Looking for any information on the PETTIGREW family from Cobourg. Specifically any family members and especially ancestors of Catherine PETTIGREW, b 1857, Cobourg, daughter of Robert and Sarah Pettigrew, who married Isaac Edmond BOOMER in Toronto, York, CAN on Aug 29, 1883 son of Richard and Mary Boomer, probably from Nova Scotia. Witnesses at the wedding: Caroline PETTIGREW and Frederick William ROSS. Only one son from the marriage Roy Edmund BOOMER , b 1884, Toronto, York, CAN. Isaac and Catherine PETTIGREW BOOMER eventually came to Detroit, MI. Isaac was a builder by trade and a Congregationalist by religion. Catherine is listed on the marriage record as a Methodist. Isaac was over 6'2" tall and Catherine was very petite, supposedly with bright red hair. This is a dead end line for me and I'd appreciate any help, hints, clues.

Respond to Julia Boomer at RBoomer@compserv.net
Posted: 17 June 1999


Can you please tell me where I should write to ask about two burials in Seymour, Northumberland?

My ggrandfather James ARCHER, 53, English, is shown on the 1871 Census as living on Concession 6, part lot 8 (5 acres) of Seymour, Northumberland.

I have found information, through the OCFA, on a James ARCHER buried in West's, Northumberland, Seymour, KW-N1716.

James' wife is listed on the census as Margaret, 39, born in Scotland. There is a Margaret ARCHER in Burnbreae/St. Andrew Presbyterian, Northumberland, Seymour, KW-N1714.

It is just possible that these may be the ones I need. I would be happy to pay whatever fee is necessary for someone to find further information on these two burials.

Hope you can help me. Please respond to: Joy Ann PARKER of Midland, Ontario at minidoll@csolve.net
Visit my site: Miniature Dolls, Kits, Sewing & Knitting Patterns http://www.csolve.net/~minidoll and Molds for Miniatures at http://www.miniature.net/johnsmolds
Posted: 18 June 1999


Looking for documentation on the marriage of my great-grandfather: Isidore GROSJEAN married Elizabeth LOBB, 1851-52, Northumberland County, possibly Haldimand or Hamilton Township.

Please reply to: Frank GROSHAW of Guelph, ON at fgroshaw@uoguelph.ca
Posted: 19 June 1999


Would like to exchange information with individuals that are researching their family ties to the above listed families of Northumberland County.
GGGG grandparents: James HIGH and his wife, Mary Ann RUMSBY had 14 children: John, James (my GGG grandfather), William, Robert, George, Alexander, Charolette (b 1849 d1856), Sarah, Isabella, Mary Ann, Edward, Margaret, Joshua and Charolette (b1865). Note: Mary Ann was the daughter of Robert HEMSTEAD and Charolette __?___ James HIGH and his wife, Caroline Ann Victoria WEBB had 7 children: James Isaac (my gg grandfather), Thomas, Emma, Susan, Martha, Caroline and Hannah. Note: I haven't been able to identify Caroline's parents' names (yet)

James Isaac HIE and his wife Mary Jane HARRIS had 17 children: Lillian (my great grandmother), James, Carrie, Richard, John, Emma, Elsie, Stanley, Annie, Roy, Clarence, Mary Jane, Rubyleen, Blanche, Pearl, Mildred and Lyle. Note: Mary Jane was the daughter of Henry HARRIS and Elizabeth __?___ HARRIS STREET.

I have a few very old photos of some of these relatives. Would love to exchange for copies of others along with information for any relatives of above listed people. Please respond to: Ms. Kem K. HART of VA at ptownpest@aol.com
3528 Shelton Road
Portsmouth, VA USA
Posted: 19 June 1999


Seeking information about marriage and first husband to my great grandmother, Lillian L. HIE: born Oct. 27, 1884 in Cobourg, Hamilton Township. She was the eldest of 17 children born to James Isaac HIE and Mary Jane HARRIS. Her first husband was Milo COVERINGTON (COVINGTON); they married Sept. 16, 1903 in Baltimore, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County. They had one son, Howard born to them (birthdate unknown).

Would like to exchange information with individuals who has knowledge of or family ties with the above listed individuals. Please respond to: Ms. Kem K. Hart at ptownpest@aol.com
3528 Shelton Road
Portsmouth, VA U.S.A.
Posted: 19 June 1999


Looking for information on a John and Jane Robison PARK who moved to the area from Scotland in the early 1800's Do know that their son William PARK was born in this town Nov. 22. 1837 William PARK Married Elizabeth Anne BESWETHERICK Auhust 10, 1859 then moved to The United States and settled in Nebraska 1871.

Please respond to: Mary PARK at fairlane@lisco.net
Posted: 19 June 1999

From - Thu Jun 17 07:16:18 1999 Return-path:


I looking for information on my grandfather and greatgrandfather who lived at Port Granby and in Port Hope. My grandfather named was William Bruce COTTER and my great grandfather name was Patrick COTTER. Any information that you could give me would be greatly appreciated as we are having a Cotter family reunion on July l0th.

Reply to: Rusty at ldtaylor@netcom.ca
Posted: 19 June 1999


Seeking information on family of Thomas Sullivan HENRY, born Prince Edward Island 1878, living Hamilton in 1935. Thanks for any help

Reply to: Jenny Louise REDEDEN at JennyLouiseRedden@worldnet.att.net
Posted: 19 June 1999


I am trying to find out about the PALMER and SIM families. The Palmers lived in Wooler and were part of the Friends Church and are buried there. The Sim family are buried in the family plot in Salem United Church along with two children in Colborne. Where is the best place to obtain information on the families? I do have the cemetery register ISBN # but don't know where to get copies of the records. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be going to Toronto this summer and plan to visit the cemeteries but would like to obtain paper copies of the information contained on the grave markers etc. I do live in So Calif. so I need to do a lot of search on the Internet and not everything is accessible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Reply to: Sherry TERO at at cmebebize@aol.com
Posted: 19 June 1999


John and Jane MANEY, my great great grandparents, lived in Brighton or Cramahe Townships at Morganston. Their daughter Rebecca Jane MANEY married Horatio Nelson HUFF, b. Morganston. Horatio had a half-brother named John James BROCK.

JOHN JAMES BROCK Born Mar 25, 1953
JOHN A BROCK Born 1822

Do you have any information on this family? I would be most grateful for anything, I am seeking Horatio Nelson Huff's father, among other things. Contact: Cheryl VIGER at TOPSEY1979@aol.com
Posted: 17 August 1999


I am looking for information about John McKENZIE and Mary Ann THIRD. I believe they were both from Scotland and married in Burnabrae, Seymour, Northumberland on 1 May 1845.

Can anyone help me with information about this family and their origins? Please contact: Pat WEBB at PDWebbFamily@msn.com
Posted: 17 August 1999


Searching for information and descendants of Carney HINDS,and his sons, Daniel and Frederick HINDS, b. 1787 in U.S.. Settled in Hamilton Township in early 1800's. Please contact: Stan JOHNSON at stan_johnson@transcanada.com
Posted: 17 August 1999


Ichabod B. WARDEN is listed as 34 years old in 1828 militia list of 8th Co Northumberland (so born ~1794). Also, Ichabod WARDEN Nominal Index RG 5, B 47 vol 5 entry#94 says he was Naturalized in 1836 in Northumberland Co. In the1848 census, Echibod WORDEN is listed in Murray Twp on p194. Does anyone know more about him? Please contact: Deborah WORDEN at debgene@ameritech.net
Posted: 1 Sept 1999


In the1848 census there is a Charles WORDEN of Murray Twp listed on p210. I think he is the son of Elias WORDEN and Jerusha TOPPING. Does anyone claim this man and know more? Please contact: Deborah WORDEN at debgene@ameritech.net
Posted: 1 Sept 1999


In the 1850 census the following appears:

Catherine WERDEN, Newcastle District, Murray, p243
Charles P WERDEN, Newcastle District, Murray, p313
Franklin WORDEN, Cramahe, p61 con 2 lot 28
Is anyone related to these WORDENS? I do research on all WARDEN/WERDEN/WORDEN and have a large database. I will share with anyone that has interest. Please contact: Deborah WORDEN at debgene@ameritech.net
Posted: 1 Sept 1999


Looking for information regrading Jacob VANALSTINE (son of Lambert ) and his wife, Catharine of Grafton, Haldimand Twp. Jacob apparently operated a tavern 1833 - 1843 at the four corners in Grafton. Any information re. Jacob and his wife Catharine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ray SPENCER at spencerr@efni.com
Posted: 1 Sep 1999

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