Looking for Samuel CONNELL and Eleanor KERR, (1853-1932), who were buried at Brighton.

Can you tell me which cemetery or any other information? Please contact: Rick ADAMS at radams@cancom.net
Posted: 5 Mar 1999.


I am researching ancestors in Northumberland County. The GALLAGHER and O'SULLIVAN families came from Ireland and settled in Campbellford in the 1850s. Joe, Cornelius and Dan O'SULLIVAN were farmers. Many of both families married into the FITZPATRICK family. Looking for any connections.

Please contact: Jeanne Richardson BALDWIN at alandjeanne@iquest.net
Posted: 6 Mar 1999.


I am researching ancestors who,reportedly, are buried in Russ Cemetery of Haldimand Township, Northumberland County. Can anyone verify the burials of the following:
John GRAHAM, 1824-1905, and Hannah German GRAHAM, - 1876, for me?

Please contact: Gail RALLS at GLRalls@aol.com
Posted: 10 Mar 1999.


I am searching for the marriages of two ancestors in Northumberland County. David ERWIN reportedly married Elizabeth ARNETT about 1840. Can anyone confirm this marriage?

Martha ERWIN, sister of David, reportedly married between 1832-1840. Has anyone seen a marriage for her? The ERWINs lived in Coburg/Port Hope and were Irish. Can David ERWIN be found in the 1842 census?

Please contact: Bob Moore at rmoore@wwdc.com
Posted: 10 Mar 1999.


I am researching ancestors, Thomas SEWARD and his wife, Elizabeth. Their children are: Anthony, Sarah, Catherine, Elizabeth and Robert. The family lived in Brighton Township, Northumberland County. Does anyone know this family?

Please contact: Ken SEWARD at ken.seward@ns.sympatico.ca
Posted: 10 Mar 1999.


I am researching Seth Burr GOULD Sr. and his wife, Hanna SAGER. They married on 6 August 1799 in or near Cramahe Township. She is listed as b. 10 Jun 1781 and d. 2 July 1846. I have no information on their parents. I saw on the Northumberland County web page a listing for a John SAGER in Murray Township. Could he be the father or brother of Hannah SAGER, wife of Seth Burr GOULD?

Anyone with information on this line, or wanting information on my other GOULD or related lines, please contact me via the internet or by mail. Scott Gould DICKINSON at scottd@eng.sun.com or scottsworth@yahoo.com
Scott Gould Dickinson, 1008 Connie Drive, Campbell, CA 95008 USA
Posted: 22 Mar 1999.


Can anyone tell me how accurate the Canadian Ontario Census are? My great grandfather was born in Brighton Township in 1852. There is only one family in this location at this time. I just got my hands on the 1861 census for the county and it did not include his name. He had a brother named Robert who was part of this BULLOCK family. The father is Charles, mother is Elizabeth. The 1861 cenus names them and a sister, Sarah, Caroline and another brother, Charles. My great grandfather was Carl Carlisle BULLOCK, b. 1852, d. 1934. Sometimes he was known as C. C. BULLOCK, but the census does not list him.

Please contact: Merriam WHITE at merriam@sprintmail.com
Posted: 22 Mar 1999.


I am researching Hamilton area: POWERS, Thomas POTTS and Susan (Elizabeth) WEGG; Looking for descendants of them and/or their children; Inez, Stanley and Ethel. They still lived there in the 1970's.

Please contact: Leigh Ann SMITH at gpeachlas@netzero.net
Posted: 22 Mar 1999.


I am attempting to piece together my mothers parent's families. These will be the ancestors of Robert BROWN, b. 1875 and d. 1946, who married Agnes KINGHORN at Port Hope in 1911. They raised five children.

Robert BROWN's father was Levi William BROWN, b. 17 Oct 1835, but may have used the name BRUN, BRUNNE or BRAUN. He may have been German in origin. He married Mary HEWSON.

Robert's wife is Agnes KINGHORN who came from Stalwart, MI. Her sister, Jennie KINGHORN married a William George BROWN, b. 1869, d. 1964 in Port Hope. There is a total of 10 siblings in the KINGHORN family. Robert BROWN and Agnes KINGHORN BROWN are at rest at Union Cemetery in Port Hope.

If you have any small insight or story to share related to these family origins, or the families they generated, please contact me at: Skip GOTTFRIED at witan1@aol.com
URL: http://members.aol.com/skipsteins
Updated: 15 April 1999.


The parents of John William INSLEY were John and Fanny [Osborne] INSLEY. John is buried in Asphodel Twp, Peterbrough Co, but Fanny is buried in Percy Twp. The apparent reason for this is she lived as a widow with her son John William INSLEY, a barber in Warkworth and died there 30 Oct 1895. I have checked the OCFA and cannot find the place of her interment or burial. Can anyone help me on this?

Please contact: Mike MURPHY at morchoe@recorder.ca
Posted: 22 Mar 1999.


Back in 1856, a family by the name of CUMMINGS had a son, Charles Napier. He said he was born in Oak Hills near Warkworth. In 1883 that son emigrated to Chicago, IL.

The father was Scotish and said to play the bagpipes, but possibly came from the US. I can't seem to locate the father or his wife (DAVIS) whose brother was Samual Emory DAVIS, b. 1763. Can anyone help me with researching Percy Township and the whereabouts of CUMMINGs?

Please contact: Janet Cummings REAVES at Janroses@aol.com
Posted: 25 Mar 1999.


I am searching for my great grandfather, Samuel H. EDGECOMBE. He was born in Cobourg, Northumberland County, Ontario on 24 November 1850. I do not know who his parents are, or if he had any brothers and sisters. Help!

Please contact: Florence at florence@infowest.com
Posted: 29 Mar 1999.


Daniel COUCH, born in Hastings County, Ontaria and died in 1879 at Murray Township. He married Ann Powers DeGROFF, b. 1831, on December 29, 1845 in Ontario.

Please contact: Tina Tenkula at tenkula@mondent.com
Posted: 29 Mar 1999.


Robert BURKELL and his wife, Agnes HOUSTON had the following children: Ann m. ?; Hannah m. Edward Scarlett; George m. Eliza HUNTER; Isabela m. ?; Betsy m. Ira BRISBIN; William m. Mary Eliza RANKIN; and John m. Sarah HIBBERT. In the 1861 census of Hamilton Township, Robert and George owned a blacksmith shop and were manufacturing wagons, buggies and sleighs, and hired 6 men to do this work. Any more information on the family would be appreciated.

Please contact: Ray BURKELL at rburkell@connected.bc.ca
Posted: 29 Mar 1999.


Looking for John and Catherine VILNEFF whose son, James Sheppard VILNEFF resided in Northumberland County. Some of his children were born in Seymour/Belmont Township. If you know anything about the VILNEFF name, please contact me.

Also looking for Chris THOMPSON who married Deliah "May" VILNEFF. If you are or know of descendents of these people, I'd like to hear from you.

Please contact: Pavel MOKROS at pavel.mokros@sympatico.ca
Posted: 15 April 1999.


I would like to know if anyone has information on Moses MOORE, born 11 February 1820 in Cramahe, Ontario. He was Methodist and his wife was named Esther. I believe Patrick MOORE died in 1855 and is buried in Lakeport Cemetery. He is the son of Moses MOORE, I believe.

Please contact: Sheila HILL at shill@wcl.on.ca
Posted: 15 April 1999.


My GGGrandfather, John WRIGHT, b. 1796 in Ireland passed through the Troy, NY area. His spouse is Sophia DRAPER, b. 1796 and was Dutch. They moved to Ontario in 1836, to Mt. Forest, Ontario in 1848. They had 4 sons and one daughter born in NY, a daughter Pheobe born ONT 1840. We have no record of family whereabouts in 1836-1848.

The Cramahe Twp census for 1804/1848 shows a John WRIGHT family of 5, tinsmith, nonproprietor living at Lot 32, Con. 2, Colbourne Village. Can anyone tell me if this John WRIGHT may be the same as above?

Would be grateful for any info or suggestions. Please contact: Keith ALDERSON of Thamesford, Ontario at ialderson@odyssey.on.ca
Posted: 15 April 1999.


Searching for any information about my ancestors, Jacob BURNHAM, b. 1805 in Haldiman Township, Northumberland Co and died 1892 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co., MI. He married Nancy BROWN, b. 1810 in Brockville, Ontario who died 1871 in St. Louis. Jacob's father was Nathan BURNHAM, b. 1774 in New Hampshire, USA, who died 1831 in Haldiman Township. He married Joanna FURGUSON in 1798 in Haldiman Township, Northumberland County. They had several children.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please contact: V. HEIM at VHeim54831@aol.com
Posted: 18 April 1999.

CARR Cemetery of Cramahe

We are searching for the Lot and Concession number for the CARR Cemetery in Cramahe Township, Northumberland Co in hopes of finding the gravestones of ancestors.

Can you help? Please contact: Georgi SILLS in Abbotsford, BC at vsills@dowco.com
Posted: 18 April 1999.

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