Hamilton Township

Pioneer Family Contributions:

 HIGH Family of Cobourg by Kem HART

 FISHER of Cobourg

 BUTLER family of Cobourg

 NEWTON Contributed by: Dave FULLER

 McKAGUE Contributed by:Carla McKAGUE

 NICHOLS Contributed by: Doug MARTIN


In Hamilton Township, my great grandfather John WOOD married Mary Jane SLEEP in Hamilton in 1849. They had 11 children. Mary Jane died in child birth giving birth to the 11th child in 1872. One year later John WOOD died of pnenmonia and the family was stranded. Two boys were taken in by two seperate ROSEVEAR families. One girl was taken in by Wm. and Mary EAST of Gores Landing. My grandfather Wm. Alfred WOOD was taken in by Duncan ROBERTON and his wife. These people generally came from the Plainville and Cold Springs area. My great grandfather, John WOOD, my grandfather William Alfred WOOD, and my father Frank Arnold WOOD are all buried in the Plainville Bible Christian Cemertary located on the Cavan Road . Also buried there is John Wood's sister Ann WOOD who was married to William WESTINGTON. There is so much more to say in terms of detail and this family's connection to the township community, but that will be left for later.

Needless to say I'm interested in any information or follow-up about this early and interesting family. Cheers, Ralph Wood of Douro On.


 O'REILLY/ O'RILEY: Hamilton Township Family

Philip Henry O'REILLY/ O'RILEY married Ann HART and lived in Hamilton Township, Northumberland County. The O'REILLY family included the following children: John Henry O'REILLY, b. 18 June 1845, Canada; Elizabeth O'RILEY, b. 1847, Canada; Philip O'RILEY, the younger, b. 1848, Canada; and Francis Phillip O'RILEY, b. 17 December 1850 in Canada.

This pioneer family contributed by: W. R. O'RILEY at

 STICKLE: A Cobourg Family

Henry STICKLE was born in Sidney, [Hastings Co] Ontario in 1804/05. In 1829, he married Calista SANFORD in Brighton, Northumberland County. The STICKLE family lived in Cobourg, [Hamilton Township] Northumberland county from 1833 to 1880 or 1882.

This pioneer family contributed by: Ginney SWEENY at

 FARR, William

In 1843 William and Charlotte FARR arrived at Cobourg from Hampshire, England. They and their three children George, Ellen and Harriet settled on Lot 33, Concession 10 of Haldimand Township. William cleared land and farmed it until his death in 1882. His son George FARR married a Cobourg girl, Mary Ann WELLWOOD and settled in Hamilton Township. Ellen FARR married Louis FLEMING and moved to Michigan. Harriet FARR married the son of a neighbour Thomas GUMMOW and later moved away to Stratford, Ontario.

Contributed by: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm SNAIL-MAIL: Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

 WELLWOOD, William and John

In 1835 two brothers William and John WELLWOOD of Ireland arrived in the Cobourg area. William and John each purchased a 10 acre parcel at Hull's Corners, Lot 15, Concession 1 of Hamilton Township just north of the town of Cobourg. They were Irish Protestants and weavers.

Contributed by: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm
SNAIL-MAIL: Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX


Joseph first appears on the Hamilton Township assessment rolls in 1826. In 1844 Joseph WELLWOOD purchased 6 acres at Lot 8, Concession 2 of Hamilton Township. In 1861 he purchased an adjoining 112 acres (Lot 9, Concession 2) from King's College. Joseph was an Irish Protestant.

Contributed by: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm
SNAIL-MAIL: Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

 RUSSELL, William

William RUSSELL and his wife, Margaret WINCHESTER came from Elgin, Morayshire, Scotland in 1835 and settled in the Roseneath area. Their home was called Walnut Grove. Some of their children moved to Manitoba when it was opened to settlers.

Contributed by: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm
SNAIL-MAIL: Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

 DAWSON, Charles

Charles DAWSON and his wife, Elizabeth CRUIKSHANK came from parish Gartley in Aberdeenshire, Scotland in 1839. They settled in Hamilton Township. Their descendants married into many local Northumberland families - HORSBURGH, MASSEY, WILSON, BUTTARS, CARRUTHERS.

Contributed by: Wendy McLEOD at b>wmcleod@ibl.bm
SNAIL-MAIL: Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX.

Benjamin NICHOLS and his wife Phoebe NORTON settled in Hamilton Township just prior to the War of 1812. They had come up from New York State. They farmed in the township and had eight children - six sons and two daughters. The children were Benjamin, George, Stephen, Nathan, Aaron, Eleazar, Judah and Abigail. Son Nathan took over the farm after Benjamin's death in 1844. Benjamin and Phoebe are buried in St. Peter's Anglican Churchyard, Cobourg. I am very interested in the historical tracings of this family since Benjamin is my ggggrandfather.

Contributed by: Gina Martin of Brampton, Ontario at doug.martin2@sympatico.ca
Posted: 28 July 1999


Henry NEWTON and his wife Margaret (MILLS) emigrated from Midlothan Co, Scotland to Coburg in 1844, moving to lot 13, Concession 6, Hamilton Township some time later. Their daughter, Henrietta, married Robert, a son of .....

James EAGLESON and his wife Susanna (JOHNSON) from County Down, Ireland who emigated to Canada in May 1832 and settled on lot 23, Concession 6, Hamilton Twsp.

I have a fair amount of information on the Eagleson family (names, dates, marriages, etc., but little on "activities" as pioneers), which I am willing to share. Anything - information or leads - you can provide would be appreciated! Please contact: David FULLER at dsfuller@erols.com
Posted: 6 July 1999

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