Northumberland County:

Looking for connections to Israel SAMIS who married Jane PARKER, lived in Northumberland County. Israel is buried in Stone's Cemetery. Children: Gilbert, Israil, Isaac, Levi and one daughter.

Please respond to: Wendy SMITH, at wsmith@zeuter.com

Posted: 8 Oct 1998,                 To FINDER


Northumberland County:

Solomon R. BUSH, born ca 1812 in Canada West, is listed in the 1871 census, while his family is still living in Brighton under the care of his eldest daughter, Mercy. I cannot find his death although he would be in the Guiness Book of Records if his is still living! Samuel ROSEBUSH, also in Northumberland, is his uncle. Can anyone help?

Please respond to: Phyllis READ, at pjread@istar.ca

Posted: 8 Oct 1998,                 To FINDER


Northumberland County:

Looking for information about two Scottish brothers that settled in Northumberland. James BATTISBY appears in the 1871 census in Cramahe, and William BATTISBY is in Durham, probably Port Hope (listed as BATTERSBY in the census).

Have so far found the following marriages:
Cecilia Ann BATTISBY 1880? Pt. Hope;
James John BATTISBY 1888 Cavan Twp;
Esther BATTISBY 1889 Port Hope m. Arthur G. SHAW of Toronto (b. Quebec);
Jessie BATTISBY 1892 Colborne m. Caleb H. MALLORY of Percy;
James R. BATTISBY 1894 Bobcaygeon;
Margaret BATTISBY 1894 Campbellford;
Edith May BATTISBY 1900 Peterborough;
Ethel BATTISBY 1904 Burks Fall;
Ethel BATTESBY 1905 Burks Fall;
M. Jane BATTISBY 1904 Toronto;
Anna M. BATTESBY 1907 Chatham

And also:
Alexander Milne BATTISBY, Canadian Expeditionary Force database
John Roy (Ray?)BATTISBY, Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, Newmarket, York
Alexander Ander? BATTISBY, Ontario Cemetery Finding Aid, Beechwood, Ottawa

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Janet McCALLISTER at mccinc@ihug.co.nz

Posted: 24 Oct 1998,                 To FINDER

Our Lady of Mount Carmel CEMETERY BOOK

Northumberland County:

I recieved a flyer from Kawartha Ancestral Research Assoication (KARA) recently which said that their local members have completed transcribing the names of all of the people buried at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Cemetery in Hastings, Ontario. They gave a list of all the surnames that are in there records, and all of my ancestors from that area are listed. The article says that the full cemetery transcription will soon be available for sale through KARA. Have you heard of this yet? If you know someone that has a copy of these records and could do a lookup for me I would appreciate any help you could give. This could help to get me past several brick walls in my research.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Dave KEARNEY of Kane, PA at raznun@penn.co

Posted: 24 Oct 1998,                 To FINDER


Northumberland County:

Looking for the descendants of William Charles GEORGE, born 1829, Brighton; married Louisa Jane GERMAN, born 1841. Offspring include: Elizabeth (Eliza), born 1859; Deborah, born 1863(?), married Peter TRIPP of Hastings, 1882; Josiah, born 1867; Morgan, born 1868 and married Effa SALINES of Hastings 1897; Edward, born 1871; Royal, born 1876; Rosa, born 1880; and William Bird , born 1883 at Frankford, Hastings County. Can anyone provide information on this family?

Contact Paul GEORGE at pdgeorge@netsync.net

Posted: 3 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


Hamilton Township

I am seeking information on my Great Grandfather, Edward LINTON, born 20 October 1849 in Hamilton Township, Canada. Also seeking info on his father, Alexander LINTON. Can anyone tell me if Alexander died in Hamilton Township?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Terry LINTON at RVRSONG@aol.com

Posted: 3 NOV 1998,                 To FINDER


Northumberland County:

I am searching for any VAN WICKLIN's from Northumberland County. In particular, Garrett VAN WICKLIN of Murray, John VAN WICKLIN of Cramahe, and Jonathan VAN WICKLIN of Haldiman. Also, seeking any info on James Schuyler VAN WICKLIN of Colbourne and Henry Harrison VAN WICKLIN who resided in South River. Both of my grandparents died and are buried in South River.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Georgi SILLS of Abbotsford, B. C., Canada at gsills@shaw.ca

Posted: 3 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


Frankford, Ontario:

Descended from Isaac VAN NORMAN and Mercy RILEY, married 1823 according to Anglican Archives, Kingston. Would like to exchange information with other descendants.

Please reply to: Phyllis READ at pjread@istar.ca

Posted: 3 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER

SPENCER, Methodist Church Records

Grafton, Haldimand:

I am looking for information regarding Abner and Eunice SPENCER who lived in Conc.1 Lot 23 of Haldimand township. Does anyone know of the methodist Church records for Grafton, Haldimand township area between 1797 - 1834?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Contact Ray SPENCER at spencerr@efni.com

Posted: 3 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


Am inquiring for an individual who is "not online".

Seeking info on a Catherine YOUNG, born about 1797 in Murray. On Dec 26, 1819 she married Hezekial CLARK at Ameliasburgh. Any information is appreciated. Please reply to: Tom CLARK at grandma@tomwardc@aol.com

Posted: 4 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


I am looking for information on the William SARGENT family who left Dummerston, Windham Co., VT around 1809-1816 to go to Northumberland Co, Ontario. His wife was Lois BUCK born about 1787. She was the d/o Elija and Louisa/Lois BUCK, who may have been in Cobourg. William and Lois had three children: William Schuyler SARGENT, born 17 Nov 1809; James Sumner SARGENT, born 28 Nov 1811 and Betsey Ann Jane SARGENT, born 24 Oct 1814.

Any help would be appreciated. Please reply to: Marge HOWE of Williamsville, VT, USA at jmhowe@sover.net

Posted: 4 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


The HAYDENs came from County Wicklow, Ireland in the 1790's! Thomas was born 1826 and died 1908. Reginald, my great-grandfather was born in Mar 1875 and died in 1950's. My grandfather is Charles Edwin "Pat" HAYDEN, 1904-1964. All these men are buried in the Union Cemetary of Port Hope!

The Family had a foundry on Caven Steet, Port Hope, where the "Hayden Plough" was made and sold to farmers in the area. Does anyone know the history of Hayden Road, located near Cobourg?

Dr. Anson HAYDEN was an Irish rebel, a town councilor in the Bay of Quinte, and was imprisoned in the Kingston jail. Does anyone know anything else about him?

I'm seeking any other kind of information of whatever nature! Please contact: Ian WESTELL of Ottawa at ianhw@sympatico.ca

Posted: 9 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


I am aware of the family oral history which states that my g-g-gf Remembrance RICHARDS married Liza HOLLENBACH and lived in Northumberland County, Ontario. He was born in the US and came to Canada after the American Revolution, settling in Ontario. Early Militia rolls show a John HOLLENBECK, born 1798, serving with the regiment from Hamilton-Haldiman Townships. I am unsure if HOLLENBECK was a UEL. I am interested in any family information on RICHARDS or HOLLENBACH/HOLLENBECK.

Where could I do further research on these people in Northumberland County and in particular, Hamilton and Haldimand Townships? What sources are available? Who is a good resource contact? Please reply to: Paul RICHARDS of Ottawa at lenoreb@netcom.ca

Posted: 9 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


I am searching for information about the histories of Mary Elizabeth CRUSO of Cobourg who died in the 1920's and her husband's family of Roe BUCK. They were married on May 11, 1853. I am a direct descendent of her son, who moved to America and lived in Chicago. Any information would be appreciated.

Please reply to: John TOMLIN at johntim52@earthlink.net

Posted: 9 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


I am looking for any info on my ancestor, Joseph Abbott CRANDELL from Cramahe, Northumberland Co, Ontario. He was born about 1809.

Please reply to: CRANDELL Researcher at Fabre8@aol.com

Posted: 9 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


Looking for ancestors of William and Catherine DAUNCEY. They bought farm property in Brighton Township in 1831, which is now in the town of Wooler. Can anyone provide some details on this family?

Please reply to: Joy CROSBY at mrsc@reach.net

Posted: 9 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


Looking for information on Samuel WASHBURN, born c. 1810/11 in New York. He came to Northumberland as a young man and married Susannah SAGER about 1829/30.

They had 13 children. The eldest, Daniel WASHBURN, b. 1831, married an Irish gal named Harriet, according to the 1871 census. Samuel and his sons were carpenters and farmers. Ten of the children immigrated back to the U.S and settled in northern Michigan in the late 1870-1880. Daniel remains in Northumberland with at least four of his children. Mary Ann (WASHBURN) EMANS, William WASHBURN, Frederick WASHBURN, SAMUEL WASHBURN and his twin brother, Sanford WASHBURN born 20 July 1843, Louisa WASHBURN, Mariah (WASHBURN) TYLER, George WASHBURN, Willett WASHBURN and Sarah Margaret (WASHBURN) TYLER all go west to Michigan. Do not know what became of their son, Lewis WASHBURN, b. c. 1836, or a female named Madora WASHBURN, b. c. 1864. Samuel dies before 1871 around Campbellford, Brighton Township, Northumberland Co., Ontario. Susannah dies in Central Lake, Antrim Co., Michigan on May 5, 1880.

Can anyone tell me where and when Samuel WASHBURN died and was buried? Contact: Diane L. (WASHBURN) RICE at DIANELRICE@aol.com

Posted: 13 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER


The BRADY family moved to Campbellford sometime before 1881 and had a general store called McKenna and Brady until about 1907. They came from Waseca County, Minnesota. About 1907, the family moved to Alberta, Canada and had a farm that covered about a square mile. Farming was so tough during this time that they gave the bank the farm land deed and moved to Minneapolis, MN.

I am a grandson of the store owner and am looking for any information on this family.

Please respond to: Charles BRADY at c.brady@sympatico.ca

Posted: 15 Nov 1998,                 To FINDER

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