Cemeteries of Northumberland County

Link to Northumberland and Area Cemetery Locations and Churches

Alnwick Township

Alderville Indian Con 2 Lot 8 Centenary United Con 1 Lot 8 Merrill's United Con 4 Lot 19 St. James Anglican Con 3 Lot 19

Brighton Township

Carman Con 3 Lot 27 Clark Gosport (abandoned) Greenwood Con A Lot 24 Hilton McPhails Con 5 Lot 30 Mount Olivet Mount Hope Palmer's Smith United (abandoned) Mt Olivet VanSicklin (abandoned)

Cramahe Township

Carr Abandoned Castleton Christain Church Con 9 Lot 14 Colburn Red Cloud Salem Shiloh Trinity Anglican Waite Walkers Woods Con 1 Lot 12

Haldimand Township

Lakeport Methodist Burial Grounds, Grafton -- KW N N075 * Russ Creek (Abandoned) --KW N 1668 * St. Andrew Church, Vernonville -- KW N N071 * St. Mary's Roman Catholic (New), Part II, Grafton -- KW N N074 * St. Mary's Roman Catholic (Old), Grafton -- KW N N073 *

Hamilton Township

St George's Anglican, Gore's Landing Precious Corners (abandoned) Bethel Grove St Paul's United, Cold Springs

Hope Township

Oak Hill Perrytown Bible Christain, (abandoned) Providence Perrytown Anglican St. John Anglican Elizabethville Methodist (abandoned) East Zion Bible Christian (abandoned) Walker Private (abandoned) Elizabethville Anglican (abandoned) Knoxville Presbyterian Marsh Vault (abandoned) Old Presbyterian Old Wesleyan Wesleyville United Zion Perrytown Presbyterian (abandoned) Canton

Murray Township

: Carrying Place Carrying Place Annex Lawson/VanSicklin Mount Calvary Roman Catholic Mount Carmel Mount Evergreen St George's Anglican, Trenton St Jerome's Roman Catholic, Warkworth Stockdale Con 6 Lot 3 Scott Abandoned Smith Wooler Friends near Wooler Village

Percy Township

: St. Jerome Roman Catholic Con 2 Lot 14 Stone's Con 1 Lot 15 Trent Valley Con 13 Lot 17 Warkworth Con 3 Lot 15-16

Seymour Township

: Burnbrae Centre Christ Church Anglican Dunk Burial Vault English Lane Govan/Given Hoard Family Kellar Family Polmont Stanwood St. Mary's Roman Catholic West's Zion United Church Zion


Allison Funeral Home 103 Mill Street North Port Hope, Ontario L1A 2T3 (Records from 1917)

Ross Funeral Chapel 135 Walton Street Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3N2 (Records from 1868)


Port Hope United Church 34 Smith Street Port Hope, Ontario L1A 1R9 Marriage: 1897 on... Burials: 1912 on... Baptisms: 1913 on...

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 131 Walton Street Port Hope, Ontario L1A 1N4 Burials: 1897 on... Baptisms: 1864 on...

First Baptist Church There are no records here. Contact: McMaster Divinity College Hamilton, Ontario L8S 4K6

Our Lady of Mercy Roman Catholic Church Contact: Bishop's House Box 175 Peterborough, Ontario K9J 6Y8

Canton, Elizabeth, Garden Hill Pastoral Charges Contact: United Church Manse RR#1 Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3V5

St. Mark's & St. John's Anglican Churches St. John's (Perrytown) Church Contact: St. James Cathedral 135 Adelaide Street East Toronto, Ontario M5C 1L8

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