Alnwick, Alnwick Township, Northumberland County, Robert Mulholland

Altona, Pickering Township, Ontario County, J.Monkhouse

Argle, Eldon Township, Victoria County, J.Sutherland

Ashburn, Whitby Township, Ontario County, James Lawder

Asphodel, Asphodel Township, Peterborough County, J.S.Fowlds

Atherly, Mara Township, Ontario County, W.McMullen

Audley, (Brown's Corners), Pickering Township, Ontario County, R.Madill

Baltimore, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Robert Harstone

Beaverton, Thorah Township, Ontario County, Charles Robinson

Belleville, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, J.Meacham

Bewdley, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, J.Sedey

Blessington, Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, John Hayes

Bobcaygeon, Verulam Township, Victoria County, Mossom Boyd

Bowmanton, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, William Campbell

Bowmanville, Darlington Township, Durham County, J.B.Fairbairn

Bridgenorth, Smith Township, Peterborough County, Marcus S.Dean

Brighton, Murray Township, Northumberland County, Joseph Lockwood

Brock, Brock Township, Ontario County, Thomas Hill

Brooklin, Whitby Township, Ontario County, E.Darlington

Brougham, Pickering Township, Ontario County, Richard Taun

Burnbrae, Seymour Township, Northumberland County, Alex Donald

Caesarea, Cartwright Township, Durham County, James Caesar

Cambray, Fenelon Township, Victoria County, Joseph Wilkinson

Campbellford, Seymour Township, Northumberland County, James Boland

Canifton, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, John Canniff

Cannington, Brock Township, Ontario County, Charles Gibbs

Canton, (Harrisburg), Hope Township, Durham County, James Carr

Cartwright, Cartwright Township, Durham County, William Vance

Castleton, Cramahe Township, Northumberland County, John C. Pennock

Cavan, Cavan Township, Durham County, John Knowlson

Claremont, Pickering Township, Ontario County, William McNab

Clarke, Clarke Township, Durham County, John Beavis

Cobourg, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, Thomas Scott

Codrington, Brighton Township, Northumberland County, Patrick O'Neill

Colborne, Cramahe Township, Northumberland County, J.A. Keeler

Coldsprings, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, D. McIntosh

Columbus, Whitby Township, Ontario County, Robert Ashton

Dartford, Percy Township, Northumberland County, P.S. Dorland

Downeyville, Emily Township, Victoria County, William Lehane

Dunbarton, Pickering Township, Ontario County, John Parker

Eldon, Eldon Township, Victoria County, Angus Ray

Elizabethville, Hope Township, Durham County, J.McMurtry

Eniskillen, Darlington Township, Durham County, Thomas Ferris

Epsom, Reach Township, Ontario County, Anson T. Button

Fenelon Falls, Fenelon Township, Victoria County, J. Fitzgerald

Forcastle, Thorah Township, Ontario County, Daniel Cameron

Frankford, Sidney Township, Hastings County, William Bowen

Goodwood, Uxbridge Township, Ontario County, M.Chapman

Gore's Landing, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, William Brown

Greenbank, Reach Township, Ontario County, L.Van Allen

Greenwood, Pickering Township, Ontario County, W.A. McCullough

Haldimand, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, John Taylor

Hampton, Darlington Township, Durham County, H. Elliot

Harwood, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County, James Barber

Hastings, Asphodel Township, Peterborough County, Henry Fowlds

Henderson's Corners, Emily Township, Victoria County, R.Morton

Hilton, Brighton Township, Northumberland County, S.Richmond

Islay, Fenelon Township, Victoria County, D.Gilchrist

Ivanhoe, (St.George), Huntingdon Township, Hastings County, John Francis

Kendall, Clarke Township, Durham County, W.Trull

Kinsale, Pickering Township, Ontario County, John Fairless

Latta's Mills, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, George Ross

Leaksdale, Scott Township, Ontario County, George Collins

Leskard, Clarke Township, Durham County, John McNeil

Lifford, Manvers Township, Durham County, G.E. Shaw

Lindsay, Ops Township, Victoria County, E.Culbert

Little Britain, Mariposa Township, Victoria County, Obadish Rogers

Lonsdale, Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, R.Wildman

Madoc, Madoc Township, Hastings County, A.F. Wood

Manchester, Reach Township, Ontario County, William Powson

Manilla, Mariposa Township, Victoria County, Mary Douglas

Manvers, Manvers Township, Durham County, H.Staples

Mara, Mara Township, Ontario County, W.Ritchie

Marmora, Marmora Township, Hastings County, D.G.Bowen

Marysville, Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, J.Z.Hickey

Melrose, Tyendinaga Township, George Duncan

Menie, Seymour Township, Northumberland County, W.A.Mayhew

Meyersburg, Seymour Township, Northumberland County, Charles Lavis

Millbrook, Cavan Township, Durham County, R.W.Errett

Moira, Huntingdon Township, Hastings County, Henry Ostrom

Mount Pleasant, Cavan Township, Durham County, S.G.Best

Murray, Murray Township, Northumberland County, James L.Biggar

Newcastle, Clarke Township, Durham County, H.Hodges

Newry, Manvers Township, Durham County, J.A.Johnson

Norham, Percy Township, Northumberland County, Dr.B.Demorest

North Douro, Douro Township, Peterborough County, R.Casement

North Eldon, Eldon Township, Victoria County, W.MacCreadie

Norwood, Asphodel Township, Peterborough County, James Foley

Oakwood, Mariposa Township, Victoria County, A.McLaughlin

Omemee, (Metcalfe) Emily Township, Victoria County, R.Grandy

Orono, Clarke Township, Durham County, J.L.Tucker

Oshawa, Whitby Township, Ontario County, G.Burns

Otonabee, Otonabee Township, Peterborough County, George Read

Perrytown, Hope Township, Durham County, A.Choate

Peterborough, North Monaghan Township, Peterborough County, S.J.Carver

Pickering, Pickering Township, Ontario County, P.F.Whitney

Port Hoover, Cartwright Township, Durham County, T.Hoover

Port Hope, Hope Township, Durham County, David Smart

Port Perry, Reach Township, Ontario County, J.Bigelow

Queensborough, Elzevir Township, Hastings County, D.Thompson

Raglan, Whitby Township, Ontario County, Phillip Ranons

Reach, Reach Township, Ontario County, Abner Hurd

Roslin, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, George Mowatt

Rouge Hill, Pickering Township, Ontario County, E.Playter

Shannonville, Tyendinaga Township, Hastings County, H.Holden

Smithfield, Brighton Township, Northumberland County, R.Smith

Smithville, Thurlow Township, Hastings County, W.Ashley

South Douro, Douro Township, Peterborough County, D.Sullivan

South Monaghan, South Monaghan Township, Northumberland County, J.Clemisha

Springville, Cavan Township, Durham County, T.Eyres

Stirling, Rawdon Township, Hastings County, W.Judd

Stocco, Hungerford Township, Hastings County, J.Rutledge

Thomasburg, Hungerford Township, Hastings County, W.W.Jones

Trenton, Murray Township, Hastings County, J.Cumming

Tweed, Hungerford Township, Hastings County, G.Howell

Tyrone, Darlington Township, Durham County, John Grey

Utica, Reach Township, Ontario County, D.McKercher

Uxbridge, Uxbridge Township, Ontario County, W.Smith

Vallentyne, Brock Township, Ontario County, H.Brethour

Vernonville, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, D.McCrae

Victoria Corners, Reach Township, Ontario County, C.R.Colhoun

Vroomanton, Brock Township, Ontario County, M.McPhaden

Warkworth, Percy Township, Northumberland County, D.Kennedy

Warsaw, Dummer Township, Peterborough County, T.Choate

Wellman's Corners, Rawdon Township, Hastings County, J.F.Kelly

Whitby, Whitby Township, Ontario County, A.McPherson

Wick, Brock Township, Ontario County, P.Carmichael

Wicklow, Haldimand Township, Northumberland County, John Wilson

Willocks, Verulam Township, Victoria County, J.Willocks

Woodville, Eldon Township, Victoria County, John Morrison

Wooler, (Smith's Corners), Murray Township, Northumberland County, W.Gerow

Further Records from Robertson and Cook's 1869 Province Of Ontario Gazetteer and Directory


Alderville, Northumberland County, James Curtis

Allandale Mills, Peterborough County, Richard Short

Alport, Victoria County, A.F.C. Alport

Altona, Ontario County, Joseph F.Monkhouse

Apsley, Peterborough County, E.S.Hall

Aros, Victoria County, Charles McInnes

Ashburnham, Peterborough County, Robert D.Rogers

Ashworth, Ontario County, John Mustard

Athens, Ontario County, John M.Bell

Bailieboro, Durham County, James Fitzgerald

Ballyduff, Durham County, W.A.Maxwell

Balsam, Ontario County, Robert Dodds

Bangor, Ontario County, Isaac Turner

Bannockburn, Hastings County, W.H.Carpenter

Bark Lake, Hastings County, Richard Skuce Sr.

Beaverton, Ontario County, Donald Cameron

Bensfort, Northumberland County, James W.McBain

Bethany, Durham County, W.M.Graham

Blairton, Peterborough County, Boger Bates

Blessington, Hastings County, John Lally

Bogart, Hastings County, A.L.Bogart

Bolsover, Victoria County, G.F.Marsh

Borelia, Ontario County, James Jewett

Bracebridge, Victoria County, A.F.Bailey

Brechin, Ontario County, James P.Foley

Bridgewater, Hastings County, James Harrison

Brinkworth, Hastings County, Allen Williams

Brunswick, Durham, S.R.Beamish

Burleigh, Peterborough County, James Golborne

Burnley, Northumberland County, R.H.Grimshaw

Burton, Durham County, James McGill

Bury's Green, Victoria County, John Fell

Camborne, Northumberland County

Cameron, Victoria County, James Bryson

Carden, Victoria County, James Carlin

Carnarvon, Peterborough County, Andrew Barnum

Centreton, Northumberland County, T.H.McAuley

Chandos, Peterborough County, H.Maxwell

Coboconk, Victoria County, John LeRoy

Cooper, Hastings, Thomas Allen

Derryville, Ontario County, Thomas Allin

Dundonald, Northumberland County, John Barker

Dunsford, Victoria County, William Graham

Eddystone, Northumberland County

Eldorado, Hastings County, Adam Dickson

Enfield, Durham County, Jonathon Hymers

Ennismore, Peterborough County, Thomas Lehane

Falkenburg, Victoria County, Robert George

Fenella, Northumberland County, George Harper

Foley, Ontario County, Thomas Wilkinson

Foxboro, Hastings County, William Duffy

Franklin, Durham County, William Maguire

Galway, Peterborough County, Thomas Probert

Glanmire, Hastings County, Edward Tapp

Glenarm, Victoria County, W.Cooper

Grafton, Northumberland County, J.Gillard

Gravenhurst, Victoria County, Peter Cockburn

Haliburton, Peterborough County, C.R.Stewart

Halloway, Hastings County, Mary Ann Peck

Hall's Bridge, Peterborough County, John Hall

Harold, Hastings, Richard Buck

Hartley, Victoria County, Archibald Campbell

Haultain, Peterborough County, Giles Stone

Havelock, Peterborough County, Peter Pearce

Haydon, Durham County, John Lukes

Head Lake, Victoria County, William Halliday

Hiawatha, Peterborough County, Joseph Reynolds

Holcombe, Peterborough County, Jonathon A. Wilde

Ida, Durham County, Alexander Baptie

Ingoldsby, Peterborough County, Richard Smith

Janetville, Durham County, E.McDermid

Keene, Peterborough County, George Evans

Kinmount, Victoria County, John Hunter

Kirby, Durham County, H.L.Powers

Kirkfield, Victoria County, James S.Russell

Lime Lake, Hastings County, James Jarmin

Malone, Hastings County, D.N.Powell

Marlbank, Hastings County, W.G.Adam

Maynooth, Hastings County, Michael Doyle

Mill Bridge, Hastings County, R.M.Norman

Millington, Ontario County, John Warrington

Mill Point, Hastings County, James Bowen

Minden, Peterborough County, S.S.Peck

Moneymore, Hastings County, John Harigan

Morganstown, Northumberland County, William J.Newman

Mount Horeb, Victoria County, William Reynolds

Muskoka Falls, Victoria County, Mrs.Susan J.Foxley

Myrtle, Ontario County, Francis L.Pike

Norland, Victoria County, A.A. McLaughlin

Oak Hill, Victoria County, William Corbett

Ongly, Northumberland County, Peter H.Maybee

Perch Station, Durham County, John Irwin

Peterson, Victoria County

Plainfield, Hastings County, Edward N.Gould

Port Granby, Durham County, David March

Port Union, Ontario County, Henry L.Pullen

Prince Albert, Ontario County, H.H.McCaw

Purdy, Hastings County, W.Lake

Rama, Ontario County, James McPherson

Raymond, Victoria County, Anthony Sufferin

Rosa, Northumberland County, H.Fieldhouse

Rosedale, Victoria County, Moses McNeil

Roseneath, Northumberland County, John Harstone

Rylston, Northumberland County, D.Allan

Saintfield, Ontario County, William Sanders

Sandford, Ontario County, Edward Taylor

Scugog, Ontario County, Isaac Finley

Selwyn, Peterborough County, Richard Northey

Severn Bridge, Victoria County, James H.Jackson

Shanick, Hastings County, James Bailey

Sonya, Ontario County, Lewis Harper

Stockdale, Northumberland County, J.D.Osterhout

Stretton, Ontario County

Thanet, Hastings County, B.McKillican Sr.

Udora, Ontario County, S.Umphrey

Uffington, Victoria County, A.Thompson

Umfraville, Hastings County, D.Kavanagh

Upnor, Victoria County, Thomas Tresidder

Utterson, Victoria County, Erastus Haines

Valentia, Victoria County, Hugh W.Sharp

Wallbridge, Hastings County, F.B.Prior

Welcome, Durham County, John C.Tom

Wellman's Corners, Hastings County, George Empey

Westwood, Peterborough County, Samuel Griffin

Whitevale, Ontario County, Donald McPhee

Wilfrid, Ontario, John Chambers

Windemere, Victoria County, John McAlpine

York River, Hastings, James Cleak

Young's Point, Peterborough County,

Zephyr, Ontario County, John Nelson

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