Geography, Topography and Geological Features

The County of Victoria occupies a position about the most central of any in the Province. Its geographical boundaries are formed by the District of Muskoka, and a portion of the County of Haliburton on the north; the Counties of Ontario on the west, Durham on the south, and Peterborough and Haliburton on the east. Its integral parts consist of the following named municipalities : Town of Lindsay, villages of Bobcaygeon, Fenelon Falls and Omemee, and townships of Bexley, Carden and Dalton, Eldon, Emily, Fenelon, Laxton, Digby and Longford, Mariposa, Ops, Somerville and Verulam.

The area included within these limits is 705,324 acres, or a trifle more than 1,102 square miles. Only a comparatively small portion of this extent is arable, while the percentage advantageously adapted to agricultural pursuits is still smaller. The two front tiers of townships - Emily, Ops, Mariposa, Eldon, Fenelon and Verulam - embrace almost all the entire acreage of desired lands, and of these, the front or southern tier - Emily, Ops, Mariposa - contain much more of a first-class quality than those immediately in their rear, though the latter also contain a very large proportion of superior land, with which nature has intermingled considerable areas of indifferent quality.

The general surface varies greatly in character and appearance, as does the soil in the degrees of excellence. The most south-westerly township of the County, Mariposa, is by far the most attractive in appearance, as well as the most valuable as a grain-producing region. Its surface is gently undulating, with an absence of considerable elevations, and but few evidences of the other and less desirable extreme of swamps, such of the latter that exist being of small areas and not sufficiently depressed to allow their utilization for grazing or other useful purposes. Ops, immediately to the west of Mariposa, is characterized by a greater projection of swamp than the latter, though the general features of the two are very similar, the soil being principally a most serviceable grade of clay, overlaid, in the more depressed localities, with a considerable depth of vegetable mould. To Emily, which occupies the most easterly place in this tier, the same remarks will apply, as descriptive of its general features. It is a somewhat better township than Ops, though inferior to Mariposa. 'to be continued'

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