Building Operations Have Been Brisk During the Last Couple of Years - Fine Class of Dwellings Going Up in Town and Country - Prosperity of Farmers Shown in the Erection of Many New Barns

Citizens of Lindsay, like those of other enterprising towns, are making a fine showing along the line of building new and up-to-date houses and in making improvements on the old ones. During the past few years a large number of new homes have been erected on residential thoroughfares - homes furnished with all the modern essentials and comfortable to a degree.

Last year Lindsay experienced a boom in the building line and the labouring man who could wield the hammer and handle the saw, and the man who could lay on mortar, could easily secure employment and this year our local contractors have just as much need of this class of help as last year.

A Post representative recently called on a number of our contractors, and also on the millmen who furnished material for new houses, and in his interviews with these gentlemen we learned that the following new residences have been and are being rapidly erected in town:

Mr. Howard V. Pogue is erecting a fine new residence on the road leading to the House of Refuge and across from the Golf Club House. It is a two-story solid-brick.

Mr. Jas. M. Chalmers, the contractor, is putting the finishing touches to two fine houses on Wellington Street near Albert Street. Mr. Chalmers has erected in all seven houses on the street, and as eight or nine other new homes adorn the same block, that portion of the town is taking on a well built appearance.

Dr. A. E. Totten’s new home on Peel street, south side, on what was Mr. J. J. Wetherup’s property, when finished will be a handsome dwelling. Mr. Forsyth is the contractor.

Mr. Mark Kerr has erected a substantial frame house on Sussex Street, north ward.

Mr. McGill, of the Victoria Loan and Savings Co., moved into his new house on Sussex Street north some time ago.

It is expected that in a year or two Pottinger Street, north ward, will be one of the residential streets. Mr. John Wilson and others have purchased several good lots on this street, which is to be graded and fixed up. Mr. R. F. Warren, brother of the piano man, is erecting a new and up-to-date house on this street and we understand Mr. Wilson also intends to build there.

Ex-Mayor Ingle is erecting a fine brick-veneered residence across from his present home on Cambridge Street. When completed it will present a handsome appearance, being well situated.

Mr. Forsythe is erecting a new residence alongside the one he at present occupies on Cambridge street north.

In the east ward Mr. Peter Murtagh, the dairyman, is erecting a new dwelling on the corner of Colborne Street and the Bobcaygeon road.

Mr. Wm. McWatters is making improvements on his residence by putting down a cement walk and adding a modern veranda, while Mr. Jos. Staples, the grocer, has completed the erection of a new cement veranda.

Mr. Eli Williamson has completed the brickwork of a new photo gallery attached to his residence on Lindsay St., near the swing bridge.

Mr. T. D. Staples, of the south ward, has been the active agent in the erection of a number of new and modern residences in that ward. One is for Mr. Charlie Jones, on Kent street west, near the Hospital, where a number of others will be erected in a year or two. Mr. Staples has also erected three for Lindsay Bros. on Cambridge street, two being double apartment houses, one next to the feed barn, and the other further up the street, on the east side. Mr. Staples is also having three houses erected on Glenelg Street, two of which will be for sale or rent, and the other one will be occupied by himself.

Mr. Cooper is having a handsome dwelling built on Russell street next to St. Paul’s church. The plastering is just being completed.

Conductor White has made extensive and very noticeable improvements on his house on Melbourne street. A large, new veranda and a coat of fresh paint have modernized its appearance.

Mr. Jessie Perrin has built an extensive addition to his launch factory, the material for which was supplied by Mr. John Carew.

Contractor Forsyth has about completed the carpenter work on Mr. J. P. Daniels’ new two-story brick residence on Cambridge street south. It will present a good appearance.

Mr. Joe Grozelle has erected a neat and comfortable cottage in the south ward.

Contractor McGeough has completed the carpenter work on improvements to Mr. W. F. O’Boyle’s home in the south ward, consisting in part of a new addition.

A number of citizens have improved their residences by erecting handsome verandas, most of them being of the modern Colonial style, and very substantial structures.


One of the men we interviewed made the assertion that in the country, during this building season, the farmers have been very busy. Many large, new barns with hip roofs have been erected, and the new houses and barns dotted all over the surrounding country, along with the good, healthy looking crops, convey the well-grounded impression that the farmers are in a prosperous and thriving condition. As it is, many town citizens have formed the idea that the Canadian farmer is becoming more well to do than this city cousin. Anyway, he is not slow to take advantage of the good times, and is not afraid to branch out and build larger barns in the time of plenty. Our local millmen have supplied the building material for numerous barns, many of them some miles away, but some of the nearest on farms well known to many town citizens are to be found in the following list:

At Nestleton several solid brick houses are being erected, among others by Messrs. Thos. Williams, Jas. Emmerson, Henry Poole, John Samells, John Williams, Wm. Bealcroft (Beacroft?).

In Mariposa Messrs. P. Anderson, E. Rogers and Chas. Coad are erecting new residences.

Mr. A. C. White, who recently had his house destroyed by fire, is erecting a new one. Mr. White is a brother of Dr. White, town.

Among the farmers west of the town who are erecting new barns are Mr. Thos. Tinney, near Oakwood, and Messrs. Alfred Jewell and Wm. Alfred.

Mr. Carscadden is erecting a good-sized barn just east of the town, and Mr. Wm. Bryans, Ops, is also putting one up south of Lindsay.

Several modern and up-to-date houses are being erected at Omemee, and that burg is putting on a thriving appearance. Mr. W. Adams, brother of Messrs. J. E. and Delbert Adams, town, is putting up a solid brick dwelling. Other new residences at Omemee are those of Messrs. T. G. McConnell,

Thomas Crawford Stephenson (photo top of page)

and John Bennett, and a good sized addition has been built to Beatty’s hotel, which make a decided improvement.

At Cambray, Mr. Dougal Gordon has erected a fine new barn.

Messrs. James and John Kennedy of Emily have built a couple of large barns to contain their abundant crops.

Several houses and barns are being erected around Palestine. Mr. W. McMillan’s new barn will soon be completed; Mr. Staples is enlarging his house; Mr. Jas. McMillan and Mr. Moore have erected new driving houses; and Mr. Colin McMillan is building an addition to his barn.

Mr. Dan Murphy, just southwest of Lindsay, has erected a good-sized barn.

At Kirkfield, Mrs. Wm. McKenzie is having several large dairy barns erected to stable a large number of Jersey cows, which she has purchased. Her new dairy barns, along with several other large stables, all of which are of modern design and equipment and nicely painted, lend quite a prosperous appearance to the tidy little village.

A new barn has been erected by Mr. William McMillan, Glenarm. It is of large dimensions.

A mammoth barn was erected on Mr. Thomas Curtis’ farm in Verulam on Wednesday, June 6. Photographer Stanton, of Fenelon Falls, was present and took a number of views of the raising.

Mr. T. H. Reeds, of West Ops, and Mr. Geo. Smith, of the same vicinity, have each erected new barns.

On Hozan’s Island, Mr. Joe Grozelle, town, has erected a first-class solid brick house for Mr. P. Meagher.

On Monday last, a large barn raising was held on the farm of Mr. John Knowles, on seventh con. Of Emily. At this raising, Mr. Robert Bailey was hurt by a fall.

Mr. Geo. Ingle furnished the material for Mr. E. Meagher’s new residence in Mariposa, and for dwellings for Mr. Galloway and Mr. Robt. Thorndyke, Manvers.

At Sturgeon Point, Mr. John Dickson has erected an up-to-date and commodious summer boarding house.

Mr. Jos. Flavelle, the millionaire, of Toronto, is also erecting a palatial summer residence at this popular resort.

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