I am seeking information about John Luce MARTIN, b. 24 January 1858 in Jersey Channel Island, England. He married Maria Jane COUTANCHE on 9 October 1879 in the islands and left for Brighton, Ontario, Canada sometime after 1903. They are buried in St. George's Anglican Cemetery in Trenton, Ontario. Maria Jane died in 1959. They had 14 children, all born on Jersey Channel Island, but most of them came to Canada with their parents.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Stephanie COWDEN at scowden@anet-dfw.com

Posted: 30 April 1998,                          To FINDER


Interested in any and all information, to add to my collection, about the HARRIS families in Ontario. I am currently researching my husband's family tree. His great-x5-grandfather was a brother to Myndert HARRIS's grandfather. Thomas and Miriam HARRIS had 8 children and Myndert came from Thomas' oldest son, William, b. 1693 and my husband's line comes from his second son, Joseph (Joshua), b. 1694 in Connecticut, USA. Hoping to hear from someone soon.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Heather HARRIS of Nova Scotia, Canada at tiger@ns.sympatico.ca

Posted: 2 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am seeking information on George Charles BOSWELL, born 13 July 1857 at Cobourg, Ontario, son of Augustus George BOSWELL and Caroline Arabella BUCK. In particular, am interested in marriage information and whether it is known if he ever returned to Cobourg following his June 1875 NWMP enlistment at Winnepeg. Please feel free to contact me in event you are looking for information on the BOSWELLS of Cobourg. I have a good bit of genealogical and historical information on this early Cobourg family.

Regards, Dennis K. BOSWELL of 301 Crow Canyon Drive, Folsom, CA 95630-2057, USA; e-mail: dennisb@primenet.com, Call: (916)-987-3599 (VM) or (916-)-987-3555 (no VM)

Posted: 6 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am researching NELSON and ORMISTON families. My grandfather Robert NELSON married Jennat ORMISTON in 1871 and following her death in 1878, married her sister, Catharine in 1879, both events apparently taking place in Cobourg. parents of Jennat and Catharine were Peter ORMISTON and Margaret NELSON. Would appreciate any help on tracing these lines.

My brother, Earle NELSON, resides at 75 Doxsee Ave., Box 884, Campbellford, K0L 1L0.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Gerald NELSON at gnelson@pacificcoast.net

Posted: 6 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am searching my family lines in Hamilton and Haldimand townships. Starting with the youngest member of the ancestral tree and looking backward in time, the lineage of the family known to me is the following. Clifford BAPTIST, son of James BAPTIST [son of Robert Alexander BAPTIST and Sarah BROWN] and Edith HARPER [daughter of James HARPER and Frances Ann SHERWIN] married Eileen ROGERS, daughter of Wilbert ROGERS [son of Richard ROGERS and Mary HICKS] and Alice DAVEY [daughter of William DAVEY and Elizabeth TRAYES]. The ROGERS family lived near Fennella, the DAVEY family in Cenerton, the BAPTIST family near to Baltimore, the HARPER family near Camborne, and I believe that Mary HICKS came from Peterborough. The SHERWOOD family could be from Harwood. I do know they all resided in Northumberland County.

I would be pleased with any information regarding any branch of these families. I can be reached at: paulzee@wave.home.com

Posted: 6 May 1998,                          To FINDER


Looking for VOSBOURGH/VOSBURG, McNALLY and LEE families: George VOSBOURGH first appears in the Cramahe Township census of 1871 with family, but Mary Ann/Margt and 2 sons show up 1861 Colbourne Village with Wm and Ann LEE. The LEEs are believed to be Margaret's parents. The VOSBURGH's later moved to the Brighton area. Geo and Margaret gave issue to: James, Samuel, Susan, Annie, Wm, George, John F, Morris and Almeida. Also looking for the Bernard and Adelaide McNALLY. They had at least one son, Bart/Bartholonew who m1. Jane ?PHILLIPS? and m2. Margaret ?HERRINGTON?. The family by wives: Henry, Charles, George E, Ezra, Minerva, Mary S and Estella. Another McNALLY family member, Minerva McNALLY married William VOSBOURGH. They had a daughter Lelia Pearl VOSBOURGH who married Fred COLE.

Willing to exchange info. Thank you. Pat COLE, at colep@kos.net

Posted: 6 May 1998,                          To FINDER


Attention: Baltimore Researchers ! I need help!

I am seeking information on the family of George JACKMAN and Estella Reita DUNCAN of Baltimore around 1900. They had a least one son who is J. Earl JACKMAN, born 7 Feb 1900.

Can someone search a 1901 Census record for information for me? Can you help me over this brick wall by searching local source material? Are there any free lookups about people of Baltimore?

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Leigh SCOTT of Canada at scott1@telusplanet.net

Posted: 9 May 1998,                          To FINDER


Attention: Cramahe, Brighton and Percy Researchers !

I am searching for information on my family, which lived in Brighton, Cramahe and Percy Townships. My ancestor is Daniel Sinclair PICKWORTH, who emigrated from England prior to 1856. Any info? Thanks.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Donald PICKWORTH at picklaw@mediaone.net

Posted: 17 May 1998,                          To FINDER


Attention: Campbellford Researchers !

My grandfather, John BRADY had a general store in Campbellford between 1890 and 1905, called McKenna and Brady. I would like to find: the address, and anyone who might have an old photograph. I have lots of information about these BRADYs to share.

Contact: C. T. BRADY at c.brady@sympatico.ca

Posted: 20 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am looking for any information on the LOTT family. John J. LOTT married Carolyn ROSE. Their children include: William F., Charles Addison, Agusta JOHNSTON, Laura G. JAMES, and Albert/Aaron. The oldest children are believed to be William born 1849 and Charles b. 1850. John died around 1870 and Charles moved his mother to MN with him. William F. married Hanna WEAVER with 4 children. Both William and Hanna are buried in Murray Township.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Terre BRIZZOLARA at terreb@intellink.net

Posted: 20 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am looking for any information on the PERRIN family of Peterborough County. Also, John AVERY of England who married Elis TINKHAM and lived in Ontario. Their daughter, Mary Ann, married Thomas WESTERN, my great grandfather.

Any help would be appreciated. Contact: Kate GUNN at agunn@planet.eon.net

Posted: 20 May 1998,                          To FINDER


I am looking for more information on this Brighton Township family:
Robert Henry SHORTT, born in Brighton in Oct 1837 and was married to Mary WINTERS, daughter of John WINTERS and Mary GLASSPOLD. The WINTERS family was from Newington, Surrey, England. They brought up a famiy of eleven children in the township of Brighton and is perhaps the oldest native of the place. The father of Robert Henry SHORTT was James SHORTT, born 1819 in England. Robert was a farmer and was born on his father's farm in Brighton. Robert and his wife appear in the 1871 and 1881 census records for Brighton. In 1885, Robert came to Gaines, Oleans Co, NY to build a new home for his wife, Mary WINTERS, and family. Their children are: Ellen b. 1855; Mary A. b. 1861; Albert H. b. 3 Jan 1862; Marth b. 1865; Ruamia b. 1867; William J. b. 30 July 1870; Geroge E. b. 1871; Farnis A. b. April 1874; Allen W. b. 1879; Elis b. 1880; and Robert W. b. 24 Jan 1885.

Where can I find a marriage record for Robert and Mary? Does anyone have information on the 1851 and 1861 census for this family? VISIT my website at http://www.angelfire.com/ok/esnider/index.html

Contact: E. SNIDER at lorin9@bigfoot.com

Posted: 20 May 1998,                          To FINDER


Attention: MURRAY Township Researchers!

Looking for parents, wife and siblings of David OSTERHOUT, born c. 1785 in USA, who was father to Susan OSTERHOUT, Agnes ?, and William ?.

Susan OSTERHOUT married c.1837 to Alexander FRASER, born c.1808-1818 in Ontario. They had children named William and Rebecca. Who were Alexander FRASER's parents? Was his father the William FRASER who was granted land in the 2nd Concession of Murray? Or one of the Frasers granted land in the 3rd Concession? Migh he be connected with the Alexander FRASER buried in the Old Lazier Cemetery?

After Susan OSTERHOUT FRASER's death, daughter Rebecca lived first with "Aunt Mary" until Mary also died. then, together with "cousin David VERMILYEA" went to live with "grandfather OSTERHOUT" and "Aunt Agnes". Was "Aunt Mary" mother to David VERMILYEA?

I would appreciate any thoughts or information. Also searching: LEAVENS, HAIGHT, DORLAND, RICKETSON, LOUNSBERRY, SMITH, SIMMONS, HILTON. Please reply to:Yvonne HAUAN at hauan@hotmail.com

Posted: 21 May 1998,                          To FINDER


HAMILTON Township Researchers! Does anyone recognize the COOK family?

It has been suggested that my great grandmother, Eliza "Lizzie" Leille or (dit Lillie) COOK, reportedly born 11 May 1856 may have been in Hamilton Township, Northumberland Co, perhaps Cobourg or Port Hope, rather than the city of Hamilton. Also, our family only knew her as "Leille/Lillie", whereas in her earlier records she is listed as Eliza. Lillie married first, Walter H. VAN NORMAN and they both lived in Minneapolis, MN by 1883. We know of her younger sister, Rosetta "Etta" COOK, born ca. 1858 in Hamilton who also lived in MN where she married in 1890. Do not know what became of other siblings.

We appear to have located her parents just east of there in Marysburg Township, Prince Edward Co as of 1845. In Methodist Papers by Donald A. McKenzie in "More Notices from Methodist Papers 1830-1857", p. 56 is this notice: "COOK, William David to Mary McCremon, both of Marysburg, by Rev. H. H. Johnson, 5th inst., April 24, 1845." Other more likely spellings of McCREMON are McCRIMMON and McCREMMON.

An 1861 census of Marysburg lists this family living or visiting the area: William David, b. ca 1815; Mary, b. ca 1826; Margaret Johnson, b. 1 May 1846 [taken from a Marysburgh Methodist Church baptismal record]; Alice b. ca 1850; Eliza b. 11 May 1856; and Rosetta, b. 1859. Also in the household were James COOK, b. ca 1811 and probably a brother, and Don ROSS, b. ca 1838.

In the 1871 Census a William COOK is listed in both Hamilton Township, Northumberland Co, and Wentworth Co; are they the same person? No William is listed in Marysburg; however, James was still there and served as the Postmaster.

Any information much appreciated. This has been a 20 year search. Please reply to:Barb at BarbKKFI@aol.com

Posted: 26 May 1998,                          To FINDER


HAMILTON Township Researchers! Does anyone recognize the ALLEY family?

Looking for information on Moses ALLEY and family. Moses ALLEY was born 31 Oct 1771 in Jamaica, Queens, NY and married Mary ACKER on 22 Oct 1794 in Cobourg, Ontario. He died on 29 Dec 1842 in Brownville, Jefferson Co, NY.

Their children are: James ALLEY, b. 1798; John ALLEY, b. 1799; David ALLEY and Jememi ALLEY, b. 9 June 1801 in Cobourg, Ontario.

Would like any information on this family. Please reply to:Charlotte M. MEYER at charmarie@goecities.com

Posted: 26 May 1998,                          To FINDER


CRAMAHE Township Researchers! Does anyone recognize the BUCHANAN family?

Searching for any data on William Henry BUCHANAN and Catharine Elizabe MAHANEY who farmed in Cramahe Township probably around 1880.

Their children included (birth order unknown): Frederick (deceased as an infant); William deceased at age 23; Myrtle, Frances, Helen, Claire and Mabel. Their children would have been baptised in the Methodist Church.

They are both my grandparents. Currently, I have no data on either family and would appreciate any information or tips anyone might have. Warmest regards. Please reply to:Kathleen MILLER at kathleenm_miller@yahoo.ca

Posted: 6 June 1998,                          To FINDER


This early Pioneer family emigrated to Prince Edward County, Hastings Co, and Northumberland Co, circa 1800 from Dutchess Co, NY. Jacob STIMERS and Catherine LIGHT, b. ca. 1750; son Isaac STIMERS, m. Hannah ROSE, m2. H. SIMMONS; son William Jacob STIMERS m. Mary Louisa MORRIS, both buried in Carrying Place, Northumberland Co.; son Charles Oscar STIMERS, b. Aug 1875 at Castleton, m. Nov 8, 1900 at Warkworth, Idah Ellen RUNNELLS, b. June 1880 at Campbellford.

Looking for any and all information on STIMERS, LIGHT, ROSE, SIMMONS, MORRIS, RUNNELLS. Have plenty to share.

Please reply to:Doug and Teri CHAMPIGNY at webmaster@cyber-surfer.com

Posted: 6 June1998,                          To FINDER


I am searching for information on the surname, FISH and more specifically for information on Ebenezer FISH who lived in Northumberland Co until his death in 1846. He had a large family and any information on other family members would be appreciated.

Please reply to:Wendell E. FISH at wfish@magicnet.net

Posted: 6 June 1998,                          To FINDER


Researching FIKE/FYKE families in Hope Township; also, HAYWARD and MOULTON families in Clarke Township.

Please reply to:Wanda SINCLAIR at Wanda.Sinclair@Unilever.com

178 Elmhurst Drive
Rexdale, Ontario
M9W 2L1

Posted: 6 June 1998,                          To FINDER


Researching SINCLAIR, John and Henry, in Hamilton Township. Mother is Mary FLAKE and step-father is Samuel PARKER of Conc.1, Lot 1, Hamilton Township. Also researching other families in Haldimand, Hamilton and Cramahe Twp: CORNELIUS, DINGMAN, KELLY/KELLEY, BRADLEY, VAUGHAN, CROUTER, ALL SINCLAIR.

Please reply to: Wanda SINCLAIR at Wanda.Sinclair@Unilever.com

178 Elmhurst Drive
Rexdale, Ontario
M9W 2L1

Posted: 6 June 1998,                          To FINDER


Looking to hear from anyone researching these families in Northumberland County. The STIMERS family moved from Dutchess County, NY to Carrying Place, then to Thurlow and Dunagannon in Hastings, with much of the family ending up in Murray, Brighton and Cramahe Twps, Northumberland. Same for STICKLE. ABERNETHY and RUNNELS connected through Campbellford and Warkworth. Burials known in Carrying Place, Trenton, Thurlow and Salem. Any info appreciated -- also have a fair bit to share!

Please reply to:Doug & Teri CHAMPIGNY, Toronto, Ontario at webmaster@cyber-surfer.com

Posted: 6 June 1998,                          To FINDER

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