Looking for any information on Isaac PALMER, whose brother, Elisha PALMER, was born in Cramahe Township on 14 Sep 1799. His brother, George PALMER, married Phoebe DRAPER and had a child named Rhoda Ann PALMER. Also connected is Rufus PALMER. Isaac's father was William PALMER and was born in New York in 1773.
Any information on this family would be appreciated. Contact DanPalmer@juno.com

Dan PALMER, 11696 Falcon Ct. NE, Aurora, OR 97002  
Posted: 30 Nov 1997                             FINDER


1871 Ontario Census shows Joseph MIRON, age 59, a French harnessmaker, living in Murray Twsp. Birthplace (1813) was Quebec. He died in 1877. His children were Joseph MIRON, Jr. born Mar. 31, 1834 in Montreal, who married a Selina GAGNON in 1855, d. 1857, then he married Basilise DES JARDIN in 1859. Other children of Joseph, Sr. were Charles, a lumberman
of Ontario; Hattie, widow of Oliver COUTURE, of Upper Canada; Napoleon, a lime burner, of Trenton,Ontario; Aurelia; Sophia d. 1873 and Alphonso d. 1876. I am looking for the name of Joseph MIRON's wife, where they are buried, and who
Joseph's parents were. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Regina MIRON
Reply to:rmiron@up.net

Posted: 4 Dec 1997.                           TO FINDER


I am looking for Daniel FERGUSON from the early 1800's. Wife is Jane TWEED. Proably a Loyalist from NY, USA who settled in Murray, Northumberland Co., Ontario after the 1776 war. Children: Louisa A. FERGUSON, b. 09 September 1852.
Thank you, Joyce E. LUSCOMB


Posted 6 Dec 1997.25 Apr 1998                 TO FINDER


I am looking for Daniel YOUNG from early 1800's. Wife is Rebecca WEEKS. Probably a Loyalist from NY, USA who settled in Cramahe, Northumberland Co., Ontario after 1776. Children: George G. YOUNG b. 15 November 1845.
Thank you, Joyce E. LUSCOMB


Posted: 6 Dec 1997.                          TO FINDER


Seeking source for Catholic Marriage records in the Hastings Area that took place about 1840-1850. The earliest date of the Church records of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is 1847. I am finding the Baptismal records of ancestors baptised at Our Lady, but would like to know when their parent were married and if that marriage record would list the parents of the bride and groom. Any information would be appreciated.



Thank you, Dave KERNEY, Kane , PA
e-mail to:Kearney@ncentral.com
Posted: 25 Dec 1997                          TO FINDER



I am looking for anyone researching BRUNSON/BRONSON, MASTERS or TRIPPS, who settled in Cramahe and Percy Townships in about 1793.
Thank you, Karen E. BLACK

Reply to:
Karen E. Black, 61 Gilmour Ave., Toronto, Ontario, M6P 3AB, Canada

Posted: 27 Dec 1997                         TO FINDER


Looking for information on James Perley McLEAN, born in Hamilton about 1886, a US citizen, who returned to Massachusetts in early years. Many thanks - I"m just starting this search with not much info! -- Susan SYLSTRA
Please reply to:ssylstra@pacbell.net

Posted: 27 Dec 1997                                  TO FINDER


Who were parents of Samuel Brock EDSON (born 1815 or 1817), who married Sarah Sutherland PETERSON in Warkworth, Northumberland Co, and Turner EDSON (born 1820 Prince Edward Island)? Father supposed to have been born in Massachusetts; mother supposed to have been born in P.E.I. -- Thanks, Jay WRIGHT
Relpy to:jay.wright.law.79@aya.edu

Posted: 29 Dec 1997                                     TO FINDER



Searching for burial place of Mary HAUGHTON (1838-1875) wife of John HAUGTON. Also 2nd wife of JOHN (was), Thressa Jane BUCHANAN. -- Where was she born?
Reply to: M. HAUGHTON at haughms@falls.igs.net

Posted: 4 Jan 1998                                      TO FINDER



Searching for descendants or information on John TERRY, b. NY about 1780, resident of Murray Township and Cramahe Township sometime between 1815-1850. He married first, Sarah AVERY who died about 1831 and married second, Rhoda ATWELL about 1832.
Please reply to: Kathleen CALLANAN at mstephenson@trentu.ca

Posted: 4 Jan 1998                                       TO FINDER



I am trying to find info on McKAGUES in the area. My gggrandfather was George McKAGUES who married (2nd) Susan TOWER. The only info we have on him is a piece of paper that says Mariposa Ontario Canada. His oldest son by his second marriage, Joseph McKAGUE, was born in Canada in 1847, but no town or place is given. Older children: Rodney, Isaac, Will, Robert, Charles. Daughters Rosina or Rosanna, Clarissil, Julia and Esther may be from first marriage. Children Joseph, George, Mary, Maria and Lavina from second. Older boys were likely born in Scotland, Rodney and Isaac for sure, or Canada. OCFA list George Albert McKague, William McKague and Rosanna McKague buried in Baltimore United Cemetery in Hamilton, Northumberland County. Does anyone have any info on this family?
Please reply to: Patti LEAKE at leake@tranquility.net

Posted: 4 Jan 1998                                       TO FINDER


The McCRACKEN family settled in Alnwick Township about 1847. Wish to find descendants of the McCRACKEN's of Alnwick.
Please send info to: Thelma COLLENS at thelc@cgocable.net

Posted: 15 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


Wish to find descendants of MONTGOMERY family who settled first in Haldimand Township in the 1830's, then to Alnwick Township about 1850. Related to these families are: ROSS, KERR, ,LEACH, McCARL, GRAHAM, BANNON, HONEYWELL, FERGUSON and HAYWARD.
Please send info to : Thelma COLLENS at thelc@cgocable.net

Posted: 15 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


Need information on the following people: 1) George SPENCE and wife, Margaret, maiden name unknown who came from N. Ireland in 1840 to Kingston. 2) Children: Nancy, b. 1836 in Londonderry; Mary Rachel and Jane, all born circa 1840. Info needed on all.
Please respond to: Ken BROWN at klbinv@execpc.com

Posted: 17 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


Looking for information about Daniel LOUCKS, b. 1836 in Upper Canada, married Harriet GURNSEY, b. 1837 in Upper Canada. Daniel may be a son of Peter and Elizabeth LOUCKS. All lived in Seymour Township on Concession 12, Lot 19. Children of Daniel were Ira, Cornelius, and Mary Eliza (Mrs. Robert AKINS). Ira, b. 1868, married Emma JACOBS, daughter of James JACOBS who was b. 1836 England, d. 1919, buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery in Campbellford and of Eliza Ann GARDNER, who was b. 1840 in Upper Canada, d. 1928. The Jacobs lived in Seymour Township, Concession 13, Lot 20.
Any information is welcome. Most descendents are known, but no clue to ancestry. Thanks, Thomas A. TOMPKINS
Please reply to: ttompkin@microtec.net

Posted: 19 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


Hamilton Township: Seeking information about Charles McARTHUR, and wife, Harriet FISHER, who lived in Hamilton Township, at least 1852 - 1878. At least two sons, James McARTHUR and Mark McARTHUR who married Agnes BAPTIST on 11 Nov 1878 in Hamilton Township, are known to have resided in the township. Does anyone know of these families or of their descendants?
Please respond to: Beverly McArthur WOODS at: Bevzbase@aol.com

Posted: 27 Jan 1998.
To Finder


I am looking for information about the ancestors and descendents of Margaret CLUTE and John TOMPKINS, both of Murray Township who were married on April 9, 1828 by Rev. John GRIER. Any information on this family would be appreciated.

Please respond to Thomas TOMPKINS at: ttompkin@microtec.net

Posted: 29 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


PERCY Township:

I am looking for information on the CURTIS family who lived in Percy. Here is what is known: John C CURTIS, 1801-Feb 1882, married Lucretia ?, 1812-Jan 19, 1885. They had 8 children: Simeon, b. 1828; Comfort, b. 1832; Lucy, b. 1831 and married ? PURDY; Sally, b. 1833 and never married; Ransom, b. 1834; Prudence, b. 1841 and married G. A. PURDY; Thankful (Anna), b. 1842 and married ? MacPHERSON; and Sofrona, b. 1844.

A second family begins with: Thomas CURTIS, 1760-1777, b. US and married to Velonia (sp?), b. Onandage Co, NY. Their children: John, b. 1801, d. Feb 1882; Submit b. 1785 and married to Jeramiah SCRIPTURE; Stephen, b. 1848; Anna; Thankful; William; Phebe; Comfort, b. 1797, d. Mar 21, 1869; and Thomas.

Please reply to: Linda HERMAN at herman@erols.com
Snail-mail, if necessary, to: 1504 Birdwood Court, Crofton, MD 21114

Posted: 30 Jan 1998                        To FINDER


CRAMAHE Township:

In 1814 Harriet CRANDELL was born to Palmer and Deborah Palmer CRANDELL in Cramahe Twp. Harriet married John Wood COPP in Cramahe Township. It is believed that they were married in the Baptist Church in Cramahe as that was the church where John Wood Copp was a member. Does anyone know of any records that would serve as proof of the birth of Harriet and marriage of Harriet and John?

I am just beginning my Canadian research and am grasping at straws. I am trying to establish the connection of Deborah PALMER and Ebenzer PALMER of New York, who I believe is her father. Any help or guidance will be appreciated.

Please reply to: Glydie Ann Nelson at:Glydie@alaska.net

Posted: 30 Jan 1998; update: 31 Jan          To FINDER


Murray Township:

I am searching the parents of Anna Matilda WESSELS, b. ca 1805 in Northumberland County. Anna married Daniel C. COMSTOCK (of Smith's Corners) ca. 1821. Daniel and Anna migrated to Dane Co., WI ca 1851. Their known children are: Joseph, b. 1827 who married Almeda SCOTT; Solomon, b. 1831,

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