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On-line January, 2021 --- Exclusive on-line viewing of the brand new 2021 site - From the Archives - A Selection of Stories, Recollections, Reminiscences and Travel Experiences in Times Gone By - See what is being offered (daily updates/additions are in store for these great accounts of pioneer times) at  From the Archives Historical Tales and Accounts of Pioneer Life

On-line March, 2023 --- Exclusive on-line viewing of the brand new 2023 site - Ontario Genealogy Historical Settlement Maps - See what is being offered (daily updates/additions are in store for these great old Upper Canada Ontario maps including high quality patent maps of your ancestor's property) at  Ontario Genealogy Historical Settlement Maps

On-line December, 2022 --- Exclusive on-line viewing of the Ontario Genealogy Land Registry Research Site - A great tool for locating exactly where your ancestor lived in a specific township of Upper Canada/Ontario) at  Ontario Land Registry Records Research  Hundreds of thousands of your ancestors and where they lived in Upper Canada and Ontario

Subscribers also have full access to the following indexed databases and sites listed below.

1. Marriage, Death, and Birth Registrations - indexes for Victoria, Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, Hastings, 'Old Ontario County', Haliburton, and Muskoka District. Records in the databases date from 1858 through 1897 - 125000 records indexed

2. Church Marriages, Baptisms, Burials - indexes for a number of churches in Victoria, Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, Hastings, 'Old Ontario County', Haliburton, and Muskoka District. Records in the databases date from 1815 through the 1850's - 27000 records indexed

3. Newspaper Notices - indexes for a number of newspapers in Victoria, Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, Hastings, 'Old Ontario County', Haliburton, and Muskoka District - 60000 records indexed

4. Surrogate Court Records - indexes for Victoria, Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough, 'Old Ontario County', and Haliburton. Records in the databases date from the early 1800's through 1930 - 33000 records indexed

5. Land Board Records - Newcastle District Land Board grant indexes - 900 records indexed

6. Newcastle District Census and Assessment Records, 1797 through 1850 - 23000 records indexed.

7. Newcastle District Township Papers Records. Preliminary database has 3000 names indexed.

8. Exclusive access to the one of a kind 1869-70 Victoria County and Muskoka District Directory. See sample page at   County Directory Sample Page

9. Exclusive access to outstanding collection of Upper Canada/Ontario County directories covering the entire province ... Upper Canada and Ontario Directories Index

10. Exclusive on-line viewing of the 'Ontario Images of the Past' - images of every day life and locations that may be used in your family history projects. See 'thumbnail' images at  Images of the Past

11. On-line reading of the Ontario Genealogy Historical newspaper collection.See index at  Ontario Historical Newspapers

12. On-line viewing of the Ontario Genealogy Historical Visits to Ontario Villages and Towns - A site dedicated to detailed sketches of trips to various Ontario villages and towns in the 19th century. Check out the index at   Historical Visits

A 'bare bones' index of names included in the databases may be viewed at   Database name and Record Type Index

Database Feedback

Thank you very much! I am hooked and I may never leave the computer for the next two years! So much to see and read! I hope you enjoy a lot of subscribers! Cheers, Darlene

Your help has allowed me to solve a puzzle that I had for a long time assumed was unsolvable. I found your extensive databases to be an invaluable tool. Thanks again for all your help. Jim

Hi Michael, Thanks for all your hard work ! I am looking forward to exploring these databases, and will let others know. Peace, Marianne

Many thanks for your great kindness in doing this. I am sure this will be an enormous help in trying to find out more about the family. As always, one wishes one had asked lots of questions a long time ago of living relatives who had good information. Appreciatively Jane .... for Betty Irene

Thanks Michael, I have a link to your website on my homepage & frequently recommend it to others because it's an invaluable resource to anyone wanting to learn more about their family history. Thanks for your efforts on our behalf. Wendy

Thank you. You reply and access authorization is like getting a train ticket home.

This is quite a fascinating collection of Canadian history that available for researchers like me, and I for one, thank you. Of course, I really do not know where to start looking for my Carlisle /Carlyle/Carlile Waite , who was born in Canada circa 1820-1830, but with the info provided in this site I am able to understand much more about our Canadian neighbors than I knew before. I live, and my grandparents, since ?, have lived in upstate NY, from Saratoga County, NY, to Erie County, NY, with Carlile living in the port of Pultneyville, NY. I am sure I eventually will find him, and thanks for your work?.Pauline

Thanks for all the great work you do on this website. Donna

Michael, Thank you so much for letting me take take the time to see your site. I am very impressed with your site and this site i am having the opportunity to in solving my puzzle research to my family tree that i have been finding answers to and possibility to find pictures.

Thanks so much and thanks for all of the work that you do. It is really important and valuable!!! Deborah

Yes, they are my relatives, and United Empire Loyalists at that! I'm so excited....thank you very much. I'll be waiting with great anticipation for the postman to arrive. Cheers.

I have to Thankyou for the wonderful site..but I have to admit I spend so much time reading all the interesting pages and seeing the photos that I accomplish very little..You have an outstanding site and I hope others appreciate it as much as I do. EMC

Thanks Michael, I want to say what a GREAT job you have done with all the genealogy info you have shared with everyone, thanks so much! Diane

Michael, I want to thank you for all the work that you have done to help so many people. Having the "bug' is something that is absolutely wonderful. But, having people to help and guide is truely special. Thank you so much for providing so much!!! Sincerely D. Stone

Thanks so much. I'm just getting started on the Ontario research, so there's ALOT to learn. Will definitely get posted on some mailing lists later this week. Thanks for providing what you do via the internet. It's wonderful! Laurie

Thank you so much for the info! I will check out the Ontario Genealogy & History list. Your site is absolutely wonderful. I do go onto the Land Records site and lo and behold; I was able to read about the changes of different counties and the times of the change. This has been a problem for me to find the time line. Thank you. Joyce

Your site a special piece of work - I can not imagine the time you must spend at the keyboard !!!

I am thinking of doing a day or two at ??? somewhere. Haven't figured that out yet. Too many choices. Toronto, Oshawa, Whitby, and or somewhere in the area. Have been to the Toronto archives and several places about 6 years ago. Have learned a bit since but still a bit...a lot foggy at all this. Would love to meet with you and share a coffee...pick your brain...help to get me in the right direction. I keep finding more and more clues but just maybe I should be doing things a little different. Sometimes I feel like I am trying to plow a thousand acres and only have the resources to plant fifty. Thanks for your time and a great job, Bill

Hi Michael, Thank you for responding to my e-mail. I appreciate the information you were able to provide -- every little bit helps. I am greatly looking forward to my genealogy trip to "your" area. I am sure that it won't be my last. Rosemary

Need help with Ontario geography? See Upper Canada Map

Map of Upper Canada

Researchers may also find my Ontario-wide Upper Canada Land Petition database or the new Upper Canada Sundries database indexes useful.

Upper Canada Land Petitions

Upper Canada Sundries Database 9000 Records Indexed

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