Looking for information on the parents and family of Edward MACKLIN and Robert MACKLIN of Haldiman Township during the early days of the settlement.

Any information would be helpful. Please contact: Michelle JOHNSTON at j.michelle@excite.com
Other names of interest: PIERREPONT, PROVINS, JOHNSTON
Posted: 18 April 1999.


These people immigrated to Northumberland County from Co. Wicklow, Ireland between 1846 - 1850. I would love to hear from any of their descendants.

Please contact: Joan R. HOPKINS at jhopkins@island.net
Posted: 19 April 1999.


Trying to find information on my great-grandfather, Charles Howard UNDERHILL, b. 1815 in London, England. He emigrated to Cobourg area. He married Harriet PORTER and then moved to the Seneca Falls, NY, USA area. Their children are: Louisa, Lavinia, Howard Charles and Harriet.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Please contact: Bettylou LONG at Willylong@aol.com
Posted: 20 April 1999.


John LINTON, born 1799, Ireland; died 3 Dec 1874 at Cobourg, Northumberland Co, Ontario. He married 1820 in Ireland to Jane Hannah ?, who was born 1801 in Ireland. She died, probably after 1881 in Cobourg. The came to Ontario from Ireland ca 1829. Want information on their ancestry, where they lived in Ireland and the date and place of arrival in Canada.

Please contact: Patricia MILLER at miller@bclinks.net
Posted: 23 April 1999.


Looking for an ancestor named TEAL or TIEL, who is said to have lived in Brighton Township for many years and all his children were born there. It is also said that he is buried in the McPHAIL Cemetery near Wooler. He is said to have died in 1870 and possibly was of German descent. They owned 55 acres of land designated as E 1/2 Lot 23, Conc. 4, Brighton Township.

Can you give me a clue as to where I might find these Cemetery records? This ancestor, we believe, was born in Hamburg, Germany on or about 1799. Please contact: Joanne PETERS at pjpl@nidlink.com
Posted: 23 April 1999.


Searching for information of our grandfather, William Joseph DUNN, b. 4 April 1893 at Campbellford, Ontario.

He and his siblings were place in an Orphanage, circa 1900-1903. In 1903 we found him as a Home Boy in the family of Henry Smith in Ashworth (near Huntsville), Muskoka District, Ontario. Family legend says the parents died in a fire. William reportedly found one of his sisters, Miss Nellie RITTENHOUSE, later in life.

We have searched many, many documents, but need HELP! now. Were there any local orphanages in or near Campbellford around 1900 that were named BERNADO? Does anyone have knowledge of the Campbellford history around 1900-1903 that might reveal the tragedy that befell this DUNN family? Do Guardianship registers for the County of Northumberland exist? Any help would be greatly appreciated in solving the origins of William DUNN.

Please contact: Christine DUNN at ctdunn@telusplanet.net
Posted: 23 April 1999.


Searching for information on Peter Duncan COCKBURN, born 1860, married Jane INSLEY, born 1861 and married February 19, 1881. Place of marriage at Warkworth, Northumberland Co.

They had one son that I know of, a George Cockburn, born 1882. I would like to find out if they had more children and their names and dates of birth.

Please contact: Michael P. MURPHY at morchoe@recorder.ca
Posted: 5 May 1999.


Searching for information on Nelson WERDEN and his wife, Jane OUELLETT or WILLETT, who lived in Brighton in 1836 where their son, Wm Henry WERDEN was born. The family had fourteen children, but only eight children are known to me: Edward, b. 1825; Angeline, b. 1829; David, b. 1831; Alonzo, b. 1834; Melissa, b. 1839; Henry, b. abt 1843; and Mary Jane, b. 1844.

Any information will be helpful. Please contact: Deborah WERDEN of Port Huron, MI at debgene@ameritech.net
Posted: 9 May 1999.


Searching for information on Hardin EDDY, b. 1796 USA, and his wife, Nancy PURDY, who settled on a farm between Eddystone and Vernonville in Haldimand Township in 1825. They had 12 children, including Bayse EDDY, b. 1842.

Any information will be helpful. Please contact: Sheila EDDY at deddy@telusplanet.net
Posted: 9 May 1999.


Would like to correspond with other descendants of Edward KEATING, b. 10 Feb 1820 to James KEATING and his wife, Ann BARNES. Edward died 3 Nov 1909 after living for 50 years in Campbellford. He and his wife are listed in the 1848 census of Murray Township and the 1861 census of Campbellford.

Please contact: Phyllis READ at pjread@istar.ca
Posted: 9 May 1999.


Searching for information on Charles Howard UNDERHILL , b. 1815 in London, England who emigrated to Cobourg and married his wife, Harriet PORTER. Later, the relocated to Seneca Falls, NY, USA area. Their children were Louisa, Lavinia, Howard Charles and Harriet.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Please contact: Bettylou LONG at Willylong@aol.com
Posted: 9 May 1999.


Is anyone researching the FITZGERALD's or MITCHELL's of Murray? My GGrandmother, Barbara Ellen FITZGERALD, daughter of James, granddaughter of Thomas married Ephraim MITCHELL.

Anyone else researching this family? Please contact: Jim HARDY at jmh@campana.com
Posted: 9 May 1999.


The COUCH family moved from Lanark in the late 1850's and were listed in the 1861 census for Seymour Township. I am looking for information on the family and specifically on the following two children that were born in Northumberland: William James COUCH, born 28 Aug 1862, Margaret COUCH, born 1863.

I am also looking for information as to the death of Arthur COUCH, born about 1780. I suspect he died and was buried somewhere in Northumberland County. According to the 1861 census, we have: Arthur COUCH, ag. 85; Richard COUCH, ag. 40; Margaret COUCH (WILSON), ag. 38; Henry COUCH, ag. 10; Arthur COUCH, ag. 8; Jane COUCH, ag. 6; Elisa, ag. 4; and Martha COUCH, ag. NR.

Please contact: Couch Researcher at couch@connection.com
Posted: 11 May 1999.


I have a Bible that was apparently owned by Alonzo JOHNSON of Northumberland. Other JOHNSON's listed are Sampson, Bathsheba, Charles and Clarence. Dates are from 1780 - 1812.

If interested, please contact: Tom at tcd@aloha.net
Posted: 11 May 1999.


I am looking for anyone else researching the McCARTHY family who came to Hastings village in 1852. Patrick and his wife Catherine TIERNEY arrived with possibly 11 children. Their 12th, Matthew was born a year after their arrival and named after Catherine's younger brother Matthew Tierney who had emigrated to the area with his parents. He had a brother John and Michael living in the area in 1871, possibly a Terrance listed in Murray township. There may have also been a Jeremiah, whose son Michael married in St. Catherines area in 1871. Several of Patrick and Catherine's children moved away between 1860 and 1890. Daniel McCARTHY to St. Catherines area c1880, David followed him there in 1890. Patrick McCARTHY,Jr. moved to Auburn as did his sister Mary who married Peter SHAW of Syracuse. They were there in 1902 when their mother died at the age of 80 in Hastings. John who married Ellen McCAREY, daughter of Thomas McCAREY. They had a daughter Ellen McCARTHY in 1864 and who was orphaned and living with her mother's parents (McCarey's) in 1871. Ellen's brother John McCAREY may have married John's sister, Catherine McCARTHY. There was a John CAREY, carriage maker in the village in the 1890's. Matthew Tierney as a shoe maker and had a large family. Michael had a daughter Maggie who married a Howard and moved to Toledo before the turn of the century.

Please contact Barbara SCOTT at bmscott@csolve.net
Posted: 31 May 1999

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