Northumberland County Fall Show - 1831

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The following interesting particulars of the proceedings of the Northumberland Agricultural Society, at their half-yearly meeting and Cattle show, held in Colborne on Wednesday last, at which it was with extreme regret we found ourselves unable to attend, has been politely favored us by our obliging friend, John Steele, Esp, the Secretary:--

Agreeably to public notice, the third annual cattle shew of this society was held in the village of Colborne yesterday. The weather being rather gloomy and threatening, the number of animals exhibited was scarcely so great as that of last year. The show, notwithstanding, was numerously attended by the most respectable and distinguished agriculturists in the county. The different animals entered for Premiums were generally good, with the exception of Stallions; there was only one entered, and consequently there was no competition with, or premium allowed to this owner. The Swine exhibited on this occasion were excellent, and received the cordial approbation of the Judges, as well as the numerous spectators. The ploughing matches were well contested, although there were fewer competitors than those of the proceeding year. After due deliberation, the Judges appointed by the Board of Directors, awarded premiums to the following persons, offered by the society this year, viz:--

To Mr. Ira Brown, Cramahe, best brood mare, $6

To Mr. Sison Wait, Haldimand, second best do. 4

To Mr. T. M. Spalding, ditto. third best do. 2

To Mr. Peter Alger, Cramahe, the best bull, 8

To Mr. Nath. Herriman, Haldimand, second best, 4

To Mr. Ozem Strong, Cramahe, best milch cow 6

To Mr. Johnson Grover, Haldimand, second best. 4

To Mr. Clark Spalding, ditto third best, 2

To Mr. B. M. Eddy, Haldimand, for the best pair of 3 year old steers 5

To Mr. Oliver Gatfield, Cramahe, second best 3

To Mr. Issac Wait, jn. Haldimand, the best ram 5

To Mr. Charles Powers, ditto, second best 4

To Mr. P. Alger, Cramahe, third best 3

To Mr. Issac Wait, Haldimand, the 6 best ewes 4

To Mr. C. Powers, ditto 6 second best 2

To Mr. P. Crandell, Colborne, the best boar 6

To Mr. H. Dickenson, Cramahe, second best 4

To Benjamin Ewing, Esq. Haldimand, third best 2

To Mr. Nath Purdy, ditto, the best sow 5

To B. Ewing, Esq. ditto second best 3

To Messrs Thomas & Boyce, ditto, the best piece of woollen cloth manufactured

In the county 6

To Mr. Peter Alger, the second best piece 4

To Mr. Stephen Turney, Cramahee, third best 2

To Mr. J. Ashe, Hamilton, the best firkin of butter 4

To Mr. Nath. Purdy, second best 3

To Mr. Jeremiah Scripture, Haldimand, third best 2

To Mr. Robert Hilton, ditto, for the best ploughing done with horses 6

To Mr. Stephen Turney, second best ditto ditto 6

To Mr. John Begg, third best ditto 3

To Mr. Samuel Spalding, best ploughing with oxen 6

To Mr. Festus Bennett, second best ditto 4

To Mr. Theron Dickenson, the third best ditto 2

To Mr. R. Hilton, for the best pair of horses worked at the ploughing match 5

To Mr. Ephraim Doolittle, Haldimand, 2nd best 3

The Rev. R. Scott, Colborne, the third best 2

To Mr. Theron Dickenson, for the best pair of Oxen, worked at the ploughing match 4

To Mr. Albert Porter, the second best pair 3

To Mr. T. M. Spalding, the third best ditto 2

The Judges appointed to inspect the best managed farms in the county for the present year, gave in the following award.

To Elias Jones, Esq. Hamilton, for the best managed farm $24

Mr. Christopher Hinds, ditto the second best 20

Mr. Joseph Ash, ditto the third best 18

Mr. Nathaniel Purdy, Cramahe the fourth best 16

Mr. Samuel Blakely, ditto the fifth best 14

Mr. Festus Bennett, Colborne, the sixth best, 12

Ebenezer Perry, Esq. Cobourg, the seventh best 10

Mr. Elijah Ketchum, Haldimand, eighth best 8

Mr. Theron Dickenson, Cramahe, ninth best 7

Asa Burnham, Esq Hamilton, the tenth best 6

Mr. Peter Alger, Cramahe, the eleventh best 5

Mr. Asa Houghton, Haldimand, twelfth best 4

By order,


Colborne, 20th October 1831.

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