Cemeteries of Northumberland County: St. Mary's Catholic Church

Contributed by: Denis LAWLESS from original work.



(Parish of "The Assumption Of The Blessed Virgin Mary" Founded in 1875)Grafton, Ontario, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, OLD CEMETERY (East of Church) CON.A, LOT 22. Land donated by Thomas Heenan 255 burials recorded to date. The first recorded burial in the Old Cemetery was Thomas McCarthy, December 25,1879 (age 85 yrs.). The last was Rose Calnan (1896-1982) second wife of Henry Lawless (1882-1937). Name Dates Remarks Barry, John d. Oct. 31,1881 75 yrs. n/o co. Cork, Ireland Barry, John Leo b. Aug. 7,1887 d. Apr. 20,1917 Barry, Michael Jas. 1891-1919 Barry, Patrick d. Apr. 1880 84 yrs. Boyle, Catherine d. Mar 18, 1885 55 yrs. w/o Martin McCabe Boyle, Ellen d. 1881 27 yrs. Boyle, Sarah d. June 1880 30 yrs. Boyle, Rose 1823-1912 w/o Dennis Calnan Brady, Bridget d. Apr. 4,1880 w/o John Fanning Brico, Annie d. Mar 16, 1871 12 y.1 m. d/o Jos. & Ann Dewine Brico, Bridget Brico, Emily d. June 8,1891 21 y.4 m. d/oJos. & Ann Dewine Brico, George s/o Leander & Ann Dewine Brico, Hanorah w/o Patrick Kelly Brico, Leander d. Aug 3, 1881 60 yrs.6 m. Brico, Leander d. Aug. 3 1844 Bunn, Ellen d. age 77 yrs. w/o William Lavery Bunn, John d. Nov. 7,1880 76 yrs. n/o Down Calnan, Bridget 1856-1927 w/o James Carey Calnan, Daniel 1853-1922 h/o Mary Lynch Calnan, Daniel B. 1856-1915 Calnan, Dennis 1819-1892 h/o Rose Boyle Calnan, Julia 1884-1900 d/o Daniel & Mary Lynch Calnan, Margaret 1896-1896 d/o Daniel & Mary Lynch Calnan, Margaret 1860-1896 Calnan, Marg't. Mary 1897-1906 Calnan, Mary 1890-1916 d/o Daniel & Mary Lynch Calnan, Michael 1830-1888 Calnan, Rev. M.J. 1867-1899 s/o Dennis & Rose Boyle Calnan, Rose 1896-1982 second w/o Henry Lawless Calnan, Rose 1882-1897 d/o Daniel & Mary Lynch Calnan, Thomas B. 1879-1929 s/o Michael Calnan Carey, James d. Oct. 29,1880 51 yrs. h/o Mary Quinlan Carey, James d. May 27, 1903 55 yrs. 4m. h/o Bridget Calnan Carey, John 1853-1926 Carey, Margaret 1863-1910 w/o John S.Kewin Carey, Mary 1847-1932 w/o Edward McGuire Carey, Michael J. 1892-1944 Carey, William d. Jan. 31,1887 29 yrs s/o James & Mary Quinlan Carroll, Bridget 1829-1920 w/o Patrick Ryan n/o co.Tipp. Connell, Bridget d. Mar 25, 1903 69 yrs. w/o Michael Kanary n/o co. Clare Connolly, Denis d June 1,xxxx 52 yrs. Conroy, James d. Apr.14,1876 55 yrs. Conroy, Michael d. Aug. 20,1876 67 yrs. Conroy, Thomas d. Aug 15, 1887 84 yrs. h/o Anne ? (?, Anne) d. Apr. 1,1888 82 yrs. w/o Thomas Conroy Cook, Elizabeth d. 1940 w/o George Richardson Corrigan, Catherine 1823-1910 w/o John Kelley Covey, Maurice d.Aug.14,1872 60 yrs. h/o Rose McGoldrick, n/o co. Ferm Darly, John d. Nov. 6,1886 66 yrs. n/o King's co. Dewine, Ann w/o Joseph (Leander?) Bricco Dillon, Denis d. Nov. 7,1880 18y.8m.2d. s/o Hugh & Ann ? Dillon, Frances B. d. Mar. 25,1882 12y.2m.9d d/o James & Ann Dillon, Hugh d. Aug. 22,1880 59 yrs. n/o Antrim (?, Alice) d. May 18,1887 28 yrs.6m. w/o Patrick Dillon Dodd, Elizabeth 1824-1894 sister of Thomas Dodd, Elizabeth 1863-1914 d/o Thomas & Ellen Flanigan Dodd, Katie 1867-1887 d/o Thomas & Ellen Flanigan Dodd, Thomas 1833-. Mar 18,1900 h/o Ellen Flanigan n/o co. Sligo Dodd, Thomas 1864-1916 s/o Thomas & Ellen Flanigan Dodd, William 1859-1908 s/o Thomas & Ellen Flanigan Drum, Michael d. c1950 h/o Mary A. Walsh Drum, Ellen d. Aug. 10,1882 56 yrs. w/o Patrick Rouhan Drum, Michael d. Jun. 20,1881 94 yrs. n/o co. Ferm. Drum, Minnie, V. 1876-1954 Drum, Nathaniel d Aug.27,1885 46 yrs Drum, Nathaniel F. 1871-1956 Drum, Patrick d. Jan 25, 1900 74 yrs. h/o Mary Rouhan Duffy, Bridget 1820-1912 w/o Thomas McGuyness Duffy, Sarah d. Apr. 1880 70 yrs. Dunn, Ellen 1811-1893 w/o James Tunney Dunn, Michael d. Oct. 29,1894 65 yrs. n/o Queen's Co. Dunn, Rick d. 18xx 3 yrs. Dunn, Thomas d. Jan. 1882 64 yrs. Egan, James Henry d. July 17,1886 s/o Thomas & Mary ? Farmer, Susan d. Feb. 5,1882 32 y.6m. w/o John Dolan Feely, Sarah d. Aug. 1,1866 49 yrs. w/o James Kewin Ferguson, Ann d. Feb.24,1900 73 yrs. w/o Terrence Kewin Fitzmaurice, Bridget d. Mar 18, 1906 44 yrs. d/o Patrick & Cath. Shehan Fitzmaurice, Ellen d. Apr 28, 1904 47 yrs d/o Patrick & Cath. Shehan Fitzmaurice, John d. May 19, 1904 40 yrs. s/o Patrick & Cath. Shehan Fitzmaurice, Michael 1865-1917 h/o Mary Ann Lawless Fitzmaurice, Patrick b. Apr. 19,1861 s/o Patrick & Cath. Shehan Fitzmaurice, Patrick d.Apr.18,1866 35 yrs h/o Cath.Shehan n/o co. Kerry Fitzmaurice, Vincent 1892- s/o Michael & Mary Ann Lawless Fitzpatrick, Margaret 1828-1921 w/o Thomas Gillice Fitzpatrick, Patrick d. June 17,1887 81 yrs. h/o Elizabeth ? (?, Elizabeth) d. Sept. 18,1887 81 yrs. w/o Patrick Fitzpatrick Flanigan, Ellen 1833-June 5 1910 w/o Thomas Dodd n/o Co. Clare Flood, Mary d. Oct. 13,1878 age 71 yrs. w/o Thomas Tanning n/o Co. Longford Gallagher,Hugh(Jno?) d. July 12,1880 62 y.3m. n/o co. Ferm. Gallagher, Matilda 1868-1940 w/o William Kelley Gillice, Annie d. Mar. 3,1907 w/o Michael McKenny Gilmurray, Bernard 1845-1932 Gilmurray, Catherine 1840-1910 w/o Clarence Cox Gilmurray, Dennis d. May 21,1889 85 yrs. h/o Catherine Green Gilmurray, Hugh d. Dec. 25,1911 70 yrs. h/o Margaret Lillis Gilmurray, Susan 1843-1932 Gillmurray, Thomas d. Oct. 8,1913 40 yrs s/o Hugh & Margaret Lillis Green, Catherine d. Apr. 18,1902 88 yrs. w/o Dennis Gilmurray Griffin, Martin Joseph d. Jan 30,1909 Hazelton, Jennie 1889-1918 first w/o Henry Lawless Heenan, Michael 1845-1938 h/o Harriet A. Lean Heenan, Thomas Sept. 18,1801-Apr. 20,1879 Henry, James d. July 12,1886 1 y.10 m s/o Tomas & Mary Egen Johnson, Mary Ann d.Jan7,1886 30 yrs.3 m. w/o William Johnson Kanary, James d. Jan. 7,1895 63 yrs. Kannary, John d. Aug 20, 1905 79 yrs. (?, Bridget) d. July 13,1895 59 yrs. w/o John Kanary Kanary, Margaret 1828-1912 w/o John McMahon Kanary, Michael d. Apr. 14, 1907 85 yrs. h/o Bridget Connel Kanary, Patrick d. Dec. 5, 1899 70 Yrs. Kelley, Catherine E. d. Nov. 30,1890 35 yrs. w/o P.H.Kelley Kelley, Charles A. d. May 26,1896 66 yrs. h/o Mary E. McGrath Kelley, Elijah S. d. Jan. 20,1881 52 yrs. Kelley, John 1819-1877 h/o Catherine Corrigan Kelley, William d.June 24,1843 75 yr.8m. Kelley, William Oct.8,1867-June 24,1943 Kelly, Patrick 1805-1889 h/o Hanora ? n/o co. Limeric (?, Hanora) 1825-1914 w/o Patrick Kelly n/o co. Limeric Kelly, Sarah 1853-1883 w/o Robert Craig Keon, Dennis 1799-1878 h/o Anne ? n/o co Ferm. (?, Anne) 1801-1900 w/o Dennis Keon n/o co, Ferm. Keon, Jane 1848-1910 w/o Reuben Lawless(1) Keon, Margaret 1841-1891 d/o Dennis & Ann ? Kewin, Agnes E. d. May 16,1874 13 yrs. d/o James & Sarah Kewin Kewin, Ann 1840-1924 d/o James & Sarah Kewin Kewin, Ann d. Apr. 10, 1901 68 yrs. w/o Thomas Walsh Kewin, Daniel F. d. Apr. 13, 1896 47 yrs. s/o James & Sarah Kewin Kewin, Denis 1863-1922 Kewin, Ellen 1842-1924 Kewin, James d. July 31,1893 86 yrs n/o.co.Ferm.. Kewin, Rose d. Nov. 21, 1892 52 yrs d/o James & Sarah Kewin Kewin, Sarah 1839-1921 Kewin, Terrence d. Oct. 20,1884 82 yrs. h/o Ann Ferguson n/o co. Ferm. King, Norah d. June 3,1880 70 yrs. 3rd w/o Jeremiah O'Brien n/o Co.Galway Lafleur, George 1860-1908 Larkin, Rev. Michael b. March 25,1843 d. Aug. 8,1901 (b. Inverness, P.Q.) Laughlin (see Loughlin) Lavery, Ella d. 44 yrs d/o William & Ellen Bunn Lavery, James d. 49 yrs. s/o William & Ellen Bunn Lavery, William d.87 yrs. h/o Ellen Bunn Lawless, Blanche E. 1887-1957 d/o Reuben(1) & Jane Keon Lawless Francis D. 1891-1907 s/o Reuben(1) & Jane Keon Lawless, Harriett d. 1930 d/o Reuben(1) & Jane Keon Lawless, Henry 1882-1937 h/o Jennie Hazelton & Rose Calnan Lawless, Mary Ann 1870-1943 w/o Michael Fitzmaurice Lawless, Reuben(1) 1845-1903 h/o Jane Keon Lean, Harriet A. 1845-1935 w/o Michael Heenan Leonard, Alice d. Apr 29,1907 70 yrs. w/o William Pegnam Leonard, Rose 1819-1903 w/o Michael Murray (?, Elizabeth) d. June 11, 1889 70 y.8 m. w/o William Leonard Lillis, Bridget d. Feb. 15,1855 d/o Thomas & Hannah Quinlan Lillis, John d. Feb. 16,1902 62 yrs. Lillis, Margaret d. July 7,1907 64 yrs w/o Hugh Gilmurray Lillis, Thomas d. Jan. 1,1874 65 yrs. h/o Hannah Quinlan Lilly, Dennis 1837-1895 Lilly, John 1878-1880 s/o Dennis & Catherine Wickham Lilly, Philip 1872-1881 s/o Dennis & Catherine Wickham Lilly, Thomas 1866-1883 s/o Dennis & Catherine Wickham Loughlin, Francis 1857-1902 s/o Lawrence F. & Jane McGuire Loughlin, Lawrence F. 1819-1900 h/o Jane Mcguire Loughlin, Mabel 1884-1893 d/o W.Thos. & Marg't.Ann Ryan Loughlin, Wm.Thos. 1849-1922 h/o Marg't. Ann Ryan Lynch, Mary 1860-1898 w/o Daniel Calnan Lyons, Catherine d. May 10,1880 12 yrs. Maeney, Thomas d. Mar. 1877 37 yrs. McAweeny, Patrick 1867-1902 s/o Patrick & Mary McGoldrick McCabe, Eliz. Agnes 1874-1891 d/o Martin & Cath.Boyle McCabe, Martin d. Feb 2, 1904 80 h/o Catherine Boyle McCabe, Martin Wm. 1871-1881 McCabe, Mary Anna 1858-1891 d/o Martin & Catherine Boyle McCabe, Peter Francis 1863-1902 s/o Martin & Catherine Boyle McCarthy, Daniel d. Dec. 6,1898 McCarthy, John d. May 14,1883 2 yrs. s/o Daniel & Catherine E. McCarthy, Katie L. d. Sept. 1,1883 1 yr. d/o Daniel & Catherine E. McCarthy, Mary Louisa d.May 29,1883 7 yrs d/o Daniel & Catherine E. McCarthy, Thomas d.Dec. 1879 85 yrs. First burial in cemetery McCarthy, William P. d. Dec. 9,1897 20 yrs.9m s/o Daniel & Catherine E. McCauley, Ellen d. Feb. 1880 w/o Francis McCauley McCormick, Mary d. Sep 29,1911,43 yrs.4 m. w/o William Gallaher McGloughlin, Johannah d. Aug. 29,1877 35 yrs. w/o John McGloughlin McGoldrick, Cath. d. Feb. 10,1890 w/o James McGuire McGoldrick, Mary 1835-1917 w/o Patrick McAweeny McGoldrick, Rose d. Jul. 22,1907 84 yrs. w/o Maurice Covey McGrath, Mary E. d. Jan. 6,1903 70 yrs. w/o Charle A. Kelley McGuire, Andrew d. Aug. 26,1884 77 yrs. n/o/o co. Ferm. McGuire, Ann d. Jan. 27,1890 41 yrs. McGuire, Bridget 1827-1886 w/o Michael Morrison McGuire, Edward d. Dec. 28,1898 57 yrs. h/o Mary Carey McGuire, Frances d. Nov. 3,1904 92 yrs. McGuire, James d. Aug. 20,1883 82 yrs. h/o Cath. McGoldrick n/o co.Ferm. McGuire, Jane 1827-1897 w/o Lawrence F. Loughlin McGuire, Rose d. Jul. 26,1904 68 yrs. McGuyness, Hugh s/o Thomas & Bridget Duffy McGuyness, Thomas 1812-1900 h/o Bridget Duffy McKenny, John J. d. Jan. 14,1909 25 yrs. McKenny, John Jos. d. Dec. 18,1880 24y 10m s/o Michael & Annie Gillice McKenny, Lewis Eugene d. Nov. 24,1890(11) s/o P.H. & Catherine E. McKenny, Michael d. Nov. 10,1899 79 yrs h/o Annie Gillice McMahon, Ellen d. Aug. 4,1880 w/o T. Tathford McMahon, John 1826-1910 h/o Margaret Kanary McMahon, John Jr. d. Sept. 20,1896 31 yrs. McMahon, Margaret d. Apr 13,1902 30 yrs. McMahon, Mary d. Dec. 15,1931 McMahon, Michael d. July 27,1883 22 yrs McMahon, Timothy d. July 22, 1892 32 yrs. McManus, Bernard d. March 15,1882 75 yrs. n/o co. Ferm. (?, Bridget) d. Mar. 22,1883 80 yrs. w/o Bernard McManus McManus, Bridget d. 1899 w/o Peter Brady Morrison, Ann Jane d. Feb.28,1882 28 yrs. Morrison, Ellen d. Oct.22,1880 17 yrs. Morrison, Michael 1821-1916 h/o Bridget McGuire Morrison, J. F. 1868-1932 Murphy, G. Laura 1890-1981 Murphy, John 1855-1939 Murphy, Mary A. 1857-1892 Murphy, Mrs. Jas. d. Apr 27, 1903 65 yrs. Murray, Abram 1869-1903 s/o Michael & Rose Leonard Murray, Denis 1873-1903 s/o Michael & Rose Leonard Murray, Michael 1815-Feb. 1880 Murray, Owen 1856-1906 Murray, Thomas 1898-1898 Oaks, Catherine 1855-1894 O'Brien, Joseph d. Sept. 24,1887 3 days s/o W. H. & M.J. O'Brien, Jeremiah d. Mar. 18,1888 97 yrs. h/o Norah King n/o Co. Cork O'Mera, ? 1811-1891 w/o Thomas Heenan Oulehan, M. d. Oct. 1,1876 2m.10 d. Patton, John d. May 8,1876 50 yrs Pegnam, Alice 1874-1932 d/o William & Alice Leonard Pegnam, Owen d. Jan 15,1899 34 yrs. s/o William & Alice Leonard Pegnam, William d. May 13,1903 76 yrs h/o Alice Leonard n/o co. Ferm Quigley, Patrick d. Oct. 4,1870 73 yrs. Quinlan, Hannah d. Sept. 18,1887 76 yrs. w/o Thomas Lillis Quinlan, Mary d. Aug. 13,1876 53 yrs. w/o James Carey Rathford, Michael d. Jan. 15,1868 s/o T. & Ellen McMahon Richardson, George d. Aug.20,1911 51 yrs. h/o Elizabeth Cook Rouhan, Mary 1832-1908 w/o Patrick Drum Rouhan, Patrick d. Aug. 10, 1882 56 yrs. h/o Ellen Drum Ryan, Marg't.Ann 1850-? w/o Wm.Thos. Loughlin Ryan, Patrick 1831-1893 h/o Bridget Carroll n/o Tipperary Ryan, William Aug 1864-Nov 1926 Shehan, Cath. d.Dec.2,1906 77 yrs. w/o Patrick Fitzmaurice n/o co. Kerry Snow, Ann d. Nov. 1,1880 75 yrs n/o co. Ferm Snow, John d. Jan. 14,1898 84 yrs. n/o co. Ferm. Somers, Patrick d. Nov.10,1902 82 yrs. Somers, P.J. d. Jan. 19,1902 43 yrs Tanning, Thos, h/o Mary Flood Tunney, Bridget 1858-1910 d/o James & Ellen Dunn Tunney, Hugh 1850-1882 s/o James & Ellen Dunn Tunney, James 1804-1894 h/o Ellen Dunn Walsh, Mary A. 1870-1958 second w/o Michael Drum Walsh, Rosella 1874-1888 d/o Thomas & Ann Kewin Walsh, Thomas d.Mar. 30,1913 91 yrs. Wickham, Catherine d.Feb. 14,1879 40 yrs. w/o Dennis Lilly

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