Emily Township Pioneer Settlers

ADAMS, THOMAS, farmer. Is owner of S. 1/2 Lot 4, Con.2, and N.W. 1/4 Lot 5, Con.1 - together, 150 acres. Was born in the township in 1849. His father was one of the first Justices of the Peace. P.O. address, Omemee

FOWLER, DAVID, farmer. He has 300 acres, situated in Lot 20, Con.3, and Lots 19,21,22, and 23, Con.4. He settled in the County in 1850. Born in Scotland, 1816. P.O. address, Fowler's Corners.

ADAMS, JAMES, farmer. Lives on Lot 1, Con.1, and owns 130 acres. He has lived in the township since birth (1853). P.O. address, Omemee.

HICKSON, WILLIAM, teacher at Mount Pleasant, Cavan Township, Durham County. Was born in Canada in 1850.

HOWDEN, ROBERT, farmer. He owns 113 acres, in Lot 23, Con.3. Born in Cavan Township, Ontario, in 1852. Settled here in 1877. P.O. address, Fowler's Corners.

ADAMS, WILLIAM, farmer and Deputy-Reeve. Is owner of W 1/2 Lot 5, Con.6, and SE 1/4 Lot 4, Con.7, 150 acres. Was born in Ireland in 1835. Came to the County in 1841. P.O. address, Omemee

HILL, W.H., insurance agent at Omemee. Is village councillor. Was born in York County, Ontario, in 1840. Settled in Victoria County in 1859.

ALLPORT, J.S., millwright at Collingwood. He owns village property in Omemee. Born in Birmingham, England, in 1838. Settled in this county in 1880.

HARRINGTON, M.F., teacher, S.S. No.3, Has lived in the township since 1859. Was born same year. P.O. address, Downeyville.

BOATES, WILLIAM, farmer. He has 300 acres of land, being whole of Lot 22, Con.5, and S 1/2 Lot 22, Con.6. Born in Ireland, 1809. Settled here in 1825. P.O. address, Frank Hill.

HEENAN, PATRICK, carpenter at Downeyville. Came to the County in 1875. Was born in Ireland in 1845.

BEST, S.H., farmer on Lots 11 and 12, Con.1. He owns 165 acres. Has lived in the township from 1841. Is a Canadian. P.O. address, Mount Pleasant.

JACKSON, W.J., farmer. He owns 100 acres in Lots 19,20, and 21, Con.1. Has lived in the township since his birth (1855). P.O. address, Fowler's Corners.

BEST, VALENTINE, farmer. Is owner of 187 acres in Lot 14, Con.1, and Lots 14 and 15, Con.2. Was born in the township, 1840. P.O. address, Mount Pleasant.

JOHN, THOMAS, farmer. Is owner of northwest 1/4 of lot 6, Con.10, and west 1/2 Lot 6, Con.11 - 150 acres. Born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, in 1818. Settled here in 1864. P.O. address, Downeyville.

BARNETT, ALEXANDER, farmer, on Lot 4, Con.14, of which he owns 100 acres. Was a township councillor and Collector. Born in Ireland in 1834, and settled here in 1861. P.O. address, Dunsford.

LANG, ALEXANDER, farmer. He owns 125 acres of Lot 5, Con.1. Came to Victoria County in 1839. Born in Ireland in 1819. P.O. address, Omemee.

COLLINS, JOHN, teacher, S.S. No.7. Has lived in the county since 1838, and was born the same year. P.O. address, Frank Hill.

LOWE, JOSEPH H., farmer on Lot 8, Con.1, owning 100 acres. Born in Durham County, 1843. Settled here in 1873. P.O. address Mount Pleasant.

MILLER, CHARLES, farmer on north 1/2 Lot 18, Con.4. Owns 100 acres. Is Township Auditor. Born in New York State in 1834. Came to Victoria County in 1856. P.O. address, Omemee.

MORRISON, WILLIAM, waggon-maker at Omemee. Came here in 1879. Born in Canada, 1848.

DEYELL, SAMUEL, farmer. He owns 200 acres, situated in Lot 1, Con.3. Was born in Cavan township, Ontario, 1819, and settled here in 1857.

MASON, THOMAS A., proprietor of Windsor Hotel, Omemee. Born in Devonshire, England, in 1826. Came here in 1880.

McCLEARY, D., blacksmith at Downeyville. Was born in the township in 1852.

MAGEE, THOMAS, farmer. Is owner of 300 acres, situated in Lot 19, Con.1, and Lots 18 and 21, Con.2. He was born in the United States in 1824. Settled here in 1830. P.O. address, Omemee.

DOYLE, R.J., teacher in the village of Downeyville. He was born in Brock township, Ontario, in 1857. settled here in 1880.

MEAGHER, P.J., teacher, S.S. No.12. Born in the County. P.O. address, Downeyville.

McFEETERS, JOHN, farmer. Lives on Lot 17, Con.14, and owns 400 acres. Born at Kingston, Ontario, 1830. Came to Victoria County in 1836. P.O. address, Bobcaygeon.

RUTH, GEORGE, farmer, and owns 150 acres of Lot 20, Con.5. Was born in Ireland in 1823, and came to this County in 1833. P.O. address, Fowler's Corners.

SMYTH, J.C., teacher at S.S. No.10. Came here in 1877. Born in Durham County in 1854. P.O. address, Omemee

ELLIOT, GEORGE, farmer, on Lot 18, Con.1, of which he owns 100 acres. He settled here in 1865. born in Durham county, 1842. P.O. address, Mount Pleasant.

SWITZER, GABRIEL, farmer and stock-breeder. He owns the south 1/2 Lot 18, Con.5, 100 acres. Was born in Canada, 1843. Settled here in 1870. P.O. address, Omemee.

STOREY, DAVID, farmer, on Lot 20, Con.3, of which he owns 100 acres. He also has 100 acres in Ops Township, and 100 acres in Smith Township. He came to Victoria County in 1831. Born at Bowmanville, 1828. P.O. address, Fowler's Corners.

SHERIN, J.W., farmer on north 1/2 Lot 17, Con.3, owning 100 acres. Born in the township in 1855. P.O. address, Omemee.

FINLAY, ALEXANDER, farmer. He owns S. half Lots 15 and 16, Con.1, 200 acres. He was born here in 1826. His father was the first settler in the township. P.O. address, Mount Pleasant.

THOMPSON, J.W., shoemaker, Omemee. Came here in 1878. Born in Canada, 1840

WEIR, ROBERT, farmer, on Lots 18 and 19, Con.8. He owns 200 acres, and settled here in 1862. Born at Otonabee, 1836. P.O. address, Frank Hill.

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