Percy Township:

I am searching for any information such as Marriage, Children, Death, on John PRATT, born in the USA 1798. He is found in the 1871 census for Percy Township, Northumberland County. Family members include: Benjamin F. PRATT, b. 1786 and found in the Durham County 1871 Census listed as 85 years old, [perhaps an uncle]; Benjamin F. PRATT, b. 1808 in Crowland, Welland, Ontario; Edward PRATT, b. 1810 in Vienna Township, Elgin County; and David, b. 1797 in Chatham Township, Kent County.

All these individuals are listed in the 1871 census records, although my branch departed in 1860 and settled in South Stockton, Chautauqua Co, NY. I will use any data sent to me as I am located in New York and am unable to come to Canada for research.

Please respond to: Delores Pratt DAVIDSON, Chautauqua Co, NY at jcricket@cecomet.net

Posted: 30 Aug 1998,                 To FINDER


Hamilton Township:

I am looking the brothers and sisters of Wesley W. HENRY, born 9 February 1853 in Hamilton. His father's name is John HENRY and his mother's first name is Jane. Supposedly there are 13 children in the family and John was a prominent lumber dealer in Hamilton.

Please respond to: Owen BRAUN, at obraun@mindspring.com

Posted: 31 Aug 1998,                 To FINDER


I am seeking connections with anyone to the Clement NEFF family. Clement, born in the US 1797, married Mary ?. Their known children are: Salomon/Salmon, Aquila, Calvin, Isaiah, Milo, Priscilla, Clement Jr. and Martha. He was listed in the Northumberland Militia, 1828 and in the 1848 census. In the 1848 census they were located in Haldimand Township. The family relocated to Simcoe Co. about 1850. I have more information to share on this line with anyone interested. Would dearly love to learn of his parentage and where in the US he was born, Mary's maiden name. Thank you. .

Please respond to: Gail ELL, at gteresa@planet.eon.net

Posted: 31 Aug 1998,                 To FINDER


I am trying to locate the descendants of John MARSHALL, born in Ballybaytown, County Monaghan, Ireland, who immigrated to Canada with his brother, James who settled in Manvers in 1845. The last word we have of John is that he settled just east of Bewdley.

Are there any MARSHALLs out there from the Rice Lake area? Please respond to: Fred L. MARSHALL, at fmarshall@sympatico.ca

Posted: 1 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


I am looking for ancestral information on William McBRIDE of Port Hope. He was born 2 February 1871 to Richard BASSETT and Mary Ann ARMSTRONG.

Also, seeking information on Angeline BASSETT of Welcome Corners/Port Hope . Angeline was born 10 December 1875 to John BASSETT and Catherine Ann MARVIN.

William J. McBRIDE and Angeline BASSETT were married 25 March 1895 and are my maternal great-grand parents.

If anyone has information on these families and their ancestral roots, please respond to: Liz POLLACK, at d_l.pollack@sympatico.ca

Posted: 3 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Searching for information on the CLEUGH family, in particular William CLEUGH. They were in the Northumberland area around the 1850's and later went to Ohio and settled in the Lorain area. William is buried in Berea, Ohio. I am trying to find information on where and when he was born and came to Canada. Any researcher of the CLEUGH surname will be gladly received to share info. Thanks.

Please respond to: Lee Ann VEATCH, at lveatch@neo.lrun.com

Posted: 5 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Searching for any information on the J. Heber DULMAGE, born 1848 and wife, Nancy Elizabeth GORDON, born 1850 in Brighton, Ontario. Known children are: Florence, Luella, Lillian, Mabel, Arthur, Clara, and Heber. Any help much appreciated. Would love to share info.

Please respond to: Keri BREWITZ, at kbrewitz@compuserve.com

Posted: 5 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Can anyone advise me on sources for obituaries for the Hastings-Campbellford area for the 1870 - 1950 period?

I am searching these ancestors and their descendants: John DOWNS, b. abt 1845 Northumberland Co.; Ellen DOWNS, b. abt 1847 Northumberland Co.; Margaret DOWNS, b. 25 Sept 1852 Hastings, m. Patrick SMITH and had children--John, William and Mary; Catherine DOWNS, b. 17 June 1858 Hastings, ONT., m. John CONLON and had a son, Vincent Domanic CONLON, b. 21 Dec 1890 Campbellford, ONT.

I have much info on these ancestors and will share all. Thank you! Please respond to: Dave KEARNEY of Kane, PA at: raznun@penn.com

Posted: 6 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Searching for PARENTS, SIBLINGS, DESCENDANTS of Jennie H. WALTON, 1849-1929. She married John Albert BROWN. He died in Port Hope in 1927. Jennie was left the house which included an apartment that was rented by tennants. The house was located on the corner of Thomas and Augusta in Port Hope. Jennie had at least 2 daughters, Eva BROWN who married Stanley WOOD and Hattie BROWN who married Victor HAGERMAN. Another relative, perhaps a son, was a Dr. Charles WALTON, I assume from the Toronto or Port Hope area.

Please respond to: Jim HITCHCOCK, at JHITCHCOCK@aol.com

Posted: 6 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


I am looking for any information on Nelson WELLER, born 1808/9 in Canada. He married Catherine TAYLOR, born 1810/11. Children include: Emily, b. 1836; Adelaide, b. 1839; James, b. 1844; and Sarah, b. 1847. Catherine is the daughter of Samual and Elizabeth FREDERICK. Who are Nelson's parents?

Please respond to: Bonnie WELLER, at Bowell@aol.com

Posted: 8 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


I am looking for information on the WELLINGTON family. I am specifically looking for records on Peter and Emlyn (Emmaline, Evelyn) WELLINGTON who had at least two daughters (Harriet born 1843 and m. John COEDY in Oshawa 1866) and a son baptised in 1849 (no further record). Their elder daughter may have been named Mary or Maria and MAY have married Albert? THROOP. She MAY be the Mary WELLINGTON buried in Coburg Union, Hamilton Township. Peter is said to have immigrated from England and in Harriet's marriage notice was "the late Peter Wellington of Cambourne". There are several WELLINGTON's buried in Hamilton Township. Unfortunately I do not know how they are related to Peter and Emlym. Peter and Emlyn both died sometime between 1851 and 1861.

I am also looking for any record of Richard WELLINGTON who married Cynthia RETSON and who both died in Oshawa. Richard is in the 1871 census of Ontario County. I have several pieces of information that confirm he was born in 1821 in England somewhere. He is likely Peter's brother but we cannot confirm this.

Thanks for any information anyone may have on this family. Please respond to: Robbin COEDY, at rcoedy@uoguelph.ca

Posted: 11 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Does anyone know if St. Michael's in Coburg ever had a cemetery attached to it? This would probably go back 100 years. I believe some BRADYs may have been buried there is such a cemetery ever existed.

Please respond to: Marcy CLAIR, at mclair@bellsouth.net

Posted: 11 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Hamilton Township or Hamilton City?

My gggrandfather, Henry WARD born 10 July 1824, listed his place of birth as Hamilton, Canada. I am trying to determine if it was Hamilton Township, Northumberland Co. or Hamilton (city), Wentworth Co. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to resolve this?

Henry WARD was listed in the 1851 census of Dereham, Oxford Co. and I have info on him from that date forward, but none tracing him back to Hamilton.

Please respond to: Louis R. WARD, Jr, at barnaman@beaches.net
Visit my website: http://members.tripod.com/~stoliker/index.html

Posted: 12 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Seeking information on a Polly CUMMINGS who married Peter ALGER before 1812. They lived in Cramahe Township, Northumberland County. Peter was the son of Elisha ALGER, UE and Sarah LOCY. An unproven source names Peter's wife as "Polly Cummings". Can anyone researching the CUMMINGS surname help me with more information. Peter and Polly had at least 7 children. I have lots of info on their family. Any help appreciated.

Please respond to: Debbie and Mark BURR, at ember@excelco.on.ca
URL: http://www.members.tripod.com/gen_burr/

Posted: 28 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Does anyone know WHAT type of records are available for Canadian births in the early 1800's? The BOSWELL and GRAVELEY families are said to have had an impact on Cobourg. Does anyone know these families? Royal Navy Captain Walter BOSWELL (1770-1850) and his wife, Catherine CREASE (1780-1846); Col. William GRAVELEY (1812-1887). William married Margaret Christina BOSWELL, daughter of Walter BOSWELL.

Please respond to: Tracey NICHOLS, at fndkln@fyi.net
Snail-mail: Tracey Nichols, 117 Forsythe Road, Mars, PA 16046, USA

Posted: 28 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Looking for family of William STIRLING or STERLING from Cobourg. Later settled in Port Hope. Circa 1835-1860.

Please respond to: Greg STERLING, at sterling@hto.net

Posted: 28 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


Looking for information on Charles SLATER, b. ??, m. ??, d. 1931 at Red Cloud, Ontario; issued one son, Alfred, b. 1888 in England, d. June 13, 1957 in Northumberland Co, Ontario according to death certificate; Alfred married Esther POWELL on Sept 1911 in England, who died Dec. 3, 1980 at Castleton, Ontario. Alfred and Esther had 4 boys, two of whom are deceased and the other two appear to have no ancestral knowledge. Can anyone give me some information on this family?

Please respond to: Beth SLATER, at betsy@island.net

Posted: 28 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER


I am researching my great great grandparents, John WALDRON and Susan who emigrated from Murray to Wisconsin with their children around 1850. Their sons were: Schuyler, Daniel and James WALDRON. Most of them were Methodist Ministers.

I am looking for information on their life in Canada. Any help or suggestions would be great. Please respond to: Dawn CHRISTENSON, at DawnC86548@aol.com

Posted: 30 Sep 1998,                 To FINDER

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