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Peterborough - Illustrated History

Adam Scott - Peterborough Family History

Charles Rubidge - Peterborough Family History

Henry (Thomas) Best- Peterborough Family History

James Hall (Sheriff) - Peterborough Family History

John J. Hartley - Peterborough Family History

Edward Armour Peck (M.P.) - Peterborough Family History

Peter Hamilton - Peterborough Family History

Marcello Mowry - Peterborough Family History

Adam Dawson - Peterborough Family History

Edward M. (William) Elliott - Peterborough Family History

Thomas (Patrick) Kelly - Peterborough Family History

William Hamilton - Peterborough Family History

William (Anson Powers) Morgan - Peterborough Family History

Mrs. Thomas A. Stewart - Peterborough Family History

Edward Phelan - Peterborough Family History

Cope Clementi - Peterborough Family History

Peterborough - St.George's Society History from 1870

Montgomery Hotel History, Peterborough

Old Rail Line Construction Found 1928

Nassau Mills, Peterborough - For Sale 1858

James Moore Dead at Peterborough - 1832 Inquest

Peterborough and Port Hope Cricket Match - 1858

Vincent Clementi House 1856 Photograph

Old Peterborough Brass Band - Photograph with Names

George and Hunter Street Corner (Southeast) Photograph 1870's

Peterborough Palace Bar - Interior Photograph

Peterborough Veterans of the Northwest Rebellion - Photograph and Names

Peterborough Militia and Military History

Peterborough 1867 to 1927 Changes

Arthur Stevenson - New Commander 57th Regiment

A. Fairbairn Family History Peterborough

Anna (Simons) Dunn Family History Peterborough

E.M.Taylor (St.Louis) Recalls Peterborough History

George Hatton Family History Peterborough

Isabella (Redhead) Wallace Family History Peterborough

James Lillico Family History Peterborough

J.J. Hartley Family History Peterborough

John Butcher Family History Peterborough

Joshua Collins Family History Peterborough

Mrs. Giles (Macdonald) Stone Family History Peterborough

Sarah (Donald) Stubbs Family History Peterborough

William Campbell Family History Peterborough

William Carter Family History Peterborough

Orange Lodge Dinner for C.W. Sawers in Peterborough

Impressions of Peterborough by Rochester Visitor

Peterborough Murray Street Baptist Church Opening

St. John's Anglican Church History, Peterborough

Peterborough - Hardships of First Pioneers

Peterborough - Upcoming Curling Season 1876

Peterborough - Fire in 1835

Peterborough - Fire in 1861

Peterborough - Fire Brigade History

Peterborough - Village in 1837

Peterborough - Militia Members in 1869

Peterborough 1826 Visit of Peregrine Maitland

Peterborough - Old Time Christmas Reminiscences by James Stevenson, William Logan

Peterborough - Old Time Elections (3 Parts)

Peterborough - First Town Hall

Peterborough - Old Time Landmarks (3 Parts)

Peterborough - Old Time Liquor Everywhere (2 Parts)

Peterborough Gale - 1873

Peterborough - Trotting Races

Peterborough - Little Lake Cemetery - 1873

Peterborough, Ontario - 1856

Peterborough - Town Improvements 1856

Peterborough Veterans of 1866

Peterborough - Wedlock at the Gaol

Peterborough - History

Peterborough Gaol Seduction - 1857

Peterborough - Old Boys and Girls

Old Time Circus at Peterborough

Peterborough - Armoury Ghost

Peterborough - Old Landmarks

Cricket Match - Peterborough vs Lindsay

Peterborough - Westclox (Armour Family history) Factory

Peterborough - Sheriff Hall

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