Methodist Burials at Grafton

From Contributor, Denis LAWLESS:
"This cemetery was done by someone many years ago. The stones are no longer readable. I found the list at the National Archives here in Ottawa. I made some corrections to mistakes from my knowledge of some of those intered there. For example, the person making the recordings of the name "John Lawless" assumed that Reuben and Jane Lawless, his parents, are buried there with him. They are not. They will be found in the Old St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery. They are my grandparents."


Con. 1, Lot 23 Grafton, Ontario

(Located in the center of the village of Grafton)

References: Ontario Register, Vol. 4 1971
(58 burials recorded to date.) The cemetery is no longer used and most inscriptions are no longer readable. The first burial was Hannah Boyce, d. May 27,1831(21yrs) w/o Nelson Boyce. The last was Daniel D. Jayne, d. Nov.21,1913 (81 yrs).

Name Dates Remarks Balfour, Carrie Devitt b. Mar.24,1857 d.Sept.11,1888 w/o Rev. D. Balfour Boyce, Hannah d. May 27,1831 21 yrs. 6 m 4d w/o Nelson Boyce Brown, Osee Marie d. June 17,1857 6 mons. 20 days d/o Lester B. & Sarah Brown, Benjamin d. Nov.12,1863 73 yrs.7 m 28 d - n/o Pennsylvania, U.S. Chapman, William d. May 30,1873 in his 77 year h/o Ann Helm Colton, Thomas d. Aug.15,1885 73 yrs. h/o Ellen ( Ellen d. Feb.22,1898 88 yrs w/o Thomas Colton) Cooney, George d. Nov.4,1893 74 yrs.8 mons. h/o Esther Elliott Cuthbert,Wm.Newton (1) d. Feb.8,1856 3 yrs.s/o Alexander & Joanna Newton Cuthbert,Wm.Newton (2) d. Mar.26,1856 1 m.3d s/o Alexander & Joanna Newton Elliott, Esther d. Dec.28,1882 62 yrs. w/o George Cooney Hare, Arra F. b. Jun.25,1819 d. Aug.11,1914 h/o Sarah (Sarah d. Feb.12,1885 60 yrs w/o Arra F. Hare) Hare,Catherine d. Feb.27,1895 83 yrs. Hare,Cath. Amilia d.Sept.12,1861 38y.3m.14d. d/o John & Frederica Hare, Elizabeth d. Mar.16,1891 86 yrs Hare, John d. Jan.26,1865 71 yrs.10 mons. Hare, John G. d. Mar.29,1881 64 yrs. Hare, Mary d. Apr.30,1875 60 yrs. Hare, Richard Esq. d. Feb.9,1863 86 yrs h/o Mary (Mary d. June 22, 1859 77 yrs. w/o Richard Hare Esq. Helm, Ann d. Aug.13,1864 in her 68th year w/o William Chapman Helm, Barbara d. Mar.19,1873 78 yrs. w/o Thomas Webster Jayne, Benjamin d. Dec.16,1879 54 yrs. Jayne, Elizabeth d. May 10,1896 93 yrs. Janye, Daniel D. d. Nov.21,1913 81 yrs. Jaynes, Sarah Ann d. Oct.4,1869 27 yrs.4 days d/o Stephen & Elizabeth Jaynes, Stephen d. Nov.14,1858 in 73rd yr. h/o Elizabeth (Elizabeth d. date unknown w/o Stephen Jaynes) Kinney, James H. d. Oct.5,1865 47 yrs.7m.2d. Lapp, Charles H. d. Apr.6,1879 63 yrs.2 mons. h/o Jane Lapp, George H. d. Aug.29,1878 31 yrs.4 mons. s/o Charles H. & Jane Lapp, Richard C. d. Oct.11,1874 33 yrs.9 mons. Lawless, John d. July 22,1884 4 yrs.1mon. s/o Reuben & Jane Keon Marks, Lotty d. May 14,1875 14 days d/o Andrew & Ellen McPherson, Angus B. d. July,25,1863 15 yrs.8 mons. s/o Susan E. Merrill, Maudie E. d. May 18,188? 3(8) yrs.11 mons. d/o John R. & G. Newton, Joanna d. Feb.15,1856 33 yrs. w/o Alexander Cuthbert, n/o Scotland Ough, Eliza Jane d. Apr.6,1886 33 yrs. w/o Richard Ough Reynolds, Charles 1871-1876 Reynolds, Ernest 1858-1860 Reynolds, George F. 1855-1876 s/o Walter Reynolds, Walter 1819-1881 (Mary Auger w/o George Fowler 1791-1879, their son George 1828-1883) Spencer, Abner d. July 30,1834 65 yrs.3m.18d. h/o Eunice ( Eunice d. July 23, 1857 83rd yr. w/o Abner Spencer) Sprentall, Archibald d. Sept.11,1865 1 yr.7 m. s/o William & Hellen Sprentall,Chas.Sydney d.Sept.22,1865 6 yrs.7 m. s/o William & Hellen Turner, Sarah d. Apr.6,1883 51 yrs w/o John Z. Lapp Vanalstine, Catherine d. Oct.12,1864 66th year w/o Jacob B. Vanalstine Vaughan, Mary Ann d. Sept.16,1848 34 yrs. d/o Richard & Jane Vaughan, Richard d. Aug.20,1854 72 yrs. h/o Jane Vaughan, Robert d. Jan.8,1837 18 yrs. s/o Richard & Jane. ( Jane d. Feb.13,1854 71 yrs. w/o Richard Vaughan) Webster, Fred d. Nov.16,1879 1yr.9 mons s/o T.N.& R. Webster, Thomas d. Feb.9,1879 92 yrs, h/o Barbara Helm ( Sarah Ann d. May 31,1856 29 yrs. w/o William Webster) Woodruff, Amy Rebecca d. Apr.2,1881 8 mons.18 days d/o William & Mary

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