I would be appreciative of any information on descendants of Samuel INGHAM and his wife, Elizabeth ELLENOR, who emigrated to the Cobourg area and settled in Roseneath circa 1840. Ella Susanna INGHAM, (1891-1982), is a grandmother to me.

Reply to: Connie McCANN-WILKES at kwilkes@travel-net.com

Posted: 26 Mar 1998,                 To FINDER


ALNWICK Township:

I am interested in descendants of Jeremiah LAPP, whose son, Samuel LAPP, married Katherine KELLER. They lived in Alnwick Township. A later Jeremiah LAPP married Susannah MERRIAM. Would love information on the MERRIAM family. I am a direct descendant.

Reply to: Connie McCANN-WILKES at kwilkes@travel-net.com

Posted: 26 Mar 1998,                 To FINDER


ALNWICK Township:

The MASSEY family are my ancestors. Betsy MASSEY who married Jonathan MERRIAM was a daughter of the first Daniel MASSEY who settled in this area, and a sister to Daniel MASSEY of the Massey-Harris tractor fame. Any family facts will be appreciated. Information on the MERRILL family would also be appreciated.

Reply to: Connie McCANN-WILKES at kwilkes@travel-net.com

Posted: 26 Mar 1998,                 To FINDER


Searching for information on the family of Marjorie Myrtle HUNTER-BROWNING-SOMERSCALE, who died July 19, 1977. She was living in Brighton. Her children were: Edward BROWNING, John F. BROWNING, James BROWNING, Mrs. Louis (Barbara) MARIER and Mrs. Frank (Cathy Ann) COLTHARD.
I am searching my HUNTER family lines and would appreciate any help finding Marjorie's children. Thank you.

Reply to: Michael HUNTER at WitchHouse@aol.com

Snail-Mail: Michael Hunter, 102 Wayne Hunter Road, Waddington, New York 13694-3139

Posted: 5 April 1998,                          To FINDER


Seeking info on the SHANNON or SHANAHAN family who left Ireland for Canada and the US -- first with the Peter Robinson Expedition in 1825 -- others followed, some to Canada and others to US.

Reply to: Fred Shanahan SHANNON at fshan@northernet.com

Snail-Mail: Fred Shanahan Shannon, 1331 NW 9th Street, Grand Rapids, MINNESOTA 55744

Posted: 8 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I am looking for a LEONARD family who moved from Grenville County in the 1860's or 1870's to Northumberland County, Hamilton Township, and possibly in the town of Cobourg. The family then moved on to Simcoe County in the 1870's or 1880's. I would appreciate exchanging notes with any LEONARD family researcher who knows the history of the Leonard's in the Northumberland County. Thanks.

I can be contacted at: woodhan@mars.ark.com

Dan WOODROW of Womox, British Columbia, Canada--Researching: Newfoundland- WOODROW; Ontario- MCKEON, MCKEOWN, McEWEN, LEONARD; England- HANCOCK, KEMBLE, WOODROW.

Posted: 8 April 1998,                          To FINDER


On the 1851 Census of Cramahe Township there is one Widow Eunice SPENCER, living with her single son, Henry Korah SPENCER, 36 years; others living in the household are: Catherine ?, William SPENCER and his family, Caleb SPENCER and his family. I am a descendant for Henry and am looking for information on his parents. He married Mary GOHEEN around 1857.

Please contact me at: PA2730@aol.com

or at 2730 West 7460 South, West Jordan, UT 84084. Thank you, Andrea CARTER.

Posted: 9 April 1998,                          To FINDER



Seeking the Obituary from the Campbellford Newspaper for George WARD, Hotel hostler, who died 24 February 1914 from a stroke. Can anyone locate a copy of the Obituary or news article for me?

Please respond to: Gina at gmccaslin@compusmart.ab.ca

Posted: 8 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I would like to hear from anyone interested in William & George FARR, who emmigrated from Hampshire, England in 1844 to Northumberland county. I have many photographs and much information to share.

Contact: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm or Snail Mail:
Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

Posted: 14 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I would like to hear from anyone interested in the WELLWOOD families who settled in Northumberland county. circa 1830. I have much information to share.

Contact: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm or Snail Mail:
Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

Posted: 14 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I would like to hear from anyone interested in Charles DAWSON from Scotland who settled in Northumberland county 1839.

Contact: Wendy McLeod at wmcleod@ibl.bm or Snail Mail:
Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

Posted: 14 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I would like to hear from anyone interested in William RUSSELL from Scotland who settled in Northumberland county 1835.

Contact: Wendy McLEOD at wmcleod@ibl.bm or Snail Mail:
Wendy McLeod, Hinson's Island, Box HM 722, Bermuda HM CX

Posted: 14 April 1998,                          To FINDER


If anyone has information on the following family, I would appreciate hearing from you.

David BEDFORD, born abt 1785 in Yorkshire, England; died 12 September 1854 in Hope Township, Durham County, Ontario. he was the son of James BEDFORD and Mary ?. He m1. Frances ELLISON 9 Jan 1810 in Barnby Dun, Yorkshire, England. He m2. Ann MARSHALL about 1837 in Ontario. Profession was a Farmer. Children of David and Frances include: 1) Mary BEDFORD, b. 17 May 1810, Kirk Bramwith, Yorkshire, England; d. 16 Aug 1818 in Barnby Dun; 2) Robert BEDFORD b. 13 Apr 1812 in Kirk Bramwith, d. 11 Aug 1882 in Hope Township, Durham Co, Ontario, m. Mary Ann MARSHALL abt 1838 in Hope Township; 3) James BEDFORD and Joseph BEDFORD who died in infancy in England.

The child of David BEDFORD and Ann MARSHALL was David BEDFORD, b. abt 1837 in Hope Township, d. 5 Mar 1862 in Hope Township, married Jane VANATTA about 1857 Hope Township.

Contact: Kerri JAMES at kjames@ism.ca

Posted: 20 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I am seeking the parents of Mary Ann DRINKWATER, born in Haldimand, September 12, 1823. She married, in Rochester, New York to Isaac Newton FLANAGAN, who was from Vermont. I do not know anything about her parents except the possibility her father was from Scotland. I believe Mary Ann was a Methodist. I have found a few DRINKWATERs in the later Haldimand censuses, but can't make the connection. Isaac and Mary Ann lived in several places in New York and Ontario during their early marriage, including Haldimand and Pickering.

Contact: Bill RALPH at wralph@nmu.edu

Posted: 24 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I am seeking information regarding the HICKS family who lived in Colbourne in the early 1840's and in Casteleton in the 1850's and finally moved to Percy Village.

The senior family member, John HICKS arrived into Ontario between 1840 and 1844. By 1846, he was in Colbourne, where his son, John Martin HICKS was born. John, the Senior married Mary SMITH, nee RICHARDS between 1850 and 1855, and moved to Castleton and later to Percy Village. Are you a descendant of John HICKS? Do you know of this family and can share information and documents? I have further names and details to share.

Which Newspapers serve these areas? Where can I find Parish Records, Land Records or other Govt Records for these areas?

Contact: William HICKS at WHicks1070@aol.com

Posted: 25 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I would like to hear from anyone with information on William Dinsmore HASKELL or HASKILL. He was born in 1788 in Lancaster, Worcester, Massachussetts and came to Port Hope with his parents, Nathaniel and Abigail after the Revolution. He apparently was a township official in Port Hope. I need to confirm his death of 8 Dec 1828. No info on his family has been found, as yet. Can you help?

Contact: Carol QUIRK at cquirk@arch.apana.org.au

Posted: 25 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I am seeking information regarding the PLEDGER, WESSELS and KELLOR families who lived in Northumberland County in the late 1830's and early 1840's.

Eleanor PLEDGER, was born in Murray Township in 1842. She is the daughter of Charles PLEDGER who was b. 1805 in England and Phoebe WESSELS. Who were Pheobe's parents? Was Charles married previously or was Pheobe his first wife? Eleanor married Charles Bestor KELLOR, b. 1836, perhaps in Prince Edward county. The KELLOR family moved to Wisconsin where a son, Charles Adrian KELLOR, was born in 1870 in. Do you know these families?

The family story passed on through many iterations is that a large group of settlers from Northumberland County came to Dane County, Wisconsin in the mid-late 1850s, either together or in close succession. I am interested in contacting any researchers or descendants of these families. VANTASSEL, BURGESS, BELL, GILLETT, SHERWOOD, HAIGHT,etc.

Contact: Eileen KELLOR at ekellor@home.com

Posted: 26 April 1998,                          To FINDER


I am seeking information on parents and ancestors of Richard Douglas BARKER, son of Richard James BARKER, 1893-1963, farmer, and Ethel Marguerite POTTS, b 1897-1980, both buried at Orillia, ONT. Ethel, born in Trenton, is the daughter of Francis POTTS, (Jr.), b. 1860 and Charlotte LAWLER, b. 1862, while Francis POTTS, (Jr.) is the son of Francis POTTS, (Sr). and Huldah ?. Francis POTTS, (Jr.) and Charlotte LAWLER were married in Frankford, Sidney Township, Hastings County in 1882. Charlotte is the daughter of Joseph and Phoebe LAWLER. Ethel had a sister, Alice [POTTS] AYERS.

The children of Richard James BARKER/Ethel POTTS include: Richard Douglas BARKER, Herbert James BARKER, Pauline (BARKER) CORKUM, and Margaret (BARKER) ORMAN. I have a birth certificate for Richard, born March 12, 1923 in Brighton Township.

The informant for young Richard's birth certificate was Mrs. Geo. LAWSON and the attending physician was H. C. RUNDLE. Can anyone direct me to resources which will give me information on AYERS, POTTS or BARKER families or any of the above individuals?

Contact: Jane VandeBerg at JVB56@aol.com

Updated: 11 Aug 1998,                          To FINDER

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