Lindsay Pioneer Settlers

ANDERSON, JOHN, manufacturer and dealer in furniture. Has been in business since 1858. Born in Lennox County in 1838. Settled here in 1857.

DUNSFORD, HARTLEY, County Registrar since 1856, and for 20 years agent for Bank of Montreal here. He was born in England in 1815, and settled here in 1837.

FLOOD, EDWARD, publisher of Victoria Warder, Lindsay.

FEE, THOMAS, manufacturer of lumber, lath, shingles, doors, sash and blinds at Lindsay. He owns 300 acres of land in Ops and Manvers townships, which he farms. Was in Council 6 years. Born in the County in 1831.

FLAVELLE, W., dry-goods merchant.

ANDRUS, M.J., of the firm of Scott and Andrus, photographers. Was born in Durham county, 1855. Came here in 1874.

GRACE, WILLIAM, deputy-clerk of Crown, Clerk County Court, and Registrar Surrogate Court. Is Chairman to the Board of Education, Lindsay, and for many years was a town Councillor. He has 150 acres of land in Lindsay and Ops, and settled here in 1854. Birthplace, Ireland.

GLADMAN, HENRY, postmaster. Was Assistant County Treasurer for 10 years. Came to the County in 1854. Born near Hudson Bay, 1834.

GROSS, W.H., dentist. Settled here in 1874. Was born in Prince Edward County in 1835.

GOURLEY, T., photographer in Lindsay for 24 years. He was born in Canada in 1837.

GUNIGLE, B., proprietor of livery stable, Lindsay, and owns 50 acres of land in Ops township. Settled in the County in 1856. Born in Ireland, 1838.

GOODWIN, W.A., flag and sign painter; also dealer in pictures and frames.

BARR, C.D., proprietor of Canadian Post, Lindsay.

HAMILTON, JAMES, manufacturer of carriages, waggons, sleighs, and cutters. Was born in Peterborough. Settled here in 1865.

HODGSON, GEORGE, foreman at Thurston's lumber yard. Came to the County, 1868. Born in York County in 1844.

HERLIHEY, WILLIAM. manufacturer of waggons, sleighs, carriages, and cutters. Is a general blacksmith, and makes a specialty of chopping axes and patent eliptic arm waggons. Owner of 100 acres in Lot 12, Con.13, Emily Township, where he was born in 1834.

BENSON, E., proprietor of Benson House since 1875. Was born in New York in 1846, and removed here in 1874.

HEAP, JAMES, Attorney and Solicitor. Has been a school trustee 9 years and councillor 2 years. Came to the County in 1854 from England, where he was born in 1831.

HUDSPETH, ADAM, Barrister-At-Law. Is proprietor of 1,600 acres in Ops, Fenelon, &c. Born in Cobourg in 1836. Settled here in 1855. Was Town Clerk in 1857.

HASLAM, WILLIAM, hotel-keeper.

INGLE, GEORGE, sash, door, and blind manufacturer. Has been in the Council since 1876. Born at Port Hope in 1837. Settled here in 1853.

BRADSHAW, ADAM, grocer. Came here in 1879, born in Canada in 1840.

IRWIN, H., hotel-keeper.

JACK, WILLIAM, butcher.

JEFFERS, REV. W., Methodist Minister. Came to Canada in 1817. Was editor of Christian Guardian for 9 years, and is ex-president of Methodist Conference. Settled here, 1876. Born in Cork City, Ireland, in 1814.

JOHNSTON BROS., photographers.

KAINS, T., Provincial Land Surveyor.

KEMPT, GEORGE, Sheriff of the County. Was born in Scotland and came here in 1853. Was Reeve of Lindsay, and M.P.

BRENNAN, E.H., superintendent of the Victoria Railway at Lindsay. Has resided here since 1877, and was born in Kentucky in 1850.

KNOWLSON, JOHN, Postmaster at Canton, Durham County, for 25 years, but now retired. He was born in England in 1803. Settled here in 1857.

KETCHUM, J., Barrister-at-Law.

KEEVE, J.H. JR., watchmaker. Born in Holland in 1827 and came here in 1857. For three years was a Town Councillor. His father, who resides with him, served under the Prince of Orange at the Battle of Waterloo, and for distinguished services received the badge of Cross of Honour from the King of the Netherlands.

KNIGHT, J.H., Public school Inspector, and has held the office of Deputy-Registrar. He was born at Ryde, Isle of Wight, England, in 1831, and has lived in this County since 1861.

LOVELL, JAMES, manufacturer of and dealer in harness, &c., and has been in business since 1862. Was born in London, England, in 1832. Came here in 1861.

BROWN, D., Custom House Officer. Born in Ireland in 1827, and came to this county in 1853.


LISLE, JOSEPH, tanner and currier. Started in business in 1868, and gives employment to four hands. Was born in Scotland, 1832. Came to Lindsay, 1860.

BURTON, A., agent for Midland Railway at Lindsay. Born in Cornwall in 1852, and came here in 1873.

McSWEYN, JOHN, Solicitor, &c. Settled here in 1855. Born in Glengarry County, Ontario. His father took part, with the Glengarry Highland Militia, in the fighting between Beauharnois and Lundy's Lane durring the Rebellion.

McMURTRY, S.A., manager of Ontario Bank, Lindsay.

McFAUL, J.H., Headmaster of Model and Public School. Was born in Prince Edward County, and has been teaching since 1855.

McELWAIN, S., soda water manufacturer.

McDONNELL, WILLIAM, landed proprietor, owning 100 acres of Lindsay &c. Has held the offices of Mayor of Lindsay, Reeve of Ops, Census Commissioner &c. Was born in Cork City, Ireland, 1820. He settled in Victoria County about 1839.

CRANDALL, GEORGE, steam-boat proprietor. Came to the County in 1861. Has been a councillor 13 years, and deputy-reeve three years. Birth-place Port Perry. Born in 1828.

MITCHELL, P., Deputy-Sheriff. He owns 100 acres of land in Mariposa Township, situated in Lot 14, Con.7, and was born there in 1846.

MOWRY, B., proprietor of foundry and machine shop. Settled in County, 1855. Was born in Cobourg, 1831.

MANN, JAMES, hardware merchant. Was a Councillor 2 years, and a school trustee 4 years. Has lived here since 1867. Was born at Bowmanville, 1848.

MAUNDER, JOHN, proprietor Queen's Hotel. He owns 200 acres of Lot 30, Con.7, Verulam Township. Settled in the County 1865. Born in England in 1839.

COULTER, C.L., M.D. and physician.

MATCHETT, THOMAS, County Clerk and Treasurer. Was Division Court Clerk at Omemee for 20 years, and Township Treasurer for Emily for the same time. He had a seat in the first Parliament after Confederation for 4 years. Born in the County of Durham in 1826. Came to this County in 1846. Owns about 500 acres in Victoria.

MARTIN, P.S., Barrister. He owns 400 acres of land in Ops Township. Was born at Whitby in 1838. Settled in this County in 1864.

MATTHIE, JOHN, license inspector

MACLEAN L.A. Hats, caps, and gent's furnishings. Store a few doors east of Benson House

O'LEARY, ARTHUR, Barrister. Came to this County in 1850, and was clerk for Ops Township 10 years. Birthplace, Bowmanville

ORDE, D.E., real-estate dealer. He owns about 4,000 acres of land. Born in Peterboro County, 1847. Came to Victoria County in 1863.

DEAN, W.W., County Judge and Master in Chancery. Was born in London, Ontario, 1830. Has lived here since 1874.

O'CONNOR, L., manufacturer of carriages, sleighs, and waggons, which have taken first prizes at Lindsay and Toronto. He commenced business in 1862, and has lived here since 1861. Born in Ireland, 1833

O'HALLORAN, M., butcher

OLIVER, D.G., resides on Glenelg Street, Lindsay

PANWELS, E., proprietor of Jewett House. Came here in 1880.

PORTER, R.S., stationer and book-seller; agent for Allen Line Steamship Co.; Issuer of Marriage Licences, and Commissioner for taking Affidavits. Born in Flushing, England. Came here in 1861.

RIGGS, JOSEPH, hair-dresser and cigar and tobacco dealer. Human hair work a specialty. Born in England, 1847. Came to Victoria county, 1869.

DIAMENT, J.W., proprietor of livery stable. Has been deputy-reeve three years. Born here in 1852.

RUSSELL, W.L., land agent, and owner of 550 acres in Emily and Verulam. Has held the office of Reeve of Lindsay 4 years, Warden of County 2 years, and for a considerable time was Treasurer of Ops township. Born in Ireland. Settled here, 1851.

RODDEN, J.C., civil engineer, surveyor, and architect. Came to the County in 1857. Birthplace, Dublin

ROSS, HUGH, merchant tailor. Commenced business here in 1878. Was born in Ross-Shire, Scotland, in 1850.

REEKIE, A.M., music-dealer. Pianos and organs to rent. Tuning and repairing done on the premises. Mr. Reekie is a Canadian, and commenced business in 1875.

RYAN BROS., proprietors of livery stable

ROBSON, W.M. general groceries

SILVER, HUGH, scroll stamp manufacturer. Has lived in the County since 1855. Born at Port Perry, 1845.

DOBSON, JOHN, grocer and liquor merchant. He was Mayor of Lindsay one term.

SCOTT, J.A., of the firm Scott and Andrus, photographers. Came here in 1861. Born in Stormont County in 1828

STAFFORD, REV. M., P.P, Pastor of St.Mary's church, Lindsay

SADLER, T., miller

SADLER, WILLIAM, railway agent. Came to the County in 1867. Was born in Quebec in 1839

TAYLOR, F.C., express agent

WRIGHT, ALFRED, manufacturer and dealer in boots and shoes, wholesale and retail. He owns 100 acres of Lot 16, Con.3, Somerville Township, and 4 acres in Lindsay. Born in London, England, in 1824. Settled here in 1853

WALLIS, H.A., real-estate, loan, and insurance agent

WORKMAN, H., of the firm H.WORKMAN and Son, livery stable proprietors. He owns 500 acres in Minden Township. Born in Ontario Province.

WORKMAN, W.W., of the firm H.WORKMAN and Son, livery stable proprietors. Born in Lindsay, 1867

WALLACE, J.W., manufacturer and dealer in woolen goods. Came here in 1875. Born in Durham County in 1842.

WATSON, JAMES, general merchant. Came from Argylshire, Scotland, where he was born in 1822.

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