Omemee Shaw Research Mycomort Toothpaste

A google search for 'Mycomort' turns up nothing...time to change that...MYCOMORT, the famous toothpaste of Omemee, Ontario.

Shaw research in Omemee...the Shaw's were a very bright family...Brackley Shaw ran Shaw research with his father Charles G. Shaw. Another brother Tack Shaw was OPP, he was a great friend of my Dads...I never was inside the building, but I heard about the bar and billiard tables...didn't know Charlie Evans worked there, became Omemee fire chief...I heard from him about his family history years ago, he was in Vegas I think...oh yea, I remember the Mycomort toothpaste...nasty stuff...

Omemee Shaw Family Research History - Mycomort Toothpaste

Huntsville to Omemee - Shaw Family History Charles Orlando Shaw and His Son Charles G. - Tannery Leather and Chemical Titans of Canada

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