National Hockey League Playoffs 1960

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The 1960 NHL playoffs featured Toronto vs. Detroit and Montreal vs. Chicago in the semi-finals. The final series for the Stanley Cup featured Montreal Canadiens and Toronto Maple Leafs. The links below follow newspaper accounts of the battle for the 1960 Cup, beginning with some previews on the teams and ending with the victory celebrations. This was also the last of the line for Maurice (Rocket) Richard, the goal he scored in third period in third game was last of his career.

There is a comment section below the semi-finals and the finals...let's keep it f-bombs please!

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  1960 Season ends - Playoffs Set

  Leafs and Wings Prepare Leafs in Peterborough

  Final preps for Game 1 Mahovlich in Snarly Mood

  Semi-finals Game 1 Stories Detroit takes 1-0 series lead

  Semi-finals Game 1 Stories This goal didn't count

  Semi-finals Game 1 Montreal beats Chicago

  Semi-finals Game 1 Analysis

  Semi-finals Game 1 Analysis

  Semi-finals Game 2 Stories Frank Mahovlich taps it in

  Semi-finals Game 2 and 3 Stories Johnny Bower Sr. and Jr.

  Semi-finals Game 2 and 3 Stories Red Wings never say die

  Semi-finals Game 2 and 3 Stories Mahovlich can score and fight

  Semi-finals Game 4 Stories Wings beat the Leafs in Detroit

  Semi-finals Game 3 and 4 Stories Brewerisms and Montreal up 3-0

  Semi-finals Game 4 Stories Anti-Ref talk, End of the Hawks ?

  Semi-finals Game 4 Stories Montreal takes out Chicago 4-0

  Semi-finals Game 5 Preview Stories Johnny Bower belongs in NHL

  Semi-finals Game 5 and 6 Stories Leafs take out Detroit

  Semi-finals Game 5 Stories Frank Mahovlich - the big M roars

  Semi-finals Game 5 and 6 Stories Sawchuk salutes the Leafs


  The Finals Stories Can Leafs keep Habs in check

  The Finals Stories Scott Young's Lineup Review

  Game 1 to Montreal Game summary

  Game 1 Summary Leafs still waiting for phone to ring

  Game 1 After Action Selke sees long series

  Game 2 to Montreal Game summary

  No joy in Loserville Scott Young

  Back to Toronto for Game 3 King in Nightgown, Punch in Toupee

  Game 3 to Montreal Montreal nears the Crown

  Leafs Nearly Gone Toll the Bell Slowly

  Slim Hope for Leafs 

  Conversation with Busher Jackson Scott Young

  Montreal takes the Cup Canadiens Win 4-0

  Montreal takes the Cup Photos of Celebration

  Silent Leafs Took It... Scott Young

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