Many Present from Cities in United States – History of Parish – Prizes for Oldest Citizens Present and Largest Family – Baseball Game, Other Novel Events.


One hundred years ago (in May 1825, to be exact) the first settler blazed his way through the bush and located at the village and parish which now bears the name Downeyville.

Downeyville is known far and wide as a sturdy, loyal, progressive parish one of the best in the entire Diocese. Yesterday, largely because of the enterprise and faithfulness of Rev. Fr. J.P. Galvin, the popular parish Priest, the community united in extending a hearty welcome to all home-comers and visitors from the surrounding districts. Downeyville was again placed on the map. Visitors were present from many towns and cities in Canada and United States. It was indeed, a veritable home-coming of ex-residents. In fact, it was a homecoming of young people, for the majority of the visitors from a distance were of the younger generation, sons and daughters who had received their education in the present school and church.

Downeyville was in gala attire for the celebration. Large banners were stretched across the four main corners of thoroughfare, and they bore the words “WELCOME.” Another long banner at one end of entertainment park bore the wording, “We are glad to see you back again.” It showed the spirit of the people of Downeyville, but this spirit of welcome was enthusiastically demonstrated in the glad hand shake, the hearty greeting, the care-free conversation, the happy smile. Fr. Galvin and his committee worked like trojans. Nothing was left undone to make the function a success and the attendance at Wednesday’s ball game, social and dance, fully demonstrated the fact that the people of Lindsay and the residents of the Parish, were heartily in accord with the general of home-coming and commemoration of the establishment of the village and Parish of Downeyville. A couple of thousand people were in attendance, many arriving for the dance in the evening.

Concert Tuesday

The home-coming proper started Tuesday night with a grand concert in the community hall. It consisted of an address of welcome from Mr. Martin Carroll, speeches from Rev. Fr. Galvin, Rev. Fr. J. P. McGuire, of Peterborough; and a very interesting history of the Parish by Mr. John C. O’Leary, report of which will be found in another column of this page. Community singing was conducted by Mr. Frank Milloy. The pupils of St. Joseph Convent, Lindsay gave a splendid exhibition of dancing Irish jigs and the Highland Fling. Messrs. Meehan, Mercer and Blasette entertained with banjo selections, monologues, and Miss Fannie Costello and Miss Regina Costello contributed solos. Messrs. Angus Twomey and Clare Harrington also assisted in the program. Mr. Thos.Lucas and Frank Milloy gave clever exhibitions of step dancing and Irish jigs, while Messrs. Charles and Albert Lucas favoured the audience with clog dancing. Hooper’s orchestra was present for dancing, furnishing excellent music.

Oldest Person Present

It was an occasion for young and old to mingle together and incidentally a prize was given to the oldest person present. This went to Mrs. Carroll, a fine old lady in her 89th year.

One of the most familiar of the older residents of Downeyville is Mr. John C. O’Leary, whom has been a continuous resident of the parish for 86 years. In fact he still resides on the old homestead just west of the village, where he hewed out for himself and family one of the best farms in the Township. Mr. O’Leary grew up with the Parish, has always been one of its chief supporters and has worked for every good cause for the advancement of the Parish. Mr. O’Leary has always been content to remain and to reside in the Parish. His pleasure trips have never taken him any farther away from home than Buffalo. That was years ago and he was glad to return home and live the life of peace and quietness.

Another one of the oldest gentlemen on the grounds was William O’Neill, of Lindsay, who is in his 84th year. He was born and raised on lot 3, con. 10, Emily.

Largest Family Present

A handsome prize was given to the largest family on the grounds the prize being won by Mr. And Mrs. John M. O’Neill, of Emily, who had their entire family of twelve on the grounds.

Clergymen Present

The function was graced y the presence of a number of clergymen, including Rev. Fr. P. J. McGuire, who for ten years and a half laboured in the Parish and did much to bring it to its present progressive state. He was popular and welcomed on all sides by his friends. Other clergymen included: Very Dean Whibbs and Fr. Collins of Lindsay; Father O’Connor, of Toronto; Father O’Gorman of Toledo; Father Costello, of Peterborough; Father McAuley, of Ennismore; Father Meagher, of Peterborough.

Baseball Game

During the afternoon a large crowd witnessed a baseball game between Ennismore and West Ops. With two innings to play Ennismore tied the score and went ahead by one run. However, in a last inning rally a triple by A. Coughlin, a single by Max Board, and a double by O. Board combined to save the day for West Ops by a score of 6-5. The teams lined up as follows:

Ennismore – M. Crough p; J. McGuire c; V. Sealey 1st; P. Crough 2nd; F. Murphy 3rd; L. Lucas ss; R. Morrissey lf; B. Brier cf; J. Brick rf; Spares, Leo Dorrin, W. Harrington, H. Maloney.

West Ops – M. Board p; O. Board c; J. Riley 1st; K. Glassford 2nd; S. Kirely 3rd; W. Mark ss; J. Jenkins lf; J. Farley cf; A. Coughlin rf

Umpire—Jack Perdue.

Sporting Events

During the afternoon races and jumping were carried out under the supervision of Mr. F. Milloy and Mr. J. D. Piggott. The winners were declared as follows –

Race for boys under 15 yrs. – 1st. T. Fitzgerald; 2nd F. Shine, 3rd J. Cole.

Race for girls under 15 yrs. – 1st V. Duffey; 2nd G. Clancy; 3rd J. Cole.

Race for boys under 10 yrs. – 1st. G. Currie; 2nd S. Sullivan; 3rd F. Blake.

Race for girls under 10 yrs. –- 1st H. Duffey; 2nd E. Baker; 3rd H. Allan.

Broad Jump – F. Murphy, Ennismore.

High Jump – R. Morrissey.

From a Distance

Among those who were in attendance were noticed the following: --

Leo Killen, Ennismore; Mr. C. Lynch, Mrs. Lynch, Robert Hamilton and Mr. Hamilton, of Oil City, Pa.; Mr. H. A. Herlihey, Cleveland, O.; Herb Killen, Ennismore; Frank Cavanagh, Ennismore; Thos. Perdue, Detroit; P. J. Garvey, Buffalo, N.Y.; Mr. And Mrs. F. Fairen, Peterborough; Mr. And Mrs. Parnell Blake, Detroit; Mrs. W. Leahy, Texas; Albert North, Little Britain; Michael Matthews, Toronto; Miss Gladys Winter, Rochester, N.Y.; B. Lodi, Rochester N.Y.; John Flood and Mrs. Flood, Ennismore; Jos. McGinty, Peterborough; Alex Downey, Detroit; R. Long, Campbellford; Mrs. Eugene Downey, Peterborough; Garnet Perdue, Detroit; Jos. O’Leary, Hamilton; Basil Ashby, Toronto; Miss Marcella Burns, Toledo; D. Fitzpatrick, Warsaw; Miss Mary Smith, Chicago; Miss Teressa Leddy, Oakwood; Jos. Carlin, Detroit; Cecil Downey, Detroit; Earl Downey, Detroit; Mr. And Mrs. R. Staley, Detroit, Mich.; Mrs. Victor Perdue, Detroit; Carman Dorin, Ennismore; Miss Marion Flaherty, Ennismore; Miss Flora Crough, Ennismore; Mrs. J. H. Redmond, Rochester N.Y.; Miss Mary Killen, Ennismore; Miss Zeta Twomey, Ennismore; Basil Carroll, Rochester, N.Y.; Phil Carroll, Rochester; Austin Herlihey, Rochester; M. J. Meagher, Peterborough; T. A. McConnell, Omemee; T. A. McBain, Omemee; Dr. G. Perdue and Dr. Grace Perdue, Detroit, Mich; F. B. McQuillan and Mrs. McQuillan, Toronto; J. K. Galvin, Ennismore; Mr. and Fergus Perdue, Rochester N.Y.; Dr. S. J. Lucas, Detroit; Urban Lucas, Detroit; J. J. Lucas, Detroit; Mrs. Daniel Dovey, Toronto; D. Bowins, Cambray; J. Bowins, Cambray; Miss Helen Murtagh, Rochester; Miss Conway, Bobcaygeon; Mrs. D. Morrow and Mr. F. D. Morrow, Bobcaygeon; Arch. Johnston, Bobcaygeon; Mrs. W. D. Cavanagh, Ennismore; Rita Cavanagh, Ennismore; Agnes Cavanagh, Ennismore; Lorne Carroll, Rochester; Miss Mary Carroll, Rochester; Wilfred Gosselin, Rochester; Rev. J. W. Power, Peterborough; Madeline Flaherty, Ennismore; Dr. Hadley, Oil City, Pa; Victor Perdue, Detroit; Jas. Hadley, Oil City, Pa; D. Dovey, Toronto; Miss Francis Hennessey, Ennismore; Miss Mabel Perdue, Rochester; Mr. J. Crough, Ennismore; J. Corkery, Peterborough; Miss Connors, Rochester; W. M. Kearney, Rochester.

Lindsay People Present

The attendance was considerably increased by Lindsay citizens. These included the following: --

Miss Trainer, Mrs. Galley, H. Galley, Miss Guiry, Geo. Bell, William Lehane, F. Lehane, M. Lehane. J. O’Halloron, J. J. Turner, J. Millard, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Staples, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gough, Mr. and Mrs. H. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Houzer, Dr. land, Mrs. S. Shannon, Mr. and Mrs. A. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gough, Mr. and Mrs. H. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. L.(?), V. O’Connor, F. Oliver, G. Mills, M. Board, O. Board, W. Mark, G. Hildenbrand, Q. Hutton, P. Houzer, Mr. Wursthof, M. Stevens, L. Maxon, J. R. O’Neill, J. O’Reilly, Dr. Lyons, C. Tozios, “Hi” Meehan. J. Baker, C. Baker, S. Kennedy, H. Tobin, Miss K. O’Neil, Miss MacDonald, Miss Houlihan, Miss F. O’keefe, Miss R. Shannon, Miss H. O’Reilly, Miss H. Lyons, Miss K. Baker, Miss Lyons, Senator Mchugh, Mrs. Meehan, Mrs. Powers, Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Powers, T. Hick, Charles Meehan, Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Baker, Michael Dovery, A. Spencely, Joseph B. Houlihan, Miss K. O’Loughlin, Kathleen McGuire, Katherine Penrose, Elizabeth Powers, Gertrude Flurey, Mr. and Mrs. J. Forestell, Pearl James, Edith Holmes, Mrs. A. Carscadden, Mrs. W. Free, Michael Fox, Michael Dovey, Wm. O’Neill, J. McMillen, M. O’Connor, P. Connors, Mr. and Mrs. W. Fox, J. Fox, Mrs. M. Hodgson, George Hodgson, P.J. Milloy, W. Spencely, Mrs. F. Cunningham, Mrs. Peter Carlin, Miss Armeda Carlin, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kirley, Bermadine Lehane, Jos. O’Keefe, Randolph McDonald., J. R. Breen, John Burns, E. O’Leary, Joseph Costello, M. Mulcahey, H. Lamb, Marie Hutton, Mrs. J. D. Costello, Miss O’Leary, Miss Kemp.

The General Committee

Considerable praise is due to the general committee for the success of home-coming event, the members of which were as follows:

-- John C. O’Leary, President; John Lucas, Martin Carroll, Michael D. Harrington, Wm. Herlihey, John McGuire and Rev. Fr. P. J. Galvin, chairman.

A large number of booths did a thriving business throughout the day, while in the evening a wheel of fortune was the big centre of attraction. Many very fine articles were disposed of at low prices.

The supper in the evening was as usual, a feature of the day’s program. Chicken supper was provided in abundance as well as other tasty and appetizing viands and the meal was one that pleased all who partook thereof.

Dancing in the evening was enjoyed until early in the morning. The program of events will be continued this evening with a play and dance.



The latch key is on the outside in the parish of Downeyville this week, and many former residents have returned to participate in the Home Coming festivities which opened on Tuesday.

The committee in charge of the event has left nothing undone that would contribute to the warmth of the welcome or make the stay of the visitors an enjoyable one.

Last night a big reception was accorded the home comers in the parish hall, which was crowded to the doors. A splendid musical program was presented, and addresses were delivered by former resident of the parish and others. A dance followed.

Today all roads led to Downeyville for the annual garden party and it is figured that hundreds will take in the event. The ladies of the parish have made excellent provision for feeding the multitude and here will be something doing all the time. There will also be a dance at the close.

Tomorrow night the festivities will close with the presentation of a comedy by the Downeyville Dramatic Club.




Downeyville, July 21 – The Old Home Week celebration in the village came to a close on Thursday evening the principal feature of the evening’s program being the play entitled “Turning the Trick.” The cast of characters being.

Patrick Casey, Leslie Lucas; Mrs. Patrick Casey, Carmelita Morrissey; their son, Mike, Joe Morrissey; their daughter Maggie, Helen McGuire; their daughter Kathleen, Agnes Murray; their maid, Eileen, Rose Downey. Madame Bareski, Gertie Milloy; Joseph Dougherty Clare Harrington; Armand Francoise Bon Ami de Lovrier, Paul McGuire; the old janitor, Jim Lucas.

The play was well staged and won rounds of applause. Between the act’s a song was rendered by Regina Costello, also an old-time band concert which had also been given on Tuesday evening.

After the rendering of the play, speeches were given by Rev. Father McGuire of Peterborough and Mr. John Carew of Lindsay, who was old Emily boy. After the singing of the National Anthem the hall was cleared and the young people enjoyed a few hours dancing to the excellent music of Hooper’ orchestra.

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