in "Our Story" by Max Fisher (1945) indicate that they arrived at Montreal ca. 1775-1779. They were married in 1779, but it is not known whether this occurred in Scotland or in North America. All of their children were born in North America, but the locations are not documented. In 1815, shortly after Leah's death and the War of 1812, James and all but one of his living children moved to Cobourg. He is listed in the 1878 history of Cobourg as one of the early settlers, among those of the "second concession". He farmed and remained in Cobourg until ca. 1837-1840. The FISHERs' departure from Cobourg may have had something to do with the "rebellion" in 1837. At that time, James and his eldest and youngest sons moved to Redford, Michigan, now a part of Detroit. James died there and is buried in Redford Pioneer Cemetery. At the same time as James settled in Cobourg, there appears to have also been an Alexander FISHER family who settled there as well. It is not known if these two families are related. The children of James and Leah FISHER, all born before coming to Cobourg: 1) James Field FISHER (1780-1841), never married, died at Redford, MI ; 2) Mary FISHER (1782-1859), married someone named HARE, died in Cobourg; 3) Elizabeth FISHER (1784-1863), married someone named ASH, died in Cobourg; 4) Sarah FISHER (1786-1843), married John SMITH in the U.S., died at Redford, MI ; 5) Samuel FISHER (1788-1814), died before the family moved to Cobourg; 6) Henry FISHER (b. 1791), no information available; 7) John F. FISHER (1793-1862), born in NY, married Elizabeth LISCUM in Cobourg, died at Redford, MI. After their Montreal arrival, the Fishers must have spent some time in the state of New York, for their youngest son, John F. FISHER was born there. Young John moved with his family to Cobourg in 1815. There in 1823 he married Elizabeth (Betsey) LISCUM (1800-1888), the daughter of Samuel and Hannah (HOUSE) LISCUM. Hannah's sister, Charlotte HOUSE, had apparently moved to Cobourg with them. The LISCUM family had earlier ties to the Mohawk Valley area of New York. John FISHER probably took over farming his aging father's land somewhere in the Cobourg area. The first six of John and Betsey's nine children were born in Cobourg between 1824 and 1836. Though the first died in early infancy, the rest of the family left Cobourg for Redford, Michigan, sometime after John purchased land there for a new farm in 1836. In 1840, John's widower father, James, left for Redford to live with John and Betsey. James FISHER passed away the following year. Children of John F. and Betsey FISHER born in Cobourg: 1) Infant daughter, before 1826; 2) James Samuel FISHER (1826-1913), married Lydia Abigail Bates ; 3) Charles FISHER (1828-1899), married Anna M. Glancy; 4) Elsie Ann FISHER (1831-1895), married Horace BECKER; 5) Eliza Jane FISHER (1834-1904), married Hiram H. Pierce; 6) Aaron Henry FISHER (1836-1918), married Sarah Poole. Those born in Michigan: 7) Levi Franklin ("Frank") FISHER (1839-1924); 8) Elizabeth S. FISHER (1842-1932), married ; and 9) Miles Field FISHER (1845-1926), married widow Ella Jane (Ranger) Robinson.

Contributed by: Donald W. FISHER at

McKAGUE's of Hamilton and Cramahe Townships

Contributed by: Carla McKAGUE at

"Three families of McKAGUE's are known to have come to Canada at about the same time. First are the McKAGUE's from County Cavan, around 1808. The family of Andrew McKAGUE from County Armagh moved to Durham County ON in the 1830s and later to Bruce County ON. Another family of McKAGUE's from County Monaghan moved to York County ON in the 19th century. William McKEAGE, who may have come via the US, lived in Ernesttown Township near Kingston in the 1790s and later (about 1808) settled on Cherry Hill Farm in Hamilton Township near Baltimore. About1822, John McKAGUE brought his family from County Cavan and moved to the Cherry Hill farm of William McKEAGE, who appears to have been his brother. The family quickly spread to Cramahe Township, and then elsewhere in Ontario and Canada."
Posted: 16 Sep 1999

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